Author's Note: Okay, I've never even tried to do a fic about a story but, for school, I had to read this book and change something in it, so I decided to write a short story in which Jonas decided not to leave and continue getting the memories. So, here goes, hope you like it.

Summary: What if Jonas had never left the Community? An older Jonas mussing about the community; Jonas's POV

Rating: G

Genre: General

Disclaimer: I don't own the book, nor did I write it. I made not money off of this, I only got extra credit points in English.


They'll Never Know

Fifteen years. So much time has past since my Ceremony of Twelve. So much time since I had been chosen to receive the memories of our past. A long time since I had been the innocent child I once was.

I often like to watch in the recreation area; to see the small children play without care, laugh with untamed glee at the games they were playing. The game Asher had set up for them. Oh, so long has it been since Asher and I were really friends. Played like the children without a care; played catch or war games- a game we couldn't possibly understand.

Sometimes I envy my father, and mother, and sister and all the others. They are so oblivious to the things going on around them, to the things I know go on in the community, things they're trained not to tell or admit to. To the things they've missed out on and will miss out on. They'll never know the joys of life- the simple things- that I know, that I remember.

But they are sparred the horrible burden of the other things I remember- the pain, the wars, the death. The same things that, years ago, drove the Giver into requesting release; thirteen years ago, when my training was complete and he no longer carried the burden of the past, I was the only one who really realized what had happened to him.

What a blissful ignorance they have, they all have. Ignorance of true emotions- what anger and grief and love really feel like. No one really understands such things. They don't even understand what difference is, the one thing they strive to get ride of. They don't know what kinds of good things- as well as bad- can come from being different.

And color. And music. Simple pleasures they would never know. Two simple things I almost cannot remember living without. To see the different hues of the flowers in the gardens and hear the wonderful melodies of the pianos or other instruments. And even a whole vocabulary of words are lost to them; words like blue, and red, and rainbow, and melody, and drum. And so many others. So much was lost to them.

Just like the weather. The cold, the sun, the hills and slopes and snow and rain. And ice and ice-skating and sledding. Even sunburns and suntans. Simple things they can't even comprehend. Simple things I never even considered fifteen years ago.

And travel. I can remember so many wonderful places; beautiful cities and oceans and fields that stretched on for miles. They'll never know these things; many will never go outside the community more than once or twice. They can barely even imagine that much more exists.

But, that is why I am here. To carry a burden so many, so long ago, felt they didn't want anymore. To exist to remember but not share. So that, one day, I can pass on the burden on to someone else to do the same. And on and on and on in a never-ending cycle I can never break. That will never break.


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