Well everyone, I must say I have never had the guts to publish my poetry
but in the last week it has been absolutely gushing it and I need to get it
out there. Now, of course, almost all of it is KIBBS however there are a
few exceptions to the rule.

I'm going to post a list of everything I've written in the last week that
is related in any way to NCIS, so some of the poems are very vague and
abstract. I'll only post one now to see if anyone here actually wants to
read my attempt at poetry and if you want to see any of the others just ask
but be warned, none of this is very good.

"A small smile" Angst/Sad; Kate's thoughts on a relationship at
"Bleeding on the Inside" Angst; Kate's had too much and is falling apart.
"Coffee" Nothing to do with NCIS just about coffee.
"Crystal Blue" Musings; A musing on Gibb's eyes by Kate.
"Enigma" POV/Happy; Kate's thoughts on Gibbs.
"Maybe" Romance/Happy; Gibbs' thoughts about Kate after getting
"Now or Never" Angst/Happy; Kate, about to tell Gibbs.
"Persistence" Humour/Romance; The many ways which Kate might get her man.
"Playful Girl" Romance/Happy; Kate and Gibbs enjoying time together.
"Refuge" POV; Abby/Kate's thoughts on Gibbs as their leader.
"Riddle" Happy/POV; What Kate thinks of Gibbs.
"Scrutiny" Past Occurrence/Sad; Kate doesn't date much. Why?
"So Simple" Romance/Happy; Kate's POV after they get together.
"Tease" Angst/Sad; Gibbs musings on Kate.
"Too Well" Filler/Happy; Kates first day at NCIS where Gibbs
interviews her.
"Two Thirds" Angst/Happy; Could be anyone really, written as Kate
"Want" Angst/Happy/Abstract; Kate gets what she wants.
"Want Not" Angst/Happy; Kate knows exactly what Gibbs wants.
"Zero" Angst/Sad; Kate finally has enough of living in

The humour fades from my eyes,
As another unknown surfaces.
It isn't wrong it's just not right,
But below your skin it lurks.

A secret kept for a million years,
To share with only a few.
You only ever tell the ones,
That guess your mysteries too.

Told in Morse Latin at times,
You make it hard to tell.
Everything a riddle,
Cryptic and intricate as hell.

The unknown gets filed away,
Factored into my own views.
Everyone else I already know,
But it's all different with you.

Each day my opinion's altered,
To fit this new idea.
Confusing is to say the least,
More a mixture of interest and fear.

I'd like to see you all stripped down,
To your gut, your core, your soul.
A never ending mind game,
To solve I'd walk on hot coals.

Eventually I suppose you will,
Strip down to whatever is left.
But until that to find you,
I'll always do my best.