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Author's Notes-The Nega Moon live on another planet right in back of Pluto. Serena is Serenity is Sailor Moon is Sere. The girl can and probably goes by any of these names in the story, although I don't know if I'm going to have her be a scout. Oh and Serena's not a klutz in this fic. Enjoy! There is a General and scouts pairing.

Chapter 1                                                                                                                     


A tournament, the first of its kind, where men and women alike could show their skills to see who would be the Queens new personal guard it was the first of its kind in all of History and she wanted to be a knight so badly. She trained long and hard with the help of her friends to prepare for the tournament.

She was an equal challenge to any one, at the age of 16 making her the youngest competitor of all, any younger than that and you were not aloud to compete. Yet no one could understand why a girl of her beauty and most importantly age would want to be a guard, trapped to follow a queen around all day and night, when she could just marry a wealthy man and never worry about anything again, because no one knew the truth. Dedicating her life to being able to fight this girl could fence as well with her right as she could with her left, fight in hand to hand combat, and ride a horse as expertly as any man. The simple fact that she was a girl even helped to give her more of an edge, do to the fact that the male competitor gravely underestimated her. Her size, 5'' 5, granted herself to be an easy target to miss, her light body gave her agility equal to none, and her flexibility gave her a grappler's edge, (AN: a grappler is someone who uses speed, agility, and flexibility to move around there opponent to grip or close hold them. Example- grabbing someone around the waist from the back and flipping them over so they land on the neck) using moves no one has ever seen. Moves only talked about in stories of times long ago when the moon people and humans held tournaments together as a sign of peace, before the moon lost communication with the earth and after months of waiting was finally considered an uninhabited planet.

The toughest competitors, however, had been the four girls that where around her age. It took her twice, if not three times, as long to beat them in fencing and hand to hand combat as it did any other and it had thrilled her to no end.

They had definitely been tough. She remembered one in particular. She had an Amazon build with long brown hair tied back in a high ponytail with a green ribbon. She'd been incredibly strong giving the younger opponent three broken ribs. The only way she had beaten her was to jump out of the way when she charged at her to end up kicking her in the back of the neck, knocking her out. She also remembered how she had tried to make friends with those girls after the tournament but they simply smiled at her and bowed respectfully, as if she were royalty. Not knowing what else to do she bowed in return saying "I am most appreciative to have had the honor of facing warriors as great as you, thank you." When she raised her head they were gone, but somehow she knew they meant no disrespect.

The next evening had been her coronation as Royal Knight Guardian of the Queen of Earth. Everyone had stared at her then because, she figured, of her age. She truly had no idea of the sight she made. All conversation stopped, even the music had stopped, after they announced her name and she began to descend the main stairway. She prayed for the gods to hold off any klutz attacks she might have.

She had worn a dark blue trench coat, underneath her upper body was covered with a long sleeved leather shirt, that matched the trench coat, bringing out her mysterious pale blue eyes. Her legs were, also, well displayed through the tight fitting lavender pants that clung to her delicate feminine curves, while her brown high heeled boots, which came up to above the knee, helped to give the façade of longer legs.  One delicately, brown, gloved hand rested on the gold and silver handle of her sword offered her comfort, it was a gift from her friends, Haruka had made it for her. Her silver floor length hair was up in a French bread. She looked like a forest maiden bathed in the moonlight. Her flawless face, had only the lightest of make-up, was graced with a polite and humble smile that melted every heart.

She had looked past their gazes with her head held high to where the king, the king's grandfather, queen, and prince were seated, at the end of the Great Hall. King Damian sat in the middle, Queen Elisabeth on his left and Darien on his right with the Grandpa next to him. Next to the prince were his four senior guardians. She imaged she might have taken strength from the other knights who were standing straight and tall, if it wasn't for their slack jaws and hungry stairs.

She held her breath as she walked towards the royal couple. Heads bowed as she walked past. Out of the corner of her eye's she saw her 'family' standing next to nobles, they smiled at her. Haruka, wearing an outfit similar to hers, and Setsuna, wearing a grand purple dress stood proud, Michiru in her aqua dress was holding baby Hotaru, and eyes were brimming with tears.

She was aware that the entire court of Earth was watching her, but couldn't bring herself to care, their smiles made it all worth while. She held her head high meeting the king's eyes.

"Serenity," he began "You have bested the most skilled in all of Earth who came to challenge you. Kneel," she did so. 

The king rose from his throne and Serenity believed that she's never seen a more intimidating man in all her life. Broad shoulders, piercing green eyes, and unruly brown hair, he stood well over 7ft tall. Usagi pulled out her sword and presented it to him.

"Serenity," he began again "I dub you –" the blade touched her left shoulder "Royal Guardian Knight of the Queen of Earth, Queen Elisabeth." the Blade touched her right shoulder. "Now stand up Lady Serenity and greet your Queen!" the king said smiling.

Serenity stood and kissed the Queens out stretched hand. When Serenity turned around all the Nobles were cheering for her. She only looked at her family who had smiled at her then turned away as they walked towards the crowd of nobles who were beginning to mingle and dance. The only thought that had gone through her mind was 'It's not over yet'. She turned around facing the thrown and walked to where Queen Elizabeth was seated. The Queen smiled warmly at her then nodded, silently asking her to sit next to her, on the floor. Serena did as she was told; the Queen leaned over her chair and began to whisper in her ear.

"Congratulations, child, you were amazing. Where did you learn to fight like that?"

"I don't know" Serena answered, still watching her family and the room around them.

"You don't know." She replied laughingly "Child I'm old not senile."

From the first time, scene they began to talk, Serena turned to look at her "You see those group of women in the corner of the room" she pointed to her 'family', the Queen nodded "several winters ago they and your Ambassador Andrew found me in the forest, I had no memory of who I was or how I got into the forest in the first place. They took me in and raised me as their own. To this day I have not remembered anything of my past life, but several things have come to me natural as if…it was taught to me before."

Her eyes clouded over in what the queen could only describe as unimaginable longing, yet she spoke with such optimism. 'You have fighting spirit' the Queen thought to her-self.         

"And, your name child, how did you come about having it?" she asked gently.

"They told me I was mumbling it when they found me."

Wanting desperately to change the mood of the subject, although it seemed to be bothering her more then the girl she decided it best never to bring the matter up again, to change the subject. "You and I will have loads of fun together." She declared happily "you'll be sleeping in my room so it's-"

"In your room" the female knight cut in.

"Why of course where did you think you were going to sleep"

"What about his Majesty?"

"We we're betrothed" she said warily "that dose not always mean love. He was in love with someone else when his parent told him he must marry me. We were only together once, our wedding night, after that he gave me my own room and keeps his distance. He as been an excellent father and as a husband he…is as good as one could be in this situation."

Serenity merely nodded in understanding not knowing how to comfort her Queen.

"…but I will stay by his side and support him in whatever he does because I love him…" the Queen did not faultier in her confession once nor did she blush, it rang true with seniority at which point she reached for the Kings hand holding it in hers on her lap.          

((((((((((((((other side of the room))))))))))))))

"This is an insult" the red headed women spat with venom in her every word. "They have had many an opportunity to get the Queen a body guard, yet they wait until after signing a peace treaty with our planet to do so!"

"Calm down Beryl it's not like there actions aren't justified" her white haired companion soothed "it's just a child, a mere girl, she cannot be much younger then you…it will still be all to easy to kill her and with the King poisoned it's only a matter of time. No one is the wiser as of yet and this new guard may prove useful. Come on fathers calling for us." They walked toward a gray haired man waving to them.

)))))))))))))in another part of the room((((((((((((

"This has to be the biggest joke in the entire kingdom, female knight." Endymion breathed

"I don't know, Endy, I heard she was pretty good at the tournament" Andrew, the blond adviser, advised (ha, ha I know) earning him hard stairs form the other guys in the group.

"I bench press more then she weighs for goodness sake" Jadeite, another blond with equally short hair, argued.

"Well, personally, I wouldn't mind bench pressing her" the long white haired Malachite interrupted.

"I second that motion" Nephlite agreed eagerly "I bet she's a wild cat in bed."

"Hey guys you could at least be a little bit more respectful, she is a fellow knight now" Zoiscyte spook up from the book he was reading.

"First of all she's no knight" Endymion spat "and second of all, what the hell are you talking about? She…she-"

"-has legs for days…-" Jadeite opted

"No she…-"

"-has perfect breast" Nephlite offered

"No she just…-"

"-has a nice ass" Malachite added

"No she-"

"She's my sister" Andrew piped up a little offended about the way they were talking about his baby sister.

"No" Endymion waved off not really listening at first. "She-WHAT!"

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