A Knight for a Prince

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 7

With the King's blessings and good bye kiss the Queen, bouncing with excitement made her way to her awaiting carriage, she'd waited months to take the trip to see her sister and it was finally happening. Her son would escort her some of the way but that wasn't a bother, she reminded herself, he would live with his generals for there yearly stay at a small cabin to do 'manly men things' she called it. With Serenity at her side and the young castle Doctor already in the carriage the Queen gave her final good byes before leaving the palace.

The day had started out as bright as the ones that came before it, so indeed it was a surprise for knights and there Queen to hear the sounds of thunder rolling in and the unexpected drops of rain.

With a smile to on her face Serenity thanked whatever gods were to thank for the gift of having been assigned to sit in the carriage with her queen and the good doctor Amy. Not only was she to remain nice and dry but her but had been able to avoid two days worth of soreness.

'Ah…'she thought peacefully to herself, 'the simple pleasures of being thought inferior to men.' It wasn't often that such a thing could be said but a nice warm carriage and an un-sore bum was worth being able to say such a statement.

Yet as a rainy day nap was ripe to take her, she body was gripped back into alertness by the intrusion of a very wet faced Endymion, through the carriage window.

"Mother, me and my men have reached are point, I leave you hear in the care of your guard and six other knights. Be careful." His tone was light but in his eyes Serenity could see the seriousness he meant.

"Alright darling, be safe, I shall see you upon your return to the castle," with a quick kiss and nothing more to say a very wet Prince gave parting orders to his knight and went his separate ways with his guards.

(((An Hour Later)))

It was dark by the time they'd past the middle marker of there trip, though they didn't stop. The knights guarded the queen with sleepy eyes as they stayed in formation with two in the front two in the back and one on each side. Serenity watched her queen with eyes wide open, as alert as she'd been that very morning.

"You take you job very seriously don't you," the blue haired doctor asked from beside the slumbering queen.

"I not here for show if that's what you mean, Doctor." Her tone was light almost amused, "are you."

"Blue eyes sparkled with laughter, "Indeed not and you may call me Amy, young knight."

"Well if I can call you Amy it only-" Her body tensed the instance she heard them.

"What is it?"

"Horses," with practiced ease Serenity untied her cape leaving herself with black knee high boots, her navy blue skin tight pants, and a breeze white sheet held in place by a black corset. Given a choice she would have liked all black so as to make her movements harder to trace with the night but choice were little now. With grim eyes she prepared to protect her Queen, two hunting knives were slipped into each boot and two swords at her belt. With a whistle she altered the men before turning to Amy, "Wake the Queen and stay low don't raise your heads. I don't care if this carriage turns on its side I don't want you out of it, understood."

With ease skill Serenity opened the door to the carriage, while it was still in motion, and climbed to the roof after securing its door again. Couching low on top of the carriage Serenity looked to the moon and listened.

Horses approached from the back, 'if you're coming after the queen you have superior skill or are over confident.' Serenity gritted her teeth knowing she couldn't take the risk of placing her bet on the later. She listened again realizing they'd soon be in view of who ever chased them.

"You" Serenity called out only enough so that the knight at her left could hear, "Make your way through the forest and inform the Prince of this, we'll be under attack soon and there are too many to know how well we'll fair, if we lose the carriage and some horses I'd like to know reinforcements are on there way." As the knight made his way into the forest Serenity could only hope he made it, losing the carriage would defiantly mean they'd lose horses and if they did, she'd have to walk, a less than pleasant thought. Turning to the rider on her right she instructed him to give the same message to the queen's sister, at the very worst, the queen could be taken and that alone was unacceptable and would only happen over her dead body. So if she died tonight Serenity could at least comfort herself with the thought that who ever took the queen wouldn't get far.

After she'd watched the knight disappear into the forest Serenity turned back to the sound of horses approaching catching a glimpse of her groups peruses for the first time before one of there arrows managed to land an inch from her foot.

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