Beast Boy's Diary II

!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Beast Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And Tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been a totally AMAZING couple of days. I can hardly believe what I've been doing. And who I've been doing it with! I mean REALLY doing it! I don't even know where to start. I guess the beginning.
Robin was the first. That night last I wrote in here, I was in a bad mood because I thought no one liked me. You know, liked me THAT way. And I couldn't sleep. Then I heard someone knocking. Robin was in his uniform, and it was late, so I thought there was trouble. He was acting really weird. I thought I heard him say 'training' and 'kiss'. Then he just grabbed me and kissed me! My first kiss! Wow! His lips were really soft and warm. I guess I always figured my first kiss would be from a girl, but this didn't seem weird or anything. I was just surprised. Robin taught me how to do French kissing. I thought it would be disgusting, but it gave me a boner. Robin had one too, he was rubbing it against mine. We still had our clothes on, darn!
We stopped after a while. Robin thought we were going too fast. Now I REALLY couldn't sleep, so I went to take a shower. I was thinking about what had just happened, and was playing with myself, when Cyborg walked in. How embarrassing! And I swear he stared for a few seconds before backing out.
The next day, I was pretty tired. No sleep, remember? Starfire said she wanted to talk to me after lunch, and took me up to her room. It was way pink. Turns out she didn't want to talk, she wanted to kiss me! So we kissed for a while. I tried the tongue thing, French kissing, that Robin taught me. She liked that. Then I started playing with Starfire's boobies. I always wondered what they felt like. I mean anyone's, not just Star's. I didn't know if they were soft and mushy like a water balloon or more firm, like a, I don't know, a mango? Turns out they're kind of mushy and firm at the same time. Playing with them gave me a boner again. We kissed for a while more, then she wanted to stop.
After dinner, Cyborg and I were plying video games, and he said that he had downloaded a really awesome game on his computer. We went up to his room to look at it, but there really wasn't a game. Instead there was Cyborg apologizing for walking in on me in the bathroom last night. He was talking about jacking off a lot, and I was starting to think he wanted to do that with me. I mean why not? everyone else seems to want me all of a sudden! Then he asked me who I was thinking about in the shower. I couldn't tell him I had just made out with Robin! I tried not to answer, but he kept asking. I couldn't think of any thing else, so I said I was thinking about him! Next thing I know, Cyborg is kissing me. We made out for a while, then Cyborg said he wanted to jack off with me. He has this metal plate covering his thing. He took that off, and there it was, with a boner already! Then I took my uniform off. Having a one piece uniform means I had to be totally naked, but he'd already seen me that way and didn't freak at all the green. He even said my boner looked like a cucumber! Pretty funny! I wish I had said it!
Cyborg started jacking off. I thought We were supposed to do that to each other, so I reached over and touched his boner. He kind of moaned a little. I thought he might not like it, but he put his hand on top of mine and guided it along. Then he started jacking me off. I knew why he moaned then. It felt really great! I came in a couple of minutes, and I kept on jacking off Cyborg until he came too. We kissed for a few minutes after cleaning up, until I heard Raven calling for me out in the hall.
I thought "Take a number!" I was right-she DID want me too! It was kind of scary with Raven at first. Stuff kept breaking. I thought I would be next! Then she got undressed really fast and said she wanted to do it quick before anything else broke. Then we did it-all the way did it. It was great! I don't know if it was fast or not. How long is it supposed to last? I know I would have liked it to last longer!
So that's it. I'm really tired now. I didn't know sex wore you out so much. And I learned a lot. I have a secret nickname for myself-Triple B. It stands for Bisexual Beast Boy! Cause I guess I am, you know. I made out with guys and girls and liked it all.
I'm kind of freaked out too. Not about the bisexual thing. That's cool, it gives me more options! I'm freaked because none of the other Titans know I did it with everyone else. They all said they want to do it again with me too. I can't keep this up forever. It's too tiring, even if it is fun. And It wont be a secret forever. What's going to happen when everyone finds out? I don't think anyone wants me to be their boyfriend. I think we're just playing around. I just hope no one gets hurt feelings. And that I can do it a few more times with everyone!