Previously on The Invisible Man: The Chameleon's daughter is in town and wants to re-pay Darien for killing her father while he was QS mad. He is kidnapped and tortured before the other team members find him and save him. In escaping they are all injured and Darien ends up staying at Claire's as his place is gone. (Cassandra Blew it up.) But in true I-Man style the bad guys never stay away. Cassandra comes back with Arnaud. This time they are picking the team off one by one, leaving Darien to face them alone...with Alex. They get into a show down and Arnaud is captured with Cassandra getting away. Darien and Claire are now dating. Darien has developed a tolerance to the counteragent as the team tracks down Cassandra. She comes to Darien and Claire's and attack them. At the end a QS Mad Darien tossed Cassandra out of a second floor window and he breaks up with Claire, too afraid that he will endanger her with his demons running rampant....

And now on The Invisible Man:

Darien shot awake. Looking around, he realized he was safe in the Keep, with Claire sitting in a chair nearby watching him.

"Hey, welcome back to the living." She smiled.

"How long was I out?"

"About eight hours."

"It is over?" he asked, referring to Cassandra.

"Yes, don't you remember?" she asked, looking worried.

"Enough." He turned his face away from her.

Claire rose and walked towards him, but Darien got up and moved backwards.

"Claire, don't... I'm not safe to be around."

She frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"You know... the quicksilver madness."

"Sweetheart, I'm working on a cure. You don't have to-"

"WORRY?!?" he practically shouted. "Yes, I do Claire, I have to worry every time we're alone. Everytime I use the gland." Unknown to him, a tear slipped down his cheek. "I just can't do this anymore. I'll... I'll find a new place as soon as possible. Untill then I'll crash at Bobby's." Then he turned and practically ran out of the Keep, leaving a stunned and hurt Claire in his wake.

Darien closed his eyes as the Keep door slid shut behind him. He took a deep, unsteady breath and sank to the ground at the end of the hall. He had just tossed away the only thing that was good in his life. He opened eyes that could hardly see with the tears that were streaming down his face. His throat was tight and he was gasping for breath as he tried to throttle the panic trying to choke him. He needed to get out of the Agency, NOW.

He gathered himself and pushed up onto his feet before making his way up to the street. He headed for the nearest bar. He needed to forget about what he just did.

Claire was too shocked to go after him. She felt torn in two. Her dreams were quickly disappearing with every heart aching moment. She almost felt like she was back in high school and her boyfriend had just dumped her for a different girl, but this time it was different. It was Darien, and there was no other girl. Just his personal demons isolating him from every one he loved... including her. It hurt so much that she didn't believe it was possible.


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