Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

"If you want her so much, then why did I catch you staring at my ass?" Duke demanded triumphantly, pleased that he'd finally gotten one up on Tristan.

Tristan opened his mouth to reply, and only then did it seem that Duke's words registered. He blanched and jaw gaping like a fish, he just stood there, stunned. "Uh…er…ah…ano…"

"Well?" Duke asked testily.

Taking a deep breath, Tristan said, almost too quickly to be understood, "When I first saw you I was really attracted to you, but I knew that what with your legions of fangirls you'd never go for me so I tried to hide it; I really did like Serenity when we first met, but I mainly went after her to piss off Joey and get my mind off you and when you started competing with me for her, I only kept it up so you wouldn't get her, because I really like you and I didn't want you to hook up with someone else because then I wouldn't have any chance at all." After finishing his long-winded (and yet only one sentence long) speech, he took a deep, gulping breath, and blushed belatedly as he realized what all he'd admitted to.

Duke just blinked at him. "Whaa…?" he asked, confused. "You…like me? Like that?"

"You know, I think the most embarrassing thing in the entire world is your crush finding out that you like them," Tristan mumbled. "I'm going to wish the Earth would open up and swallow me now."

At the sight of the normally cool as a cucumber Tristan being so…unsettled…Duke managed to shake off his shock and say, "Well, now I don't know about the Earth, but I'm perfectly willing to swallow you."

Tristan's face seemed to undergo some sort of seizure; it froze in a mask of stupefaction. "Huh?" he managed to creak out between frozen lips.

Duke sighed. He could have been a little less blunt, and definitely more elegant, but at least his words got Tristan to stop inching away from him. "I like you, Tristan," he said baldly. "I went after Serenity for the same reasons you did – to take my mind off you, and keep you from getting her."

Tristan's expression of glazed-over shock melted into one of stunned mortification. "You're kidding," he scoffed.

Duke shook his head, a sheepish grin on his face. "Nope."

Laughing, Tristan said, "Think of all the time we've wasted. How could we have been so stupid?"

"Well, I don't know about you, but I wasn't stupid; I was just being cautious." Duke drawled, twirling a lock of hair around his forefinger. On anyone else the gesture might have been overly girly, but on Duke it was strangely endearing – in a girlish way.

"Cautious, ne?" One brunet eyebrow rose to be engulfed by the short spike of hair at the front of his head. "And did your caution tell you to declare your feelings by offering me a blowjob?" Tristan asked blandly.

Duke grinned coyly. "Who said I was offering to swallow your dick?"

"What else could you have meant?" Tristan asked, chuckling lowly.

Striding toward the other boy with seductive intent, Duke purred, "Actually, though I wouldn't mind going down on you at some point in the future–" Tristan gulped at Duke's nearness, but looked pleased at his statement, "–when I offered to swallow you, I was referring–" one gold-banded wrist snapped out and his hand wrapped around Tristan's neck, pulling the brunet's face to within an inch of his own "–to your tongue." And as Duke leaned down to crush his lips to the other's, he was met halfway by Tristan's own eager mouth surging up to meet his.

Damn, Tristan thought hazily. Duke wasn't kidding when he said he was going to swallow me.