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This takes place after Majors is beaten but Link is still having some troubles,
a) he's lost
b) epona is gone)
c) he's being ATTACKED!

Friend, Foe
or Family!

Link was indubitably surrounded and outnumbered by ten or twelve young boys. Neither of them younger than himself. The oldest, Link guessed the oldest had to be 12 years of age. Link was armed with his sword and shield. He was just waiting for one of them to come at him.

Finally his wait was over when the largest boy came at him with his sword and shield. Link quickly grabbed him and threw the boy to the ground then he held is sword to the boy's throat.

Both were panting but neither showed signs of fear. Just then Link heard the other boys began to laugh, and then the boy under him also broke out into laughter.

The leader of the group approached Link with a proud smile. Link turned his attention away from the kid on the ground and to the boy approaching him. The leader stopped in front of Link and held out his hand. Link wasn't sure at first but he would soon find a friend in the leader as they shook hands.

The leader introduced himself. Hi My name's Prince Eric, and these are the troops. He pointed out to each boy, the first one he introduced was the boy that came at him. This is Paul, The one next to him is Mike, then you got Rick, Martin, Joey, Steve, Darryl, Sean, and Cameron.

the group said.

What's your name? Prince Eric asked.

Link looked over at the prince with a smile. My name's Link.

The boys easily accepted young Link. Come on Prince Eric said, You can get cleaned up and have something to eat if you come back with us. Link agreed, it had been a while before he had eaten and got a good rest.

Link followed the boys back to their camp. When they got there Link was astonished by it's beauty. A crystal clear waterfall pounded down into a clear, crisp river that flowed through the lush green forest. Link sighed at the sight, it reminded him of home a place he wish he was at right now.

Link was finally beginning to relax when his Fairy buddy Tatl, whispered something in his ear. Link I sense something.

Link nodded Me too Tatl.

Suddenly as Link turned around he saw something flying at him! At that point the loud clang of two swords clashing echoed through the forest.
The group turned around to see what was up.

There standing in the middle of the camp was Link, and his attacker. A young girl was holding her sword against Link's, both kids trying to over power the other.

Both kids leaped back a distance to size each other up. Link was able to get a good look at the girl. She wore a pink tunic, her long copper hair was back in a neat ponytail, and her brown eyes sparkled with spirit. Her weapons consisted of the following; she had a copy of the Kokiri sword only more powerful and much nicer, a mirror shield that looked like the one he found at the Spirit Temple only it was more fit for her smal size, anis last quick observation was that she had a green fairy circling above her head.

Suddenly the girl went after him again, but unnoticed to her Link was ready. He grabbed her and threw her to the ground, or so he thought, instead as the girl hit the ground she took her feet and she flipped Link over her head and sent him to the ground with a thud. When Link opened his eyes the next second he was shocked to see the girl standing over top of him, but to his dismay she also had her swords' tip dangerously close to his throat.

Link gulped hard, but finally Paul and Sean came to his rescue. Quickly they tried to pull the girl away from him put it was no use, then Eric spoke up. Woh, Jamie he's cool, he's cool Eric shouted.

The girl looked up at Eric, but still keeping her sword pointed at her target. Eric slowly approached her in a calm and cool manner. Relax he's one of ours Eric said.

The girl looked down at her opponent then reluctantly she drew back her sword. She stared at Link coldly, then she said Great another boy, and with that she vanished.

Eric helped Link up and Link started to brush himself off. He looked up towards Eric, then he asked Who was that?.

Eric sighed as he looked off in the direction the girl had gone. That was Jamie, she's the leader of the group.

Link wasn't going to question Eric about her authority. With skill like that, they made a good choice.
Actually, it was Jamie who formed our troop. She trained us to fight as a team, only then could we stand a chance against her in trainer Eric explained.

Link smiled at his new friend And ?

Eric shook his head. We need more practise, but we get better each time.

Link thought to himself for a second then the major question arose. Eric why did Jamie attack me?.

Eric shrugged Jamie's a bit edgy when it comes to new members to the troop, especially other boys.

Why guys? Link asked.

Well if you noticed, Jamie's the only girl in the group so she has her reasons. I think Jamie attacked you is because she wanted to see your skill.

Eric paused for a moment then he continued Plus, when you tried to throw her to the ground, I don't think she was expecting that so I think you also might have scared her a bit.

A BIT ! a voice said.

Link and Eric turned to see Paul and Sean walking down the path towards them. They stopped in front of Link and the Prince. Paul was laughing like mad as he said Link?, you had her so scared that she couldn't even hold her sword straight.

All the boys laughed and chuckled, but up above in the tree tops sat Jamie who was hearing everything. Her fairy noticed Jamie's disappointment, because in Jaime's heart she knew they were right. Link had surprised her pretty good.

What's the matter Jamie? Naive, Jamie's fairy asked.

Jamie sighed then she answered They're right.

Naive couldn't believe that Jamie could be knocked down' so easilyShe refused that her young human would give up right there.

Jamie sighed sadly, then she reached behind her and pulled out a small blue flute. She put it to her lips and began to play.

Down below the boys heard the sad, but equally beautiful tune of Jamie's flute. They all sighed and closed their eyes, all except Link. Eric opened his eyes and looked at Link than began to explain.

This is the only time we can actually enjoy the peace around here. The music reminds us of old peaceful times. Jamie plays her flute to express her feelings some times. It's a real treat to hear it. Most of the time Jamie plays it when she's alone but if the time is right she'll play for the group.

Link reached down and felt his pocket for his ocarina. Link liked to do the same thing some times, but only when he was alone as well.