Jamie slowly pulled her flute down. She lowered her head, and sighed before she looked up and opened her eyes. She was shocked, when did everyone come back to life?

Was this some kind of joke that her mind was playing tricks on her? or had it been the power of the song?

Jamie looked at the kids, the kids looked at Jamie. Do you know what you just played? a voice asked.

Jamie turned to see a familiar face which whom she greeted with gratitude. she yelled and ran over and hugged him.

He exchanged her hug with another than said Jamie you just played the legendary Guardian's Song. That song is so secret that it is said only the gods know it

Jamie didn't looked surprised as she said

Jamie was greeted by many thankful faces, but the one that brought her most joy was her brother's.

I thought I'd never see you again she choked over her tears.

Me to he replied.

Anthony was still wondering how this happened, but then his evil intentions took over. He picked up a stray sword he saw on the ground and started to walk over towards Jamie.

Meanwhile, Jamie was still being greeted by hugs, kisses, and thank you's when suddenly Jamie was knocked to the ground. She shook her head to regain her senses and looked up to see Anthony looming before her holding his sword up high.

Jamie gave Anthony a mean glare and asked Anthony what's the meaning of this? she demanded.

Anthony laughed deep and evilly, his voice had changed!

Then Link's eyes shot wide open with fear. He recognized that laugh. At that point he grabbed his own gear and ran to Jamie's rescue.

Jamie and the other kids were horrified. Anthony's voice was now dark and deep, he didn't sound like he used to.

What's the matter Anthony?, frog in your throat? Jamie said mockingly.

Anthony just laughed evilly You wish he replied in his new voice.

He's been possessed some kids said.

Puberty sure hit him hard others whispered.

Jamie gave Anthony a serious look Anthony has the devil taken over you or something? Jamie asked.

Anthony began to laugh when suddenly a young boy's voice yelled out It's no devil. He's possessed by a demon!

Everyone looked looked in the direction of the voice. Then hundreds of gasps were heard through out the crowd. There stood Link with his bow and a light arrow ready to fire.

Anthony looked shocked and he seemed so even more at little Link's next words.

Yeah that's right, be scared. You remember how much these string don't yeah?, Especially the last time I used them. No get away from my little sister now Ganon!

Anthony smiled and laughed So I've been found out now. Well you thought you got rid of me the first time but now there's no way you can conquer me this time.

You wanna bet? a voice said from behind Ganon.

He turned around an was shocked, there were four other kids holding light arrows. They were Paul, Mike, Eric, and Sean.

Ganon looked down to were Jamie was lying, she wasn't lying there anymore, she was standing and to his dismay she also had a light arrow ready to fire at any time given.

You think those arrows will hurt me? Ganon said and he began to laugh.

Jamie smiled evilly and said Watch us and with that the light arrows flew.

Ganon stood up and screamed in pure agony as each arrow hit its deadly mark. Suddenly a portal opened above Anthony and a dark shadow, Ganon's shadow, was sucked into it. The portal closed and all that was left was Anthony, the real Anthony lying on the ground motionless, but where were the arrows that they fired at him?

Suddenly Anthony moaned loudly and started to stand up. What happened? he asked.

Jamie walked up to him to give him a hand. You were possessed by an evil spirit she explained.

Anthony gave her an astonished look then asked Was it cool?.

A smile broke over her face as she answered It was way cool.

Link was confused. He thought Jamie hated Anthony with a passion, but Eric took him aside and explained that before the war began Jamie and Anthony were the best of friends. Then one day Anthony changed for the worst, but now he seems back to normal. Link agreed, he thought that having friends were a lot better than having enemies.

Link walked up to Jamie and the two smiled at each other, then suddenly their two Triforce pieces began to glow, they separated from their holders, turned into two white balls of light, swerved around then clashed with one another to form a woman. Link and Jamie's mother.

Well done you two, I knew that you could handle this mission. Jamie please remember the Guardian's Song. There will be times when you need to use it but only as a last resource. And Link, you and Jamie managed to help seal up Ganon once again in the Evil Realm. The goddess are mighty proud of you. And now I can send you home Link. she said.

Link smiled Home' was a word he had longed to hear and a place he wanted to be. His mother opened a portal below her, then she looked at her son and said When your ready

Link was ready to go now. He hopped on Epona and headed towards the portal, but then he immediately stopped. He remembered the promise he had kept to the others. He smiled, turned around and said Jamie, you coming or what?

Jamie brightened. She called her horse and mounted Midnight. She trotted over happily beside him. Got everything? Link asked.

Jamie nodded, but she wasn't going to leave without a few goodbyes first. She said farewell to Paul, Mike, Sean and the rest of the gang, then finally Eric was last.

She threw her arms around him and whispered I think I'm going to miss you most of all. Thank you for everything you've done

Your welcome princess Eric whispered back, trying to hold back the tears in his eye but for Jamie they had started a long time ago.

Eric smiled at her, and Jamie said Who knows, maybe we'll meet again some day.

Eric's smile grew brighter and he said They say goodbyes aren't forever

Finally Jamie was ready to go. They all waved good bye to there friends who did the same, some yelling We'll miss you and so froth.

The two entered the portal and then found themselves over come by white light. They closed their eyes to block out the light then they heard the chirping of birds.

They opened up their eyes to find themselves in a forest. The Lost Woods to be exact. Come on Jamie Link said happily and made Epona run.

Jamie was right next to him as they ran through a huge hollowed out stump, then at the end Jamie stopped. There before her was a forest village. Jamie, welcome to Kokiri Forest Link said proudly.

At that point all the Kokiri noticed their old friend and ran up to greet him. Link introduced his sister to them. They took an instant liking to her. The Kokiri were especially interested in Epona and Midnight, considering they had never seen a horse before.
1 week later
Jamie sat on the stone wall in the middle of Hyrule field. She was home sick for her friends. Naive fluttered about over Jamie's head. Naive liked it here, there were lots of fairy friends for her. Jamie looked at her flute and sighed. Eric was the one she missed most of all, Eric was the one who gave it to her in the first place. It had belonged to the royal family back where she came from.

Jamie held it up to get ready to play when suddenly a familiar voice say Why so sad beautiful?

Jamie turned around and nearly fell off the wall. There, sitting on a small white horse was Eric!

but how? Jamie was speechless.

Eric smiled In truth Jamie, I'm part of the royal family here. I was taken to the same dimension you were when the war was here.

Jamie smiled So that means...

That means I'm here to stay! Eric finished for her.

Jamie was over ecstatic. She ran up and hugged him tight. Now she had her closest friend to share the rest of her life with. Jamie called Midnight and she hopped on. Come on. Let's go tell Link she said, and so the two happily raced to the Lost Woods, Jamie in the lead.

The End