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Light Your Face With A Smile

Chapter 27


Shion, Ziggy, and Allen, looked on in dismay as Juli's body sat lifelessly on her swivel chair, a shocked expression still frozen on her face. Her skin had turned pale, due to the passing minutes of her death, which she became colder and colder. Shion averted her gaze to the synthetic plant in the room and walked a few steps away from the body. Allen merely stared out the window in discomfort, and Ziggy just narrowed his eyes at the body, as if accusing Juli of the silence which had suddenly seeped into the room.

The Vector employee gave off a deep and loud sigh, trying to calm her nerves as she walked back towards the body, a frown dominating her features.

" Who…who could have done this?" Questioned Shion dumbfounded as Ziggy placed the sleeping Mary on the couch and walked back to Juli's body. He quickly did a scan and touched the cold body as if he was a forensics expert.

" She's only been dead for 20 minutes." Ziggy estimated as Shion crossed her arms in a contemplative position. " Obvious cause of death is that fountain pain, in the heart area. Someone she knew close to her must have done this, seeing as how she has a shocked expression." Ziggy explained as Shion shook her head.

" She was so terrible…but I never imagined that she couldn't escape death…it's unusual to me somehow." Shion placed the thought out loud as Ziggy agreed

" Yea…now that I think about it, after all the events she's put us through, she seemed kind of invincible." Allen commented as he leaned on the glass window, still a bit disgusted at the sight before him. Ziggy looked around the room once more, walked around Juli, and began to examine her desk, which was scattered with papers and her computer.

" That's very much correct. It makes me wonder if her attacker took anything…well, pertaining to the disk?" Pondered Ziggy as he began opening desk drawers in order to find the said object. Shion paused for a moment and began to look in the opposite side of drawers. Opening, closing, and rummaging through papers. Allen watched the pair continue their search. He had a suspicious feeling that the disk wouldn't be found inside that desk, instead…

Allen gulped as he wondered over to Juli's dead body. As quickly as he could, he stuffed his hand down her jacket pocket, trying not get blood on his hands. Finding nothing, he moved to the other pocket as Shion suddenly noticed his search of the woman.

" Allen! What are you-"

" Found it." Allen interrupted grimly as he waved the small disk in the air, stepping away from the body as Shion and Ziggy walked towards him. Ziggy gave him an appreciative nod and Shion placed her hand on her chin.

" Well, good job Allen." Shion complimented, not realizing how much Allen was enjoying this small victory in his mind. Ziggy then proceeded to pick up Mary from the couch, but instead, received a slight groan from the blonde. Allen looked over with a puzzled look as Mary finally started waking up. Slowly, Mary's eyes began to open as everyone gathered around her groggy form…

Jr. grumbled slightly as a small pain in his stomach made itself known. Being inside the big complex, the red haired boy found himself somewhat lost on his way to his desired destination. Well, he wasn't sure where that would be, so long that he and MOMO would be safe. After resting a bit and trying to make contact with his other comrades, which failed, Jr. finally made it to a very spacious room.

If he could, his guess would be that this area was used to hold the huge mechas that were used to battle in space and patrol large area. The whole space though, was completely empty, only large stations to hold the mechas in were left. Other than that, the room had white tiled walls, floors and ceiling. Only three doors sat about the room. The one he just came through, one to his left, and another across the vast room. A higher platform was placed all about the room, having four staircases lead into the center of it. Jr. looked at the door across from him in the distance, seeing as how it had an "EXIT" sign over it.

" Maybe…just maybe, if I can find some type of machinery outside, I can contact the others." Said Jr. aloud and looked towards the calm face of MOMO. " Hey, MOMO, well be out of here soon. Until then, hold on tight ok? Don't sleep forever, it's not good for the brain, disrupts the flow of time the mind knows." Jr. smiled as he received no reply to his comment. He nuzzled MOMO's hair, and then looked beyond him…That is…until something caught his eye. He placed MOMO's head against the wall and stood up slowly.

Jr. walked down the steps in front of him as the door to his left suddenly opened. He waited a few seconds, but no one came through this door. Ready to approach entrance, Jr. had his hands on his BLOOD9 guns. After making his way to the staircase, he quickly halted in position. Just a few feet in front of him, stood the copy of Sakura. The brown haired girl had changed drastically from the last time he had seen her. Her white dress was now stained with red splotches all over, which Jr. assumed could only be blood. Her whitish pink shoes also were stained with dots of blood. Her arms were trembling slowly as she made her way through the door, causing them to close behind her. Her eyes…they seemed void of emotion suddenly, instead of her curious and painful orbs of emerald.

Jr. had absent-mindedly taken his hood off to reveal his expression of curiosity, and maybe a flutter of anger. His cape had reduced in size, seeing as how he tore most of it off to treat Mary's wound. It made him wonder…

" Is Mary ok…?"

" Rube…do…" Sakura softly spoke, her body stood in place as they both stared at each other. Jr. slowed as he felt a lump growing in his throat. He had to suppress his feelings. This wasn't her…

Having this thought in mind, the U.R.T.V. glanced towards his side, a frown making itself known on both of their faces. Sakura began to step towards him. Her hands clutched tightly towards her chest.

A bobbing of a pink haired head wasn't noticed by the two other occupants in the room. The twitching of fingers weren't noticed either.

A sharp intake of breath was suddenly made, as the eyes of a fallen realian began to open slowly, hey honey colored orbs revealing how dazed she seemed to feel. Her body felt tired and sore, it was difficult for her sensors.

After a few moments, MOMO opened her eyes completely, a weak feeling still emitting from her. The first thing logical that came to her was to check her systems. Doing a scan, some parts of her seemed to not be functioning properly. It was hard for her to remember what had happened and why she felt the way she did. Doing more scanning, it came to her relief that she could still use her sensors to locate people…and she found that two other heat signatures were in the room as well.

A sad expression fell over Sakura's features. She became upset as to why Rubedo would turn away from her. As she began walking towards the stairs, the white clad girl began to increase her pace, and threw herself onto Jr.

" Rubedo! Rubedo!" Sakura yelled into his chest as Jr. was taken aback by the girl's sudden actions.

" Stop that." Jr. called out, his voice seeping with annoyance. Sakura wouldn't act like this, she was more reserved. The girl only hugged Jr. more. " Please, I said stop it."

" Rubedo! It's me." The girl tried again, beginning to look up at Jr., but instead, felt the boy's hands on her wrists as he took her off of him.

" Stop it! Cut the crap! Your NOT Sakura! Your just someone who looks like her!" Jr. yelled as the girl struggled to become free from his grasp.

" I'm Sakura! I'm Sakura!" Sakura wailed over and over.

MOMO's ear's and sensors picked up the names being heard throughout the room. Her mind took some time to register, before MOMO'S eyes grew wider, and all of the previous events flooded back to her memory. MOMO struggled to get up, well, which seemed to fail. So instead, she lifted her head up slowly, and just ahead of her, two people seemed to be arguing.

It was then confirmed, it was Jr…and Sakura?

" No…It…can't…be…" MOMO breathed out as she tried her hardest to use her sensors to identify the girl known to be Sakura. To the pink haired girl's luck, her systems complied, but in a slow fashion as they began identifying the girl slowly. MOMO then began her second attempt in standing up, but decided to crawl over to the end of the platform, in order to lift herself up by use of the railing there. Working slowly, MOMO stretched her hand towards the gray rail, every inch of her body cringing in pain as if her sensors were telling her to stop moving. Ignoring her body's protest, beads of sweat began to pour down her face as she reached harder.

Jr. and Sakura still hadn't notice her presence.

" Identification complete." A voice in her head called as information came pouring into her eyes.


" J…r…" MOMO called, but it only was above a whisper. He didn't hear her.

Her hand finally grasped the railing as she made an attempt to drag her body over to it. It was then that she noticed her form of dress and certain wholes around her body.

A wave of fear suddenly gripped her mind.

" What…what is…this?" Thought MOMO frightened as she began lifting her body up, with heavy gasps escaping her lips. She was afraid of touching the marks on her body, so instead, proceeded to concentrate all her energy, only finally being able to stand up, with the support of the railing. She began to breathe deeply as her eyes were covered by her sweaty bangs.

Jr. harshly let go of the girl in his grasp and gave her a look of pain. His eyes not completely focused on Sakura, he noticed the movement of pink to his left, his eyes darted towards that direction, and a gasp escaped his lips. Sakura also followed his gaze, her eyes suddenly narrowing at the sight unfolding.

MOMO…MOMO was awake! And alive!

" MO…" Jr. stuttered, utter shock written on his face. " MOMO?" Jr. began to approach her slowly, but was then blocked by Sakura, who stretched her arms out, not intending on letting him pass her.

" Get out of the way!" Jr. yelled, trying not to let his anger hurt the girl as she stood firmly in place. " I.Said.Move." Jr. bit out as MOMO lifted her head as fast as she could.

" J..r.." MOMO spoke louder this time, his ears picking up on her voice.

" MOMO!"

" That…th…at…is..nt…" MOMO slowly spoke. " It…sint..Saku…Sakura!" MOMO finally came out as Jr.'s suspicions had finally been confirmed.

" No! It's not true!" Sakura yelled again, buring her face in his chest.

" Her identity…has…an aler…nate…code…she…s…an obse…rvation…rea…lian…" MOMO began as she felt herself falling to the floor again, her strength leaving her. " Nu..m…ber…2...8...3...6..nam…e…Mi…zu…" MOMO breathed once again, as she fell to the floor, breathing harder as Jr.'s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

" What…My god…you mean…" Jr. thought as he looked at the now still form on his chest.

" You mean…they altered Mizu…into Sakura?" Jr. spoke in a disbelieving tone, the memories rushing back to him of how the blue haired girl saved him from getting killed. Is that why when Wilhelm said they used an observational realian owned by the foundation to locate MOMO…was really Mizu? They carried her body…all the way here and…?

Jr.'s anger began to rise as he backed away from Mizu, her form still as realization flashed through her eyes. Growing wider by the minute, she walked over to Jr. and Jr. walked backwards away from her. She held her arms out. And instead of getting a hug, as Jr. so thought, she hastily took his gun with surprising speed. He tried grabbing it back, but it was already held out in front of her, in an aiming position.

" No! I'm Sakura…I'm Sakura!" Mizu repeated over and over as Jr.'s stance became cautious.

" Mizu…"

" NO! I'M NOT HER! I'M SAKURA!" Mizu shouted as MOMO tried to cover her ears. How could they do this to a realian? Did someone really want to bring heartbreak back to Jr.? How could they make a copy of her sister…? How could they?

MOMO began to feel tears fall, the same time the tears of Mizu began to fall miserably. None of her memories were fake. She was Sakura! It was true!

A memory came rushing back to Mizu, a memory of her being shot…in order to save her little master's life. Mizu held her hands on her head and shook it repeatedly. Her memories as Mizu mingled with the memories of Sakura…her mind turning into a vortex of confusion.

" KOS-MOS." chaos spoke first, only the noise of pipes and steam filling the room afterwards. KOS-MOS's blue eye blinked, and she began to walk towards him in a distorted fashion, her eyes never leaving his gaze.

" chaos…" KOS-MOS spoke in a soft tone again. chaos remained where he was, not sure of what to do. He wasn't expecting to see two KOS-MOS's…

" KOS-MOS…We have to get you out of here, your badly injured." chaos slowly said as KOS-MOS kept walking.

" I…I'm scared." KOS-MOS answered, every word surprising chaos as his eyes didn't leave their fierce gaze.

" We were all worried about you, Shion will have a fit about the condition your in." said chaos unsure of himself as KOS-MOS stopped and tilted her head to the side, her arms dangling beside her.

" Were you…worried for me?" KOS-MOS spoke again in that soft tone witch seemed to haunt chaos suddenly.

With a great sigh, chaos looked deep into her different colored eyes. She seemed lost, not sure of what to do with herself. He could see all the memories she held with him in her blue eye. From being confused by his kindness to letting him caress her. He could see some type of longing within her, some pained thoughts that were left in disarray…

He could see…KOS-MOS…the way she should be…with emotion…and being loved…

Like he wanted to do.

Losing himself for just a moment, he gave her a welcoming pose and simply stated. " Yes…yes I did worry for you, me the most." With that, he slowly walked over to KOS-MOS and placed his hands on her shoulders, causing the girl to fall onto his chest. They both knelt down to the floor as KOS-MOS tried to compose herself.

" chaos…" KOS-MOS questioned out again as she gripped him tightly. chaos then buried his face in her lustrous blue hair.

And all seemed content…

Until chaos's eyes snapped open, a string of pain penetrating his right side. He felt blood trickle down his side and drop to the floor.

chaos had then tried pushing himself away from KOS-MOS's grasp, but she held on tightly, her red eye glaring at chaos. After feeling her grip tighten further, which caused chaos's breathing to hitch, he closed his eyes quickly and emitted a white light from his body. Spotting this, KOS-MOS quickly let go, only to be flung a few feet away from the angelic figure. Landing on the bridge with a loud clang, KOS-MOS stood up slowly, her posture hunched as she surveyed chaos's angered expression. She finally stood up straight after hearing a crack from her back. chaos's body still glowed dimly as KOS-MOS took on her monotone expression.

" Target Yeshua engaged, commencing battle mode." KOS-MOS called out as chaos shook his had sadly. How had she known his real name? And what drove her to fight him? Feeling the burning pain on his side, he tried avoiding it at all costs…

His thoughts were ripped apart as he heard the noise of bullets. He quickly jumped into the air and dodged them. It wasn't the perfect place to battle, but he couldn't just run either. He had to stop her.

Right here, right now.

His arms came together as more light energy came out, dissipating the bullets and heading over to KOS-MOS, who only dodged it and jumped towards him, her R-BLADE released and ready to strike. chaos narrowed his eyes as he only did a back flip to dodge the lethal blade. He was on the defensive as KOS-MOS moved in swift, yet rough motions in order to land a blow on him.

She twisted her body to the side and swung her blade further. chaos nearly became hit by it as he kicked her equipped arm to the side and with his other leg, did an uppercut, causing her to fall to the ground.

His foot was about to land on her chest again, but instead as he approached her, she wiped her legs up and kicked his face with the back of her heel. As the tanned male went to gain his balance, KOS-MOS jumped back up with the weight of her feet and released another round of attacks. She equipped another weapon and at the same time, chaos gathered his energy together to release an attack upon her.

" R-CANNON!" KOS-MOS called as her beam collected energy and fired

" Angel Blow!" chaos yelled as particles of his chi and feathers gathered together and blasted towards her.

Both energies had suddenly collided, being mixed and a teal blue light…

" I…ugh…" Mizu felt faint…the memories had finally settled on a calm scenery. Sakura and Rubedo sat on a swinging chair in the small white house she lived in. She couldn't make out the discussion, but she smiled weakly as Sakura kissed Rubedo on the check warmly and left. The memory faded as she finally found herself kneeling in the darkness, her knowledge as Mizu began to pour out…the memories of her being in her work station. The time Rubedo came back and MOMO hugged him with relief as he spun her around, returning the embrace whole heartedly. They both looked into each others eyes…

They…seemed so…

Understanding crept into Mizu/Sakura's mind. Her mind seemed to come back to her current situation. With a small smile, the green eyed girl sat down slowly and bowed her head. Jr. looked at her as his eyebrows came together.

" Mizu…?" He questioned, her gaze never leaving the floor. MOMO looked on with uncertainty.

Mizu lifted her head, revealing the tears that had been falling like rain. There was no use for her here was there? She wasn't supposed to be here…in the present

" Take care of my little sister for me…Rubedo…" Mizu/Sakura slowly answered, lifting the gun to her head. Jr.'s eyes revealed even more shock as he began running towards her.


Jr.'s pace had suddenly slowed down as MOMO's face showed that of horror. Mizu's body fell limb to the floor, the gun falling out of her hand as MOMO began to scream at the sight, more tears falling from her eyes.

Jr's eyes began to show anger….and all the scars that appeared on his body began to reopen…

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