32 - "Breakdown Part 1: Shadows of the Past"
Originally Written: June 12, 2000

January 18th, 2001
A cool breeze blew across the snow covered stones of Wyvern, causing Goliath's long
sable locks to float around his shoulders and wings. The lavender giant stood silently on
his tower, overlooking the rest of the grand castle and Manhattan island, his adopted
home, his protectorate. He had sworn long ago to do everything in his power to ensure
the safety of the innocent, and now his promise had been tested to it's very limits.

It has been three weeks since Sobek's savage attack, and though the castle's damage had
been repaired, he still felt as if he had failed his clan, failed his family. His wife and
secondborn almost died at the hands of one of the most powerful and sadistic enemies he
had ever faced. A gargoyle with psychotic compunctions about ruling the world and
killing off the human race, including his most beloved mate.

Goliath brought his hand to his brow and ran his taloned fingers across his forehead as a
sharp pain erupted through his head. Another migraine. In the past week, he had been
plagued with constant headaches that could not be cured by his stone state. Goliath kept
silent about his physical condition to the others, not wanting them to worry, to fuss over
him like a hatchling. A leader had to be strong, invincible. A leader could not let his
weaknesses be known, not to anyone. Goliath closed his eyes and rubbed his brow until
the pain died away slightly. He sighed, his hot breath swirling in the cold winter air, and
eventually disappearing into New York's exhaust tinged atmosphere, becoming one with
the clouds that surrounded his ancient home.

The lavender giant tensed when his great hearing picked up the sound of footsteps on the
stairway leading to his tower. Loafers. Italian loafers with a hard rubber heel.
Expensive Italian loafers, belonging to only one person with access to the castle. Goliath
turned to see David Xanatos appearing and walking towards him, wearing his trademark

"Goliath," the billionaire greeted him in his usual calm manner, "I received word you
wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes. How are the repairs coming on the castle?" Goliath inquired of him, yet knew the
answer even before Xanatos had a chance to speak.

"Almost complete," Xanatos replied, recognizing Goliath's feeble attempt at smalltalk, "I
bought an even bigger T.V. for the media room. And Owen's new additions to the
security system will be finished within the week." The billionaire's eyes became hard,
like the dark gray stone beneath his feet. "I intend to make sure that any uninvited guests
will find it extremely difficult to attack our...your home again, without us knowing

Goliath huffed, sending another breath into the cool air. "It should not have happened at
all." Goliath quickly turned away and placed his hands on the cornice edge. "My family
should not be a target just because they are human. Just because Elisa chose to love me."

"But it did happen, and your clan stopped him."

"If I was one second later..."

"You were not." Xanatos argued, trying not to rouse the seven foot seven giant as he
knew Goliath's attitude of late has been turbulent at best. He leaned to the side to catch a
glimpse of the gargoyle's powerful hands digging into the ancient stone. He smiled
slightly, knowing he would have to add that particular piece of stone to Owen's repair
list. Attempting to change the subject, Xanatos cleared his throat and stepped closer,
being mindful of Goliath's violently lashing tail. "Now putting all that aside, I believe
you had a sincere reason for wanting to talk to me, rather than discussing the castle's
repair schedule."

"What? Oh yes, I did. As you know, the anniversary of Elisa's and my mating is in four
days and...I am in need of a...a favor."

"Oh?" Xanatos cocked an eyebrow and grinned, knowing after all this time, it was still
hard for Goliath to ask him for anything. But if it was for Elisa, he would even swallow
his sizable pride and ask his former enemy-turned-ally for help. He watched as Goliath
pulled something from his belt, a folded piece of paper. He carefully handed it to the
billionaire and he accepted. Xanatos opened it and gasped when he gazed upon the

"A gift for Elisa," Goliath explained, "I have written instructions down on how I want it
cut and arranged. I hope I have given you enough time."

"Of course, Goliath. I'll put my best jewelers on it right away." Xanatos replied,
examining the gargoyle's treasure, a gift which caused a soft green glow to be cast on his
face. "I'm positive the detective will love it."


January 22nd, 2001
"I swear Trini, I think you got more water on me than you did on your entire body." Elisa
chuffed, using a large white towel to dry off her daughter, perched on the marble
countertop in her mother's massive bathroom. Elisa ran the towel over Trinity's small
face, invoking a cheerful giggle from the small child. Ever so delicately, Elisa held
Trinity's wings in her fingers, tenderly wiping the moisture from the chocolate

Not too far away, Angela, sitting on the edge of the marble tub, watched as Trinity
flapped her wings in an attempt to help dry her instruments of flight, but ended up
spraying the excess water all over her mother.

"Gah! Trinity Hope!!" Elisa yelled out in surprise, trying to protect herself from the
onslaught of bathwater. Angela tried to suppress the impending laughter, but to no avail
as she burst out in a muffled twitter. Elisa wiped the water from her face and clothes and
scowled. Using the soft bathsheet, she wrapped Trinity into the white mounds and turned
to face Angela, who was doubled over with laughter. "My daughters are ganging up on

"I'm sorry," Angela recomposed herself and stood up, "it just looked so cute."

"Uh huh." Elisa said simply. With daughter in hand, she left the bathroom and walked
across the wide expanse of her bedroom heading for the nursery, leaving Angela to
follow behind.

The lavender gargess stopped in the archway and watched as Elisa dressed Trinity in her
diaper and jumper, specially tailored for her 'extra appendages'. Usually, Elisa always
carried a smile whenever she was in her daughter's presence, but now a look of sadness
marked her beautiful features. And Angela knew exactly why. A recent attack on her
home, on her stepmother and half sister's very lives, Elisa has had to endure several
lifetime's worth of pain to live a contented life with her father. Angela felt her blood
boiling as memories of Sobek rose up like bile in her throat and shuddered at just how
close he came in killing two of the most important people in her life.

"Angela?" Elisa's soft voice startled the lavender female, drawing her back from her
muse and she turned to see Elisa looking around the small room. "Have you seen

"No. I'll look in the bedroom." Angela began her search in the massive room Elisa
shared with her father. The 'Goyle was Trinity's stuffed toy, which resembled a child's
teddy bear with wings and a short, stubby tail, similar to Alexander's own cherished
plaything. Though only three months old, Trinity had inherited her mother's
stubbornness and usually wouldn't fall asleep without her precious toy.

As Angela neared the bed, her foot kicked upon something soft and she leaned down and
lifted the quilt. There, sitting on it's side in the darkness provided by the massive king
sized mattress, was 'Goyle, and Cagney, Elisa's cat, curled up alongside the plush figure.
"I apologize, Cagney, but Trinity needs this more than you," she whispered to the waking
cat, "why don't you go play in Shadow's chambers?" She grabbed the toy and stood up,
running her hands down the silken fur. She stepped forward in the direction of the
nursery but something large had blocked her path. "What?" Angela looked up to see
Goliath standing over her, no discernible emotion on his face. "Oh, father."

"Angela," he began, almost solemnly, "I was wondering if you could watch your younger
sister for a while."

"Of course. May I inquire why?" Angela asked, and her only response was a slight
tugging on her father's lips. "Oh right. I forgot."


Trinity Hope kicked her feet higher in the air, playing with her mother as she struggled to
get the knitted booties on, a homemade gift from Diane. "You obstinate little..." Elisa
had to restrain herself from swearing in front of the laughing child.

"It seems she has inherited the Maza attitude." Angela's voice called from behind her.
Elisa swiveled slightly to see the gargess pick the child from the changing table and hold
her in her arms. "Mind if I borrow her for a while?"

"Sure, if you can tell me what for."

"I wish to talk with you alone, my love." Goliath answered, surprising his wife with a low
rumble and causing her to whirl around. He extended his arm to her as Angela quietly
slipped from the room. Elisa placed her copper hand in Goliath's lavender palm and
allowed herself to be led to the canopied berth that was her bed. He motioned for her to
sit down, and kneeled in front, bringing his face level with hers. He took a moment to
stare into her eyes. Eyes he often took comfort in, and eyes he felt he had known for an
entire lifetime.

"Uh, Goliath?" Elisa ripped him from his admiring gaze and he suddenly remembered
why he wanted to be alone with her.

"I hope you have not forgotten the significance of this date."

"What human could forget the day they married a gargoyle?" Elisa coyly replied as she
leaned closer, giving her husband a sight of the famous Maza grin.

Goliath flashed a small grin of his own and reached into his loincloth.

"Hey now, it's late and I have a headache, honey." Elisa mumbled teasingly as Goliath
thinned his eyes.

"Are you finished?"


"Hmmm...humans often give gifts as a remembrance of their wedding day, and...I would
like to do the same." Elisa's mood suddenly lightened and she watched with a swelling
anticipation as Goliath withdrew a long black box with his nimble talons and handed it to
her. Her hands slightly trembling, she took the box and looked to Goliath. With a nod of
his head, she lifted the lid and gasped. Her chocolate brown eyes widened to full circles
as she peered inside the velvet container. "Happy anniversary, my Elisa." Goliath purred.

"Oh my god." Elisa reached in and pulled out a long golden chain, with a small green
crystal, carved in the shape of a heart, attached in front. She held the pendant up to the
chandelier, as the many faceted sides of the crystal reflected the striking light.
"Where...where did you get this?"

Goliath leaned in and helped wrap the golden-linked chain around Elisa's neck, clasping
the two ends and moving back to watch his wife admire the pendant. "Do you remember
when we traveled to Scotland after leaving Avalon for the first time?"


"These crystals grew only in the rookery cave where my clan was hatched. Thousands of
the crystals used to line the walls and provide a soft verdant light, bathing the entire cave
in their glow. Before we left, I was able to grab a small piece and hide it from sight."

"That was five years ago. You kept it all this time?"

"It was always intended to be a gift but," Goliath purpled slightly and looked down, "I
never gathered the courage to present it to you after we arrived home. And after we
declared our love for each other, I felt it may be too grand of a gesture so early in

Elisa held the small crystal in her hand and blinked her eyes. "Goliath, it's beautiful."

The lavender giant watched as Elisa's eyes welled up and tears streamed down her
bronze skin. "Elisa? Why are you crying?" Goliath asked softly.

Elisa quickly wiped her face with her sleeve and looked up into Goliath's deep charcoal
eyes. "It's just..."


Between her sobs, Elisa managed a small chuckle. "No matter how bad I feel, you
always pull something out of your hat to help cheer me up."

"Have I succeeded tonight?"

"Almost." Elisa murmured distressingly and looked away. "I don't mean to spoil your
surprise...but I guess I don't feel that happy right now."

Goliath sighed deeply. He knew the reason of his wife's depression. For everything in
the last six months, her near rape, the death of the clones, the attack on the castle, all had
taken it's toll. Even the strongest of the strong can grow weak sometimes. "I wish I
could erase your pain, Elisa. I wish I could have prevented the destruction, the attacks,
the deaths..." He reached in and cupped Elisa's cheek, directing her gaze towards him
once more. "Elisa, there is something I would like to know. Do you ever wish...I was

Elisa's mouth dropped open, as if the question was like a bullet through the chest. "Of
course not!! Goliath, you know I..." She was abruptly silenced by a wave of Goliath's
hand, and a single talon gingerly pressed to her lips.

"Please, Elisa, the truth."

Her shoulders drooped and she looked down, fixating her gaze on her hands laying in her
lap. "I would be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind more than once. My husband,
the man I love more than anything, and my friends, those special people who have
become my family, and my beautiful baby girl, wouldn't be feared just because of who
they are. They wouldn't be hunted, killed, treated like they don't have the right to exist."
Elisa squeezed his hand with her own and brought it up against her face, feeling his
powerful muscled hands on her warm skin. "We could be a normal couple. We could go
to restaurants, movies, plays. We could be together in the sun. We could be together
always. No evil gargoyles, no arrogant faeries, no scheming billionaires. No Xanatos, no
Demona, no Oberon, no Madoc...no Thailog...no Sobek..." Elisa trailed off and her body
went limp, practically falling into Goliath's awaiting hands. He pressed her securely to
his chest and climbed onto the bed. He propped himself against the pillows and held
tighter to his wife's slender frame. She started to cry once more, and as she sobbed,
trembled in his arms. "Sometimes I wish...it could be over."


Hours passed on, and the rest of the city continued unceasingly their industrious
existence of the night, totally and wholly oblivious to the citizens who dwelled above the
clouds. Goliath shifted in his light slumber, a victim of the thick bedspread and plush
pillows. Elisa lay curled within his folded wings and rested soundly in his intimate
embrace, having cried herself to sleep.

Goliath's eyes fluttered. He was dreaming, of friends and family long past. A life so
long ago, torn away by mistrust and hatred.


A voice called to him, through the haze of his dreams.


The voice called again, stronger this time.

...Why did you leave us?...

The voice turned cold, lifeless.

...Why did you betray us?...

The voice grew in intensity. The voice wasn't alone, a fusion of souls speaking as one.


"No!!" The lavender giant awoke with a start, small beads of sweat trickling down his

His outburst woke his wife and she shot up. "Goliath?! What is it?"

"Just...a dream." Goliath laid back, closing his eyes. "Nothing more." A look of pain
washed over him and he unconsciously gritted his teeth.

Elisa noticed. "Another headache."

"What? How did you..."

"I'm your wife, remember?" Elisa ran her knuckles down his brow and gently wiped the
sweat away. "I know everything."

Goliath relented and winced in pain as the shrill throbbing within his skull became
worse. "It will pass."

"You've had these headaches for almost two weeks now. Maybe you should see Dr.

"I don't think that's necess..."

...goliath... A voice called. The voice.

Goliath bolted up once more and Elisa was thrown to the side. The lavender giant's
pulse quickened and his breathing became short.


Goliath rose from the bed in a stupor and directed his gaze towards the double doors near
the fireplace, leading to the couple's private balcony.


Elisa sat up and watched in fear as her husband paced slowly away from her. "Goliath,
what is it?"

"Can't you hear it?" His voice trembled, as if revealing a hidden dread.

"Hear what?"

"The voice." Goliath continued his way towards the doors. Suddenly, his eyes caught
movement outside. Specters danced beyond the frosted glass and the white curtains
framing the doors. Shadows with a shape known only to the deepest memories of
Goliath's soul. He started to run, knocking furniture over in his mad dash towards the
terrace. The doors flew open and Goliath was hit by the cold wind, biting into his
leathery skin as if a thousand knives had been hurled his way. But what he expected to
find wasn't there.

"Goliath?" Elisa came up beside him. "What did you see?"

"Not what. Who..."

"I don't see anyone." Elisa replied, scanning the terrace and the rest of the castle.

"I saw someone."

"But Goliath, there's no one out here."

"I SAW THEM!!!" Goliath roared to his wife, loud enough to cause an echo. "They were
here! I..." He eyed Elisa once more, noticing her stepping back slightly upon seeing the
rage in his eyes. "Elisa, I am...sorry. I didn't meant to raise my voice. Not at you."

"It's all right. If you say you saw someone, I believe you."

"Thank you."

"So, who did you see?"



January 24th, 2001
A massive shadow swallowed the entrance to Annika's room, as Goliath approached her
doors, and with a simple, yet still heavy hand, rapped a few times on the wooden surface.

"Come in?" Annika called out to her visitor, having been startled from her book by the
resounding knock.

Goliath silently entered and closed the door behind him. He did nothing but stare intently
at the young gargess, who in turn met his gaze from her position on her bed. "I have
recently heard that Todd introduced you to his friends a couple of weeks back..." he
rasped, his low voice even more grating than usual.

"Uh...yeah," she replied, replacing her bookmark and feeling now as if she had
committed a heinous crime, "is there a problem?"

"That was a dangerous risk you took, in revealing yourself to them."

"Well, maybe but..."

"From now on, you will receive permission from me to do anything else of the sort."

Annika flashed an angered look to Goliath, as she stood up and encroached on his stead.
"I will do what I please, when I please, or is this a dictatorship?"

Goliath remained speechless, all but raising his chin and the charcoal of his eyes receding
from sight as his brow lowered to present his growing animosity.

"Besides," she continued on, "I have five new human friends, and the rest of those at that
party now know gargoyles are a peaceful race."

"Regardless. You brought this clan into a dangerous position, and I will not allow my
family to be endangered because of the actions of some young teenager, and his gargoyle
girlfriend who does not realize how fragile our concealment from the humans can be."

"I beg your pardon," Annika spit back, "I am fully aware of our situation."

"I don't think you are!" Goliath bellowed, stepping forward. "How many of those
humans know where we live, or know of Elisa's marriage to me, or know of Trinity's

Annika now was at a loss for words, as her own growing apprehension had clouded her
thoughts. "J-Just the five, but they're all Todd's closest friends. They wouldn't betray
us, or Elisa."

"I hope so, for your sake." Goliath replied back, glaring down upon the cowering gargess.
"If anything happens to this clan, or my mate, because of your actions, you will be truly
sorry. You are a part of this clan, and if you wish to remain a part, you will do everything
I say. Clear?!"

Annika swallowed hard, "Crystal."

"Inform Mr. Hawkins of our discussion as well, and tell him never to take such a risk
without consulting me. Ever." he snarled, inhaling deeply before slowly turning away
from Annika, his very posture and body language a sign of an impending unrest,
tortuously draped upon him.

Annika watched him leave and collapsed to her bed when the doors slammed closed.
Her hands were violently shaking. For the first time upon meeting Goliath, this was
perhaps the only time she had ever feared the once gentle, lavender giant. "Whoa..."


January 25th, 2001
It had stopped snowing and the sky was clear, yet the winter chill still hung over the city
like a shroud, resulting in an absence of traffic, both automobile and pedestrian. The city
had grown quiet, recovering from the celebrations of the new year, as the citizens had
dragged themselves back to work and their daily regiment continued on.

It was well after midnight and three shadows skimmed the skyscrapers, barely disturbing
the piles of snow collecting on the rooftops, having accumulated after every flurry. The
gargoyles were out tonight, watching over their home with razor sharp eyes, that have
evolved over two thousand years for life in eternal darkness.

Goliath led the group, with Broadway and Angela following behind. They kept their
distance for a reason, as their leader had become sullen and edgy. Even the smallest
infraction on anyone's part, friend or foe, would set him off like a high explosive.

Angela shifted slightly in mid-flight and rubbed her shoulders. Her wings were becoming
sore as the small band had been airborne for almost two hours without rest. She
quickened her pace and flew beside her father, who barely acknowledged her presence.
"Father? Don't you think we should head back home?"

"Our duty is to protect." Goliath responded coldly. "And our patrol isn't over yet."

"But the city is quiet tonight. We have barely seen a soul out in this frigid weather."

"We will finish our patrol!" Goliath snapped back.

"But father..." Angela tried to argue but was abruptly interrupted.


Angela quickly swerved away and allowed her father to fly ahead. She waited for
Broadway, who had heard all of Goliath's heated words, to catch up and take his place at
her side. "I've never seen him like this." Angela whispered, being mindful to keep
herself quiet.

Broadway nodded. "I know. It's been going on for a week now and he's not getting any
better. I thought his anniversary would lift his spirits somewhat, but..."

"I don't like this." Angela acquiesced. "I know the last few months have been difficult,
but it's still not...natural. Something's wrong."

"Yeah." Broadway agreed once more with his mate. "Very wrong."

But suddenly, Goliath slowed his flight and dived recklessly towards the city. Angela
and Broadway were barely able to turn themselves and follow. The lavender giant came
to a halt on the rooftop of a rather high building and frantically scanned his surroundings.

Angela landed and ran up alongside. "Father, what is it?!"

Goliath never answered. From the corner of his eye, he noticed movement behind an
alcove offered by the building's structure. More shadows. As he moved closer, the
shadows moved away, fading into the night. "No!! Please, don't go!" Goliath called to
them, his cry becoming a desperate plea.


He sank to his knees and covered his ears. "No..."

...Goliath...betrayer...destroyer...we believed in you...you let us down...

"No...I did my best." Goliath whispered.

"Father?" Angela placed a hand on his shoulder and felt the muscles in his back tensing,
twisting beneath the thick skin.

"I did my best...I lived for my clan..." Goliath's words flowed together in a mumbled
rant, speaking to the empty air and leaving Angela to flash a worried look to Broadway.
He nodded and attempted to help Goliath to his feet. The lavender giant swiftly pulled
away and staggered to the edge of the building. Using his powerful arms, he brought
them down upon the brick work, and with a crushing blow, turned an entire section of the
ledge to rubble. "NO!!!"

"What's wrong with him?" Angela beseeched in an agonized whisper, watching her
father cocoon himself within his wings.

"I don't know, Angela. But we'd better find out. And soon."


"Uhm...uh...h-hullo?" a groggy voice answered.

"Dr. Pierce?" Angela asked, as she gripped tightly to the receiver of the telephone.

A mere moment of silence, and then a reply, "...Angela?"

"Yes. I hope I didn't wake you."

"Don't worry, I'm a doctor. I'm used to it."

Angela managed a slight grin. "I'm glad." Her soft voice carried traces of concern,
enough to alert the human on the other end of the line.

"What's wrong?" Pierce asked.

"It's about my father. He's acting...strange."

"How so?"

"He's easily angered, temperamental, sullen."

"Well, Xanatos has kept me informed of all the...uhm...'activities' that have occurred in
the past few weeks and I think he's entitled to a bad mood. I mean, his wife and daughter
were almost killed."

Angela sighed. "I know, but there's more than just his mood. He gets powerful
headaches and tries to hide his pain from the rest of us. He sees things that aren't there,
acts as if a unknown force is speaking to him...he...he's scaring me. He's acting like a
whole different person."

"Hmmm. Well, maybe I'll take a look at him tomorrow night." Dr. Pierce calmed the
young gargess. "Tell him to be in my office at sundown, and we'll start from there."

"Thank you, Dr. Pierce," Angela sighed her relief, "hopefully, you can find what's wrong
before he does something he may truly regret."


The room was hauntingly quiet. The thick stone walls prevented any sounds from
disturbing the tranquillity of the single occupant, lying on the large bed. Elisa was on the
verge of slumber, her eyelids closed, keeping any stray light from intruding. Trinity was
in the caring hands of Othello and Desdemona, allowing the new mother a rare
experience: peace. She rolled slowly onto her back and opened her eyes, staring up at the
wooden canopy overhead and studying the intricate details the aged wood created in it's
varnished surface. Even with the air of serenity, she could not sleep, no matter how hard
she tried. She smiled slightly, as she knew the reason for her restlessness. Since
Halloween night, she had fallen asleep listening to the quiet, gentle breathing of her

But the peacefulness was broken briskly when the tall doors flew open and a large figure
rambled through. It was Goliath, clutching his head and breathing heavily. Elisa
watched with a swelling dread as her husband walked towards the bed, oblivious to her
presence. "Goliath?" Elisa got up and came to his side. She placed a hand on his
shoulder, but he pulled away as if her skin was scalding hot. He stared at her with large
eyes, expressing nothing but an intense terror. He began to back away, his gaze still
centered on Elisa. "Goliath, what's wrong?!"

He did not answer her fearful cry. He whirled around and tried to get away, but his knees
gave way and he fell against the stone wall. Using the battlement for support, he steadied
himself and tried to clear his head.

Elisa came forward again, almost afraid to make anymore contact with him, in fear that
his tenuous grip on reality would shatter. "Goliath?"

"...go away..." His voice was barely above a whisper.

"No, I won't. Something's wrong with you."

"...I can't make the voices stop...please leave me alone..."

"Goliath, I'm here," she tried again to reach him through her soothing words, "please let
me help you."

"...no...leave me alone..."


"I said," his eyes flared white, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" The lavender giant spun around
and caught Elisa in the face with his massive fist. Her head snapped back and she flew
back several feet, landing on the floor. She shakily brought a hand to her cheek and felt
the blood rush forth from several large gashes, covering her copper skin with streaks of
scarlet. She looked up to Goliath, who was still standing over her, a look of horror
stained upon his once noble face. "...Elisa..."

"You...you hit me..."

"I...I didn't mean to...I..." Goliath brought his hands to his face and looked with absolute
contempt and disgrace at his taloned hands, covered with small droplets of Elisa's blood,
the blood of his wife, his mate, the person he loved more than anyone, anything...
"I...I'm sorry..." Backing away in slow steady steps, he headed for the balcony doors.

"Goliath, wait..." Elisa called, as she recovered from the initial shock.

"No...I may hurt you again..." He bolted for the doors and charged through them,
destroying the steel locking mechanism in the process. With a quick hop, he dove from
the cornice and flew from sight, his lavender skin disguising him against the sky.

"Goliath!!" Elisa called again, but her cries went unanswered. "It wasn't your fault..."

To be continued...