The chapter opening is much like the opening party scene in the episode called "Maid of Honour". However, it goes a much different way than the story of that episode.

Chapter 1

The chapter opens with Wonder Woman at Queen Audrey's engagement party. She is looking around for any suspicious signs because she does not trust Audrey's fiancé, her old nemesis, Vandal Savage. But there is more to the party then Savage.

"May I have this dance?" Diana turned around to see who spoke and came face to face with Bruce Wayne.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, as he took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

"You know I never miss a good party," Bruce replied.

"Yeah, well, I have a feeling something's going to happen tonight. Have you met Audrey's fiancé?" Diana glanced at Princess Audrey and the big, beefy man standing with his arm around her as she chatted animatedly with Daniel Fitzryers. Vandal Savage's face emitted evil and he had a hungry, almost maniacal expression on his face.

"I've met Savage before. Can't say I like him very much," said Bruce, swerving Diana to the middle of the floor.

"Well it's not so much liking, it's trusting, and I know how you feel about trust," Diana said, in a low voice.

"It's obvious that we both don't trust Savage," Bruce cut in. "And Fitzryers...well, he's another story." As Bruce said this, Diana glanced in the direction of the blonde. At the same time, he nonchalantly gazed at her with a smirk on his face, and then continued in his conversation with Audrey.

"What's wrong with him?" Diana said, looking back at Bruce.

"Get a load of that snack table," Bruce said, hurrying off to the snacks without a backwards glance, leaving Diana unaccompanied in the middle of the dance floor. Diana knew perfectly well that Bruce had purposely avoided the question. She also knew perfectly well that Bruce Wayne was Batman. She headed off the dance floor and sat at an empty table. She felt uncertain about her feelings for Bruce. She knew she had some sort of infatuation with him, but she couldn't actually make sure until he loved her until he told her he was Batman.

He came back without any snacks, and formally regretted that he had to leave so early. Before Diana could reply, he swooped down, kissed her on the cheek and left. Diana rubbed the place where he kissed her with surprise. She noticed that Audrey was coming up to her, closely followed by Daniel Fitzryers. It was too late to walk a way as though she hadn't seen them, because they already knew she had seen them.

"Diana, have you met Danny?" Audrey said, gesturing at him.

"Uh...no, I don't believe we have," Diana said, standing up to greet Fitzryers. He gave the same smirk as before and held out his hand.

"Charmed," he said, as she put her hand in his. Instead of shaking it, he stooped low and kissed her hand. Diana laughed dully, and Audrey rolled her eyes.

"Well, I will leave you two to get acquainted," Audrey said, heading back to Savage, who was peering intently at his watch.

"So, Mr. Fitzryers, what do you do for a living?" Diana said, as he sat down at her table.

"I'm chairman of a manufacturing company," he said, his brilliantly green eyes examining her face. Daniel was extremely good-looking. "And please, call me Daniel."

"What exactly do you manufacture, Daniel?" Diana said, not really realizing what she was saying, but still maintaining her gaze at Fitzryers.

"Mostly PCs and microprocessors," he said, stroking his stubbly chin. "Business has been booming," he added, smiling. Diana returned it, still looking at Fitzryers. Then she noticed something peculiar.

"Is your company called Fitzryers Microprocessors?" Diana asked, her smile fading from her face.

"Why...yes! So you have heard of me!" Fitzryers grinned. It took Diana all her wits just to prevent herself from reaching over and punch him in the face.

"Where are your branch plants located?" She asked coolly.

"Oh, here and there. We don't have a lot here in North America, but we have a lot on some distant planets," he said, looking at her in a strange way.

"Well, I must be leaving now," Diana said, standing up.

"So soon?" Fitzryers asked, standing up as well. Diana didn't have to leave so soon. She felt angry. It was Daniel's company that was destroying the wildlife in the Amazons, something that her people had tried to preserve for more than 500 years.

"Diana?" He called after her.

"Yes?" Diana said, reluctantly holding in her anger.

"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?" Fitzryers asked, smirking timidly. Diana would have said no right away if she hadn't stopped to think. Getting on the inside track with Fitzryers could mean that she had a chance of totally destroying his company. She smiled slyly and nodded. Fitzryers was overjoyed and handed her his business card. She pocketed it and left the room, heading for the Watchtower.


"BOO YA!" The Flash yelled. "That's the game, GL!" Flash and the Green Lantern were playing foosball in the kitchen of the Watchtower. He had just scored, winning the game 10-4. John rolled his eyes and glanced at Hawkgirl, who was busy examining her nails at the table.
"Tell me again where you got this barbaric game." She said, glaring at the Flash.
"It's not barbaric, Feathers. It happens to be one of the most beloved games on Earth," Flash said, grinning, and pouring himself a glass of milk. "And I got it from some outlet mall in Chicago." Before Hawkgirl could reply, Superman walked in and said, "Have any of you seen the Princess?" He was talking about Diana.
"She's not back from that party she went to on Earth," Hawkgirl said, casually. But just as she said this, Diana walked in, still wearing her party dress.
"Did Batman come in?" She asked, looking around.
"I saw him in the Control room, looking through this old book and muttering to himself," Superman answered. "Did anything happen at the party?" He asked.
"I need to speak to you and Batman," she said under her breath. Superman nodded and led her out of the room into the control room, where Batman was looking through criminal records on the computer. He looked at them when they entered.
"You would think it would be about Savage, Audrey's fiancé, but it's something else," Diana said. "I met Daniel Fitzryers there."
Superman pursed his lips, but Batman's expression didn't change.
"Fitzryers? As in, Fitzryers Microprocessors?" Superman asked. Diana nodded and looked at Batman's face for any sign of emotion, but there wasn't any.
"He asked me out, and I realized that that may be the only way to stop him," Diana continued, massaging her knuckles. "So I accepted, and he gave me his card." She took out his business card and handed it to Superman who read it.
"How does this concern me?" Batman said. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Well, I know that you know what Fitzryers's company is doing to the Amazons," Diana said, impatiently. "I think it is best if only we three handle this."
"I'm busy," Bruce said, turning away and heading back to the computer. Diana glared at him and turned back to Superman.
"Well, by all means, call him tomorrow and arrange something. We need to find out as much as we can from him," Superman said, handing the card back to Diana. Flash, who had been listening from outside the control room, raced back to the kitchen to tell John and Hawkgirl what he had just heard.
"...And she's actually going to go out with him," he finished telling them. "Right under Batman's nose!"