Alternate Chapter Names

Here, alternate names (made up by the Characters themselves, as well as me), may be found for each of the chapters. Better than boring ol' 1, 2, 3. . . Right?

Chapter One:

Roxeant's Name- Let's start at the very beginniiiiiiing, a very good place to staaaaaaaart. . .

Raven's Name- In which I brood. And don't get sleep. Fun.

Beast Boy's Name- I have an animal alarm clock? Didn't you copy that from some other story?

Chapter Two:

Roxeant's Name- Enter: Lust.

Love's Name- In which my sister makes her appearance and makes a fool of herself.

Lust's Name- In which I look sexy. As always. Yah!

Happy's Name- I get to make up a chapter name? Yay! How about, 'In which joy is brought to Raven's mind'! Will that work? So what if it has nothing to do with the chapter!

Knowledge's Name- In which I get to be MC! Suh-wheet! I mean. . . how nice. . .

Timid's Name- But, Roxy, what if they don't like my name? Do I have to think of one? What? You're using what I say right now? Ah! Now they'll laugh at me even more!

Rage's Name- In which no one smites anyone. Fuck.

Annoyance's Name- What? You mean I have to think of a name? How 'bout this. . . get the hell out of my face!

Reason's Name- I practically do nothing in this story. Therefore, why must I make up a name? It simply takes up space, and it would be much more practical to leave me out.

Chapter Three:

Roxeant's Name- In which Raven becomes suspicious. . . DUNDUNDUUUUN!

Happy's Name- Oh well. . . Maybe next time I can get Raven to be happier? Never lose hope!

Raven's Name- ::Points up:: Doesn't she make you want to crawl into a corner and die?

Chapter Four:

Roxeant's Name- Beast Boy asks for advice and gets nothing from it. :P

Raven's Name- Ha! You haven't humiliated me in this chapter! That's a first. . .

Beast Boy- Yeah, 'cause she was busy picking on me, Raven! X.x

Robin- . . . Am I that obvious about Starfire? Really?

Chapter Five:

Roxeant's Name- Hehehe. . . I can feel the tension building!

Raven- WHAT??? You made me seem like some shallow, perverted. . . okay, so I think he's cute. So what? It doesn't mean anything! Right? Right???

Beast Boy- Cute? Doesn't she mean hot? Well. . . I guess I'm not hot. Cute. . . urgh! Cute is like a punishment, dude! Not a compliment!

Chapter Six:

Roxeant's Name- MWUAHAHA! The torture continues!

Raven- I am alone, in a cage. . . and one of my emotions (in her black underwear) is stalking about the tower! Do I REALLY have to think up a name right now?

Beast Boy- Hehe. . . I like the next chapter. . . I'm not in this one, so I'm off the hook! Nyeh! Argh! You mean that I still have to think up a name? How about, 'Raven is officially screwed?' Does that work for you?

Lust's Name- Ah, my moment of glory! Pity I get squashed in the end. Of course, this means that I'll come back for revenge in the sequal!!! MWUAHAHAH!

Chapter Seven:

Roxeant's Name- In which I can take my kinkiness to the highest level! Or. . . er. . . the highest level that I can without making the fic R. Damn! Ah well, I'm clean. Not gonna look at bad fics. . . ::rocks in a corner:: No more porn for Roxy! NO MORE, I SAY! I'M CLEAN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Raven's Name- Alright. Come on. LOOK at that? No one can top that name. . . I'm not even going to try.

Beast Boy's Name- . . . Dude. . . YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Chapter Eight:

Roxeant's Name- This was probably the most fun chapter to write EVARAH!

Raven's Name- This has got to be the worst chapter that she's written yet! I mean, come on!

Beast Boy's Name- . . . Are we done? 'Cause I really should get around to rescuing Raven now. . .

Love's Name- It took all the self control I had not to laugh at you, Raven. . . But. . . . HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

Chapter Nine:

Roxeant's Name- . . . Okay, I lied. THIS was the funnest Chapter to write. WE LOVE YOU, RAGE! May we make T-shirts of you to sell and make billions of dollars off of? Pretty please? You need money to take over the world, you know. . .

Beast Boy's Name- . . . We have to waste time with stupid names? Come on! Raven's in danger.

Happy's Name- Oh, it's just like prince charming! Except he's got elf ears and green skin and fangs. Fangs are sexy, I guess. . .

Timid's Name- I was thinking. . . what if Prince Charming was afraid of heights? And didn't want to climb to the highest room of the tallest tower. . .

Rage's Name- . . . Can we get this over with so I can SMITE?

Chapter Ten:

Roxeant's Name- Heh. . . I love Rage. I'ma have to bring you back in the next fic!

Rage's Name- What??? There's a fugging sequel? Why was I not told? I'd better be paid overtime for this. . .

Happy's Name- Jooy to the wooooorld, joooy to the woooorld. . .

Timid's Name- Rage has taken over my name for the Chapter. She says, 'Happy, shut up! If you ever sing again, I will personally pound you into oblivion.' Thank you for your time.

Beast Boy's Name- . . . She loves me. . . DUDE! THIS ROCKS! NO CONFLICT WHATSOEVER! Well, except for the whole lust thing, but we can deal with that. . . I hope. . .

Chapter Eleven:

Roxeant's Name- . . . Ravenpleasedon'tkillme

Cyborg's Name- . . . No amount of therapy will ever make this moment okay.

Lust's Name- . . . Damn you, Love! I coulda screwed Cyborg or Robin, but noooo! You had to be all NOBLE! I hate being a twin.

Love's Name- . . . I'm not going to comment on that. . . Ew. Just ew.

Robin's Name- Notthinkingaboutitnotthinkingaboutitnothinkingaboutit. . .

Star's Name- I still do not understand why I am required to come up with a name for this chapter when there are already five others for the author's use! Oh well. . .

Chapter Twelve:

Roxeant's Name- xDDDD Lust is defeated!

Lust's Name- I could have given everything to you, Beast Boy! You ruined it! X.x Ah well, your loss! Timid will bother you for the rest of your sex life. THIS IS THE CURSE I LEAVE YOU WITH!

Love's Name- . . . Lust. . . it's time for your meds. O.O

Beast Boy's Name- She loooves meeee! She looooves meee! Cue the romantic music, DJ!!!

Raven's Name- I love you.

(What better name could there be?)

Chapter Thirteen:

Roxeant's Name- . . . Edit the French kissing scene. Too descriptive, not enough steam.

Raven's Name- I'd better be paid overtime for this chapter.

Beast Boy's Name- Come on, Raven, you know you want me. OW! Hey, what are you doing with that couch? Put it down!

Rage's Name- Oh, I'll be back! You haven't seen the last of me! MWUAHAHAHA!

Chapter Fourteen:

Roxeant's Name- Argh! I hated this chapter SO MUCH!!!!!! It just. . . didn't come out right! Ah well. I'll do better with Robin and Star next time. . .

Robin and Star's Name- WE'RE NOT COMPLAINING!

Raven's Name- That's because you get to snog. . . idiots.

Beast Boy's Name- Why do we even get names in this chapter? We're not in it! And, by the way, have you seen Cyborg? I have to kill him. RAVEN IS NOT EASY! Even though Lust is. . . argh, I'm confusing myself!


Chapter Fifteen:

Roxeant's Name- Fin

Other Character's Name- THANK THE LORD IT'S OVER!

Roxeant: You're forgetting the sequel.

All: ::Die::