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Two Roses

Chapter 1: Arrival of Rose

It was a pretty day in Station Square. The birds were chirping, and the sun was shining brightly. Amy Rose was all the day very exciting. Nobody knew exactly why, she hadn't told anybody. Until Cream took a shot and went to the Pink hedgehog.

"Miss Amy?"

"Yes, Cream?" Amy said very hasty.

"May I ask you something?" Cream asked her.

"Well, Okey, but do it quick. I have a lot of stuff to do."

"Well, we were all wondering, why you are so busy and excitend all day."

"Oh, Haven't I told you yet?" Amy asked in surprise.

"No, You didn't." Tails said, walking in the living room. He was also wondering why Amy acted like this.

"Well, my sister is going to visit me today!" Amy said happy.

"I didn't knew you had a sister Amy." Tails said.

"Me neither." Cream said also. Cheese just did the regulary 'Chao'.

"Well, her name is Samantha. And I haven't seen her since our parents divorced. But now, I finally get to see her!" Amy said, jumping around.

"That's great miss Amy!" Cream said happily.

"I know!" Amy said as she looked at the clock. "So late already!? I have to do the grocery's! See ya later!" Amy said and she rused out the door. Cream and Tails just looked at each other.

"I think she's just as fast as Sonic!" Tails said.

"Maybe faster..." Cream said as Cheese did her 'Chao' again.

--- Later---

Sonic was laying in the park. He just woke up from his sleep.

"Time to eat!" Sonic exclaimed as he stood up. Then, he began running towards the house. But maybe he was running a little too fast. 'Cause before he knew it, he bumped into someone. The person felt over, and so did he. Sonic rubbed his back, until he heard a female voice.

"Ow.. That hurts..." The person was Amy!

"Oh, I'm so sorry Amy! Didn't saw where I was going!" Sonic said as he stood up. He saw that all her grocery were on the ground.

"Sonic! That's okay... I also didn't look were I was going." Amy said, picking up all her grocery's. Sonic helped her. Amy saw that.

"That's really kind of you Sonic. Thanks..." Amy said as she blushed alittle.

"Hey, no problem. Why so much grocery's? Are you gonna make a big meal for us?"

Amy giggled. "Well, sort off... My sister is going to visit me today."

"Oh, I didn't knew you had a sister!" Sonic said surprised.

"Yeah, well, her name is Samantha. I haven't saw her since our parents divorced."

"So that's why you were so busy today!" Sonic said laughing.

"Yeah, I want everything perfect when she gets here." Amy said, standing up, carrying the grocery's again.

Sonic also stood up. "Yeah, I understand." He saw that Amy was having difficulty with the grocery's. "Here, let me help." Sonic said as he grabbed the grocery's from her.

"Thank you Sonic. That's very kind..." Amy said, blushing again. 'Don't blush Amy... Don't blush.. Or Sonic might see it!' Amy said to herself.

Sonic and Amy arrived at the house. They saw Tails working in de garage at the X Tornado. Cream saw them coming and opened the door.

"Hello Mr. Sonic! Hello MissAmy! Wow! Those are a lot of grocery's!" Cream said as she looked at the two.

"Chao!" Cheese said next to Cream.

"Yeah, well... Let's get this first inside." Amy said as she and Sonic went inside. They put the bags on the table in the kitchen.

Well, I should start cooking! Samantha could be here in a few hours!" Amy said. She looked at Sonic. "And thanks for the help." Sonic puts his thumb up.

"No problem, Ames. Glad I could help!" Sonic said as he rushed outside again.

"May I help with the cooking, Miss Amy?" Cream asked Amy.

Amy smiled. "Ofcourse you can. I can use all the help I can get. Also from you, Cheese." The little Chao went next to Amy.

"Chao!" She said happily.

---A few hours later---

Sonic and Tails went inside. They could smell the food.

"Mhhh... That smell good!" Tails said.

"You bet! Let's see what they made." Sonic said as they went into the kitchen.

"Wow!" Sonic said as he saw all the delicious food standing on the table. Tails also looked surprised as he saw the food. Sonic started drooling.

"Stop drooling.... It's not dinner time already..." Sonic heard a voice from behind him. He turned around.

"Knuckles!" Sonic said.

"Hey, don't forget about me!" Another voice said.

"Rouge!" This time, Tails said it.

"What are you doing here?" Sonic asked the two.

"We were just stopping by... We didn't knew whe would be welcomed like this." Knuckels said, smirking. Then, someone slapped him.

"You knuckelhead! That's not for us! That's for Amy's sister!" Rouge said

"You knew Rouge?" Sonic asked her.

"Ofcourse I knew. Amy told it."

"Well, you can stay for dinner. I have plenty of food." Amy said.

"I don't say no to that!" Knuckles said.

"Me neither!" Rouge said also.

"Amy, what time does you siter comes?" Tails asked Amy.

Amy looked at the clock. "Any minutes now..." Amy started a get a little nervous. 'What if I don't recognize her? What if she doesn't recognize me? What if we don't get along with each other? What if-' Amy thought, but her thoughts were cut of by a hand wich came on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, you'll do fine..." Came a voice whispering in her ears. She knew that voice all to well. It was Sonics! His voice always made her shiver. And especially know when he whispered to her.

"Thanks..." Amy whispered back. Alittle shaky. Then, the doorbell rang, and everyone looked up. Amy went to the front door. She sighed one more time before opening the door. Then, everyone heard a female voice.

"Amy? Is that you?"


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