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Chapter 18: This is what is best


Shadow nodded, a soft smile across his face.

"I... I can't believe it... I saw you disappear... right in front of me..." Now the tears where running freely down her face.

Shadow walked over to her. "You shouldn't cry... everything is alright..." He stroked her quills softly.

"Shadow... " Amy lunged herself at Shadow, giving him the biggest hug she ever gave anyone.

"I really thought I wouldn't see you anymore! I'm so glad your alive! I really thought... I really thought that..." Amy stopped as she only hugged him tighter.

Shadow still had a soft smile on his face.

"I couldn't leave you..."

Amy smiled in is fur. "I know... I love you Shadow." After Amy said this, she felt Shadow tens up. Amy felt something was not right. She looked up at Shadow.

"Shadow? What's wrong?"

Shadow looked down at her, with a sad face. "Amy... You can't..."

Amy looked at him confused. "What? What are you talking about?"

"You can't love me..."

"B-but I do Shadow, I do love you! How can you say I don't?"

"You love someone else. You love me as a brother. And I love you as a sister. My little sister."

Amy shook her head and stepped back. "B-but that kiss... these feelings that I have... are they fake?"

Shadow knew exactly what she was feeling. Just like his memories... "No, they are not fake. They are a different love."

Tears started to appear in Amy's eyes. "But I love you... I want to be with you..."

Shadow reached Amy and pulled her in a gentle hug. "You know deep in your heart that you want to be with someone else. And we couldn't be together... I have too many things that I have to figure out. Something I have to do alone."

Amy sniffed as she looked up again. "Are you leaving again?"

Shadow nodded. "Yes, I have to figure things out, I'm going on a journey to find my answers."

Amy hugged him again. "I understand." She said, but feeling great pain in her heart.

Shadow smiled down at her. "Amy, I only want you to be happy. I care to much about you. You deserve someone who loves you for a very long time now."

Amy looked at him confused. "Who are you talking about? Someone who loves me for a very long time...?"

Shadow chuckled a bit. "Why don't you ask him?" Shadow said as he looked behind him, across the pond. Amy followed his gaze. There sat a blue hedgehog with his knees close to him looking sadly at the water.

Amy gasped at what she saw. "S-sonic? Why is he..." She didn't even noticed him sitting there.

"You would know better then anyone, Amy." Shadow said as he turned to look at her again.

Amy shook her head at what she began to believe. "He's... No... Why is he so sad? This isn't like him..."

"Why don't you go ask him?" Shadow said. Amy walked past Shadow, just to get a closer look at Sonic. It seemed that he didn't noticed them also.

"But Shadow! What am I..." Amy turned around, but Shadow was gone. Amy looked around. "Shadow?" He was nowhere to be found.

Amy sighed. "Thanks a lot, big bro." She said in a sarcastic voice. Amy sighed again, and decided to walk over to Sonic.

: Sonic's POV :

Amy... Why didn't I realised it sooner? Now... you're with Shadow... And there's nothing I can do. Maybe, he deserves you more then I do. All those years, I've been so mean to you.

I chuckle a bit, although my face stays sad. I just can't believe myself. How stupid I've been. I also watched Amy suffering while saving Shadow. Although I was hurt, I still could have done something. But I couldn't... Amy please forgive me. I just want to see you one more time alone, before you're off with Shadow.

I close my eyes as one teardrop came down in the pond, making circles in it.

"Sonic?" I know that voice... But that can't be, my mind must be playing tricks with me. I slowly turn my head to where the voice came from. I couldn't believe who was there...


: End Sonic's POV :

"Sonic... I.." Amy began to say, before Sonic stood up and hugged her. Amy was shocked at this. Sonic? Hugging her? Now that she can remember, this is the second time he hugged her. She hugged him back.

"Amy, I'm so glad you're ok. You had me worried." Sonic spoke soft. Amy was more shocked then she already was. What happened to her Sonic? The one who was never worrying?

"I'm also glad that you are ok. You where quite beat up." Amy said as they pulled apart.

"Well, what can I say? I heal very quick and don't stay long at one place." Sonic said as he gave her his grin. Now that was her Sonic.

Then, Sonic's face turned serious. "Ames... Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure." Amy said as Sonic grabbed her and as they sat near the pond.

"Ames, when you became hurt in the battle, I thought I would lose you. I never felt anything like this. This... desperate feeling. I thought I would never see you again."

Amy looked at him. She would never expect Sonic to say this.

"I also thought I would never see you again. And Shadow... He..." But after she said Shadow, she heard Sonic sigh.

"Ames, that's also something I wanna talk to you about. About you and Shadow."

"Me and Shadow?"

"I...know you love him... And he loves you. Your his now. And... I just wanna say... I'm.. Happy for the both of you." Sonic stood up quickly, his back faced Amy. "And I wish the best for you two." She could hear his voice shake. He was starting to run off. But something stopped him, something hugged him from behind.

"Please, don't go... I don't want you to go." Amy soft voice pleaded.


Amy hugged him tighter with her eyes closed. "Sonic, please let me explain... About me and Shadow."

Sonic turned around, looking into Amy's eyes. "But you don't have to. I already know, you love him and he loves you."

"It's true that I love him..." She stopped for a second and saw that sadness filled Sonic's eyes. She continued, "But I now realise that I love him as a brother. Nothing more."

"As a... brother...?" Sonic asked confused.

Amy nodded, with a smile on her face. "Yes, he told me he loved me too, but as a little sister. He told me there was someone else who I love and he loves me."

"And... who is that? Is it someone I know?" Sonic asked.

Amy giggled softly. 'He's so dense.' "You know him very well, Sonic."

"Then who is it?"

"It's..." Suddenly Amy stopped. If she told him what she wanna tell him, the past will reapeat itself. Amy after Sonic, Sonic just running away. Ignoring her, hurt her. She couldn't take that for the second time.

"I-it's you... I love you..." Something deep inside her told her that she had to say it. Even if she didn't wanted it. "But that doesn't matter, because you are just gonna run away from me again..." Amy said, her voice shaking and a tear rolled down her cheek. A hand wiped it gently away with it's thumb.

"Who says I'm gonna run away? Why would you say that?" Sonic asked gently.

"Because it's just like when I chased you... and you ran away and you hurted me..."

Sonic looked at her with guild in his eyes. "I'm so sorry about that Ames, I promise I wont ever hurt you again." He grabbed her hand. "Actually, I have a confession to make."

"What's that?"

"Amy... when you got hurt, I felt nothing but pain in my heart. I watched you suffer. And when you dissapeared with that light, I thought I would never see you again. And I saw you and Shadow... kiss in that light... So I thought I lost you forever. I realised it too late."

"Wait... what did you realised too late?"

"Amy, I've been a fool. I closed off my eyes too long too see the truth. Amy... I should have said this a long time ago... I love you... Amy Rose." This big news made Amy gasp.

"Y-you love me? Y-You really love me?" Amy found this hard to believe. After all these years. "I... I just can't believe it..."

"Maybe this will make you believe it..." Sonic said smiling as he cupped her head with his hands and brought her face closer to his. Amy closed her eyes and Sonic did the same. Before their lips touched, Sonic whispered the three words; "I love you..." And they were connected. Amy felt like she could faint. This was the thing she dreamt about every night. She kissed him deeper, so that she was sure she wasn't dreaming. Sonic smirked as this, as he pulled her closer to his body so that his hands were on her hips. Her hands were in his quills, playing a bit with them.

They pulled away, because of they were out of breath. They touched each other forehead breathing softly.

"Amy, I love you and I want to be with you. And I was hoping that you want to be with me."

"Sonikku..." Amy said as tears well up in her eyes. "Of course I want to be with you! More then everything else!" Amy said as she gave him a big hug. Sonic held her with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. But they didn't knew that someone was watching them from behind.

"You better take good care of her, Faker. Or I come after you..." Shadow said as he watched the two hedgehogs. He smiled. "Thank you Amy. You showed me love and care. One day I'll come back, my little sister." That were his last words as he chaos controlled himself out of the park, going to a new location.

Sonic and Amy pulled away from the hug as they kissed each other again, under the full moon.

The End!


"You sure you don't wanna stay with us, Sam? We have plenty of room."Amy said, as she and her husband Sonic stood at the door, waving off Sam. Amy was trying to let Sam stay for a little longer.

"No, thanks Ames. Besides, you are gonna be full in a couple of months." She said as she pointed at Amy's belly.

Sonic puts his hand on her stomach. "You got that right. We're gonna have our hands full with these two new hogs in the house." Sonic said, as he grinned. He and Amy are expecting twins in a couple months, and Sonic was excited as ever.

Sam laughed. "Ofcourse, I understand. I'm going around the world, and trying to help people whenever I can." The world didn't had to be afraid of Eggman anymore. He was in jail for the rest of his life on Prison Island.

"I'm gonna miss you Sam." Amy said as she gave Sam a hug.

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss you too, Ames." Sam said as she let Amy go and looked at Sonic. "And of course, I'm gonna miss you too." She walked over to Sonic and gave him a hug, which he gave back.

"Take care, and come visit us sometimes."

"Of course! When the twins are born, I'm gonna visit as soon as possible. And if I find Shadow, maybe he'll come with me."

Amy smiled. "That would be great." They hadn't seen Shadow anymore since that day in the park. Amy was worried about him, but she knew he was alright.

There was an impatient honking sound which was Sam's cue. "I gotta go guys, or else I'll miss my plane."

"Call me, ok?" Amy said before sam stepped into the car.

"Of course! Bye Ames! Bye Sonic. Talk to you soon!"

"Bye Sam!" Sonic and Amy said as the cab drove away, with a last wave of Sam.

"Let's go inside Ames, it's kinda chilly out here." Sonic said as he put his arm around her shoulder.

Amy nodded. "Yes. I love you, Sonic."

"I love you too, Amy"

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