AN: Well, the title pretty much says it all. Yes, this is the epilogue, the little conclusion of this story. I honestly had a lot of fun writing it, no matter what anyone thinks of it. shrug I like it anyway. Thanks to all of you who have ever reviewed and who have stayed with me through all my writer's block and procrastination. I really appreciate it. Thanks guys. tear Anywho, again, IDEAS FOR THE SEQUEL! HELP ME! OR ELSE THERE PROBABLY WON'T BE ONE 'CAUSE I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING! ACK! Okay, enough capital letters. Please send in ideas via reviews. Thanks again.

The moon hung full in the sky like a shining jewel, bathing the Vatican in it's pearly light. Inside, all was quiet and all were deep asleep. Except for one figure who stirred deep in the bowels of the building.

She donned a heavy black cloak, carefully collected her precious burden and travel bag, and stole silently out of the room. Making her way cautiously through the darkened corridors, she stopped several times, frightened by false alarms.

The girl was tense. Much depended upon making a clean getaway. Finally, she was standing on the edge of the courtyard. Hugging the shadows, she made her way over to the stables and selected a black horse. Securing her bags on its sides, she double-checked the sling she wore about her chest and the three sleeping persons it contained.

She had to save them, no matter what the price. Obviously the Vatican was a safe haven no longer.

Mounting, she walked the horse back across the moonlit courtyard, wincing each time its iron-shod hooves struck the stones. But her worries were all for naught as she wound her way through the streets of Rome.

At the edge of the city, she stopped, looking at the countryside spread out before her. Satisfied that she had not been followed, she spurred her horse into a canter and fled.

Sparing a glance at her sleeping children, she whispered, "I shall never let Them or Him find you, I promise you."

And so she was going the one direction she knew no one would expect her to go, back to the one place they would be least likely to look.

She was going back east.