Blinding Light, Save Me From Thy Lovely Darkness

Chapter 1: Raven's Fears

By: DeathIsOnlyTheBeginin


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Raven sighed and let her hovering body replace its feet on her bedroom floor. It was no use, no matter what she tried, her powers were still slipping from her control. She could feel them rage through her body, initiating every nerve in her alien being with the lust for magic.

It was like this every hour of every day now, not one minuet passed that Raven's senses were at rest. She could feel each of the famous five increase in accuracy and sharpness every second that they were in use. She could now hear conversations that were taking place in the very bottom of the Titan Tower, and see things in the heart of the darkest night as though it were day.

'What am I going to do?'

Raven sighed, her inside voice reflecting the way she always felt, cold, calm, and unemotional. Walking to her bed, she pondered the past few days activities blandly, none of them inflicting any major amount of interest in her soul. She and her fellow teen super heroes had beaten Slade. The battle had been fierce, but winnable, even when most of the gang had given up hope. They had fought to the bitter end, each looking out for the others, each taking pain for them as well. And they had won that way, they had beaten their enemy with out a second glance at the right of killing...

Flash Back

Raven glanced up as another flash of lightening illuminated the sky, along with her fellow Titans. Rain traced through her already soaked hair, glazing every violet strand with a glistening wetness. She glanced down at her body, every piece of clothing she wore, drenched thoroughly. She scowled at the damage before lifting her hood over her head. All of her face was instantly devoured by what she believed to be the most glorious color in all the galaxies; black. Looking rather bored, she glanced around at her light illuminated, woodsy surroundings.
When the brightness had faded, a loud crack ran through the air, causing a moment of deafness to consume her eardrums. She looked down, knowing her eyes wouldn't be taken over quite so easily.

She watched as a bright green ball devoured Starfire's hands, the alien girl sending the power flying off soon after. The jade light blazed cut through the air quickly, only to connect with Slade's chest seconds later.

Raven watched as the man hurled backward, his back connecting with a tree, a sick crack echoing through the night. She flew down by her female companion, her own dark powers sparking off her finger tips.


At the sound of her name, the hooded figure glanced to her left, only to see Robin running at their target for attack.

"Raven! Pull him from the tree!"

Raven just blinked, her pale face blank and cold. Almost as an unconscious movement, her arms raised over her head, and her lips began muttering her famous incantation, "Azorath Metrion Zinthose!"

Instantly, Slade was surrounded by a black light, his armored body ripping away from the tree. Effortlessly, Raven held him up, his feet hovering above the ground.

A moment later, Robin's foot connected with their enemy's head. Another loud crack coursed through the groups ears as the mask Slade wore, cracked.

Raven held her gaze on their opponent lazily, loud thundering footsteps echoing from behind her.


Her thoughts were proved correct as the robot boy jumped over her head, a shot of electric, blue power speeding from his arm and into Slade's form.

The almost beaten tyrant connected with the tree once again, this time breaking fully through. The Titans scattered, the tree beginning to tip in their direction. They weren't gone a total of three seconds before each was standing before Slade, a look of shear hatred radiating off of Robin's face.

Beast Boy held a look of curiosity as they all stood there, his head cocked to the side, before parting the lips of his that always brought Raven annoyance.

"Is he dead?"

Robin arched an eyebrow, causing one side of his mask to grow bigger than the other.
"I don't think so BB." The boy wonder replied, his body sculpted into his ready righting stance. Raven simply nodded and stared down at the crippled man, not fully grasping that he was the one they had once thought to be a great threat. Suddenly, a blinding red light consumed the whole group, a high-pitched scream echoing through each's ears.

"STAR!" Raven heard Robin yell before another scream pierced their thoughts, quickly followed by another, "Beast Boy! Cyborg!"

Raven thought quickly before jumping into the air, her body escaping the red brightness.

'Where are they..?' She glanced around her, her violet eyes taking in all of her surroundings, each orb desperately searching for her comrades. She shook her head slightly, finally remembering that her leader was still trapped inside the red dome. Closing her eyes, Raven summoned Robins body up by hers and, not to any great surprise, succeeded.

"Can you see them?" Robin asked, his voice heavily tainted with worry. Raven just shook her head and glanced around again.

"No." she replied, her voice unemotional as ever. Robin angrily rounded on her, his bright white eyes narrowed.

"CANT YOU AT LEAST TRY TO SHOW A LITTLE CONCERN?!" He hollered loudly, a lone finger pointed in her direction.

Raven stared back at him, her face blank but her mind swimming.

That simple sentence coursed through her mind over and over again as she stared at the boy in front of her. Her mouth stayed closed, her eyes keeping to an unemotional stare, her features tangled in the bland look that she always wore.

"No." she replied before flying down and re-entering the red dome below her. Robin watched her go, his features softening. Realization hit him, and he instantly remembered why Raven could not show emotion.

"Sorry Rae," he whispered, his body still in the air. Sighing, Robin stared down at the red swirling bowl below him, worry drowning his thoughts.

With wide eyes, he watched as the red dome quickly formed into a white line, a loud bomb like noise washing over his body. A blinding rage of white light raced around the grounds, illuminating everything. Suddenly, he felt the power Raven had used on him disappear, and he fell. With a grunt, he forced himself to flip, landing on his feet only moments later.

Raven glared down at the man she held below herself, her eyes a deep red. He was smirking, and probably using all the energy he had left to do it too. Furry burned in the depths of her crimson eyes, a low growling noise ripping from her throat.

Slade chuckled slightly before an intense pain washed over him and his voice faltered. Raven's glare became more fierce as black power raged through her nerves, each round carrying the danger to a greater level.

With a red haze tinging her vision, she watched as Slade's eyes grew wide with fear, her hands placing themselves on his chest. A moment later, the enraged power shot from her fingers and into the flesh of his body.

Raven continued to hold her glare as his figure writhed violently beneath her fingers. A retched scream fled his mouth and filled her ears. The putrid noise caused her to loose total control, her eyes turning black and her vison fading completely. Soon, she was screaming with him, the power that was escaping her growing extremely painful.

Robin helped Cyborg up, who only muttered a quick thank you before running over to help Beast Boy. Sighing with relief, the boy wonder grabbed Starfire around her waist before pulling her from the ground.

"Can you stand?" He asked softly, his masked eyes focusing on her own green ones.

"I think so, thank you Robin." Starfire smiled and tugged away only to loose her balance and begin to fall. In an instant, she was back in Robin's arms. He smirked and brought her back up to face him. Star felt a small blush tinge her cheeks before she came to her senses and allowed herself to leave his grasp, her back quickly leaning against a tree behind her. Robin smiled and shook his head before a riveting scream pierced his eardrums, causing his eyes to widen in panic.

Soon after, everything around him faded to black. Robin turned away from the spot that he just seen Starfire in and faced what was behind him. What he saw made every nerve in his body cringe.

There was Raven, her small form pinning Slade down, one knee biting into his side, the other propped up by her chest, its foot doing the holding. And she was glowing with a fierce ebony, green tracing the power to help give it an electric edge.

Suddenly, Robin felt as thought he was spinning and closed his eyes. When he opened the masked orbs, he was right in front of her, his feet not a foot from the place his eyes were fixed on, Slade's head.

The vile man's screams tinted his ears, but Raven's own cries dominated the others, causing the leader's eyes to tare from Slade's masked face.

Robin stared at the Goth girl before him, his white pools wide with concern, not to mention fear. Raven's orbs were as wide as his, both red with black tears pouring over their rims. The boy wonder swallowed heavily, his own glowing eyes sinking into Raven's red ones. It was then that he noticed the emotions dancing within the smokey, crimson pools.

There, hidden in the depths of bland color, lied pain, anger and fear. The very thought of Raven feeling fear caused Robin's throat to tightened with some of his own.


Her name continuously rounded in his mind as her body began to shake violently, her eyes squeezing shut from the pain. Robin's eyes grew wider, fear seizing his entire body.

"Raven!" He called out loudly, the glow around her began to cease.

Soon, everything was visible again and all of the Teen Titans were standing around Raven..not to mention what were now the remains of Slade. Each member was shaken, but none so much as Robin.

Suddenly, Raven's face jolted upward, her nose pointing to the sky, the blue hood that covered her violet hair falling back and exposing her face. The wind ruffled her now sweat and rain soaked locks, the strands dangling down behind her neck.

The whole team watched as her eyes opened, both a blood red, black liquid toying around their rims. The group stood in silence, their eyes not leaving her figure, and watched as Raven's normally strait mouth opened in a silent cry.

A moment later, her eyes seemed to become extremely heavy, for they closed from exhaustion and her body toppled over, landing with a soft thud on the spongy soil below...

Back to Present

Raven sighed loudly, remembering how she had woken up in her room, her whole body sore. It was then that she realized her powers were slipping from her grasp, along with the fact that someone had gone into her room to put her there. Who that person was, she still didn't know, and frankly, she didn't care.

Raven smirked, knowing that if that thought ever got out she'd never hear the end of it. Sighing, she let her body lay back on her bed, her silky violet hair soon covering the pillow beneath her head. With a small yawn, her eyes closed, each lid giving into the simple action of sleep.