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Notes: Written as a Theatrical Muse introduction.

"The Sword of the Dark Lord" by Christine Anderson aka Lilly Malfoy

This world- my world- has forgotten so much in the years I have been gone. Once no one would have had to ask my name; once no one would have dared. To look at me was to know who, and what, I was.

I carry the name, I bear the marks. I am a Black, eldest daughter of the House of Black, ancient, pure, respected. Noble.

I am Bellatrix Black Lestrange, heiress to the power, the nobility, of the Blacks. Their blood is my blood. This world does not remember it, but I am royal.

Yes, I am still, despite everything. Despite how far the name has fallen- how far it has fallen for the alleged crimes of one who should never have carried the name at all.

And I am more.

I am a Death Eater; I am honored to serve at the hand of Lord Voldemort, am honored to be his sword.

Others would lie- others have lied- about what they are. Have hidden the Marks, hidden from the signs and the memories. Not I.

I would die before renouncing the Dark Lord, and the fools were never strong enough to kill me. They chained me because I allowed them to, and even they must have known that their chains would not hold me forever.

I kept faith when others did not. I never doubted, not even in the dark hell of Azkaban, that my Lord would come for me one day. I never doubted his word that he would return.

Again I stand at my Lord's side, again I am honored to serve.

I swore loyalty to the Dark Lord, and I have kept my word. When others have forsaken their oaths, I have kept mine. As I will continue to keep them.