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Notes: Written for the Theatrical Muse "life as a movie" challenge.

"The Silver Screen" by Christine Anderson aka Lilly Malfoy

Early in my years at Hogwarts, I acquired a strange sort of admirer- a girl who desired to be my friend, desired this it seems more than anything else in the world. She was not pretty or rich, not a pureblood witch or even a similarly minded Slytherin of mixed blood. She was a Muggle-born Ravenclaw, one of those intelligent girls who have no idea of how the world works once their books are closed.

If she had bothered me a little less, I might have felt sorry for her.

She would stare at me in the classes we shared, and pass notes to me if she thought the teacher wasn't watching. Once in a while she even got together the courage to approach me on breaks, when I sat in the courtyard with my friends, or walked alone on the grounds.

She never knew me- never had any chance of knowing me- but she would ask the strangest questions, as if determined to find out everything about me.

Sometimes I humored her.

One day, after Potions- Tobias Nott had come so close to poisoning us all with his badly brewed concoction that even Professor Vance, head of Slytherin, couldn't pretend he hadn't noticed, and we had all been anxious to gain the hallway, where we could listen to Vance telling off Nott without being in danger of asphyxiation -my Ravenclaw shadow approached.


We'd had a long discussion, she and I, on the subject of my name. I was Bella to my friends, and as she wanted to be among them this is what she wished to call me. But only to my friends am I Bella, and then only upon occasion.

I paid her no attention at first. Nott more than deserved what he was getting, and I wanted to hear every drop of fury in Professor Vance's voice as he raged at him-

"Bella," she dared.

Of course the others noticed her then. Emily Moody glanced up sharply, and beside her I heard Severus Snape mutter something rather unkind.

"Did you hear something?" I asked my friends. This question was, of course, necessary.

"You are evil, Bella," Emily said with a smile.

I shrugged. "I am a Slytherin, darling. We have standards." Sighed as I looked to the Ravenclaw. "What do you want?"

"I was just wondering-"

"Yes, yes..." I motioned for her to hurry up.

"If your life were a movie..."

"A what?" Snape asked sharply.

Emily waved her hand airily. "It's some kind of Muggle thing, I think."

"My life," I said, "would not be a 'movie'."

"But if it were-"

"It would not be," I said again.

"-what kind would it be?" she went on as if I hadn't spoken at all. Oh, she was daring today, my Ravenclaw shadow. I almost wondered what had come over her, before realizing that I did not care.

I sighed. "Isn't there some professor you should be kissing up to right now?"

She could have taken my hints and walked away. She should have. Instead she asked, "Who would play you?"

"Play?" I asked, incredulous. "Play?"

Everyone in the hall was staring at us now, the ongoing classroom drama forgotten, and I felt my temper snap.

"Listen to me, and listen well- I am a Black, do you understand? No, don't answer- do not answer. I am not now, nor will I ever be, the subject of your obscure Muggle delusions. And I will never be played by anyone. Ever."

We left her then, shocked into silence.