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"Lost And Found" by Christine Anderson aka Lilly Malfoy

They might say that the freedom she lost when she went to Azkaban for Voldemort is the loss that she regrets the most, but she was honored to face the dark of Azkaban for her Lord; she went willingly into that place rather than give voice to a lie, rather than say she had not been dedicated, that she had not been true...

They say that she lost her beauty in Azkaban, but in truth she finds it only to have been misplaced. A few weeks' worth of decent meals, clear air on ice cold nights when the Death Eaters dance, and the embrace of her magic, the feel of it free and flowing from her hands- these things have brought it back. In fact she is more beautiful now than she has ever been, her beauty tempered by what she has faced and stood strong through.

They say that she lost her sanity in Azkaban, too, but if that's true she hasn't noticed. She does not feel mad, only fearless, invincible. She feels she can do anything now; before there might have been limits, but now there are none. If this is insanity, she will take it, and gladly.

They say she lost the man she loved in Azkaban, and this much at least is almost true. The dementors broke Rodolphus Lestrange, but they did not break Bellatrix Black, they only made her stronger. And she feels as much contempt now for Rodolphus as she once did love; that he was weak enough to be broken by them, twisted and turned until he was only a shadow of the brilliant, powerful man she had married...

But she does not mourn this loss, she rages at it. Someone, someday, is going to pay for Rodolphus's breaking. He may not have been as strong, as worthy, as she, but he was strong and proud and hers, and if there is one thing they should have learned by now, it is this- What is hers, is hers, forever and always, and it cannot be touched without consequence.

One day, the world is going to pay for this. For daring to break what is hers.

She cannot have him back as he was, but she can have her revenge, and for Bellatrix, that is almost as good.