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"Prince?" The look on his face told me everything.

"Guess Ah should bow, riaght?" Ah said. My accent was getting thicker. I was mad.

"No you don't. You're my friend." He said.

"Friend? FRIEND! Friends don't lie to each ather. I know were not that close, since the only thing we really have in common is Raven-" ah said breaking off as realization hit me.

"She doesn't know, does she?"

"I'm gonna tell her on-" ah didn't hear the rest. ah had to tell Rae. So I ran off.

Guess Where she's going.



She didn't pay attention to how many carts she knocked down, or how many people angrily yelled at her. They just didn't matter.

Any other time she'd yell sorry,or help them pick their stuff up, but not today. She had somethingway more important to do.She had to tell Raven she was dating a lying-no-good-rotten-dirty-idiotic-Pompous-ignorant-agrogant-digusting-lier. All the anger she had for him just made her run faster.

Much to both our Princes chargrin. I mean they already had a hard time keeping up with her, and now they had to step it up because she had a burst of energy. Not only that but Robin was mad at Remy for telling her, he was also mad at himself forgetting
that he was coming in the first place. Throwing a this-is-all-your-fault-glare at the cocky man next to him, Robin kept running. Hopeing she doesn't to Raven before they get to her(Rogue).

Remy, on the other hand, couldn't believe his luck. Not only did he meet a beautiful girl, he managed to piss off Robin. Sure it could do without the running, and without him chasing the belle femme(beautiful girl), but he could deal. He saw the glare Robin sent him and the smirk on his face grew into a full beautiful smile(Sigh).Oh Yeah, he'll deal.

Rogue finally slowed to a stop at the wall that housed the 'Secret Entrance'. Panting she stops to rest, thinking that she lost them a while ago. Putting her forearm to the wall and resting her head there she has time to think. Then she started feeling embrassed.
'Ah can't believe Ah almost kissed a perfect strangah(stranger)! He must think Ah'm some kind of slut. GAWD! Ah can hear him now. Hey shes easy. Lets see if Ah can nail her like a board. SIGH! What on this side of the Earth cold possibly make me want to kiss him aftah JUST findin out his name!

'His lips'

AH've seen nicer.

'His smile'

Ah've seen whiter

'His Face'

Ah've seen better

'His Accent'

Ah've heard nicer

'His eyes'

AH've... Yeah. It has to be his beautiful eyes. Maybe I was hallucinatin or somethin but I think they turned red right before I said my name. Must be me.

Our beautiful Runner was SOOOO focused on her thoughts she hear the heavy panting(Robin). Or the crunching of sticks(Robin).
She did however feel their presence right before the person tried to grab her(Robin and his lame attempts of trying to sneak up on people). So Before they touched her she kicked them in the shins grabbed their left arm and twisted it behind their back and pushed them against the wall.

"Robin?" She asked a little surprised.

"Ow." Was the answer that greeted her.

"AH'm sorry Ah-" she said letting him go then she remembered why she was hear and started to head to the door when a certain Cajun blocked her. Then she felt an arm around her waist and started to scream.

" LET MEH- mmmphhhmmm" she cried but it was useless. She was caught. With one hand on her mouth and the other around her arms keeping them at her side. After about 5 minutes she finally stopped struggling.

"Ok."Robin said," I'm going to take my hand off your mouth. But you have to promise not the scream ok?" Rogue glared at him and nodded. He removed his hand off her mouth. He relaxed after about 5 seconds and then he heard it.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-" Thankfully Remy grabbed her and did the same thing Robin did, only he REALLY enjoyed it.

" Its not nice to lie chere." He whispered in her ear. She bit him and stepped away from him as he used his other hand to cradle his bitten one.

"If you wanted to bite Remy all you had to do was ask." He said with a cocky smirk on his lips.

"I'll remember that the next time you try to hold me like that again! Its not like you woulda heard me anyway." She said angrily!And as an afterthought she added "I'm NOT your Chere!"

Then she opened her mouth to scream yet again. but Robin, recovering from her earlier attack, put a hand to her mouth again, positioning it so that she couldn't bite it. 'Why is she being so difficult!' he thought,'If she'd JUST listen.'

"Now, since its obvious your not going to listen to me about the screaming thing, will you please just listen to what I have to say?"

Elbowing him in the gut may not have been the nicest thing in the world but it sure was fun for Rogue.

"Why should Ah listen ta anythin ya say? How do ah know its not gonna be a lie comin out of that horrible mouth of yours, your HIGHNESS! How in the world could you lie to me and RAVEN like that? We Trusted you. We don't do that easily, especially me. But NOOOOOOO, Raven was all like 'I think we can TRUST him'. HA. Look what trusting has done for us. Especially her. She went and fell for the PRINCE of Jump City! Wait till I tell her this!"

"Thats the thing, you can't. You cant tell her any of it."



'Sigh' Now who in the world is that yelling? I'm trying to go to sleep and now I can't because of Roge's screaming and yelling-'


How I knew it was Rogue, I don't know, somthing jsut told me it was her. I when your best friends for so long you just know these things.

I ran out of the 'Secret Entrance' and Then heard Rogue yelling at someone. I hid behind a bush because I wanted to know what was going on wiitout interfering. I saw a handsome guy with Beautiful brown eyes, auburn colored hair and a Tall lean frame. He was looking a Rogue. I looked at Rogue and saw her yelling at Robin.

"-Jump city! Wait till I tell her this!" I heard Rogue yell.

"Thats the thing, you can't. You can't tell her any of it."

'Tell who what?Man I'm soo confused. Are they talking about me?'

"What do you mean I can't tell her any of it. She deserves to know!"

"And don't you think I should be the one to tell her?"

"Fine. Tell her now. Shes right down there."

"I've already decided when I'm gonna tell her."

"I don't care. Ah said tell her NOW! She deserves to know before you decide to take things to the next level."

"You asked her out, didn't you?"

" You did! I can't believe this, you asked her out without telling her WHO YOU REALLY are! And you expect me to keep quiet about this? Whats your problem?"

"I was going to tell her on our date."

They ARE talking about me. Tell me what? What in the name of Sams Hill is going on.

"You should of told her BEFORE you ASKED HER OUT you IDIOT. Now shes not going to even consider it because you kept it from her.!"

Kept WHAT from me? What in the world are they talking about?

"Well its too late NOW so are you gonna let me tell her or not?" asked a aggravated Robin.

"YES, obvioulsy. She IS my best friend and the closest thing I have to a sister. So of course I'm gonna tell her."

"Rogue, I know you hate me right now and I hae no right to ask this-"

"Then why are asking it then?"

"-But", He said ignoring her remark,"I really need to tell Rogue myself."

"How important is this to you?"

"REALLY important." He said looking her in the eyes.

"OK. YOu have 24 hours to tell her. If you don't do it at this date of yours, I will. Got it?

"YeaH, I do." He said smiling.


What in the world do they have to tell me? What is Robin keeping from me? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he Engaged? Is he MARRIED? What is going on?

"Sigh. Raven is gonna kill me when she finds out I kept something from her. Ah gotta cook dinner. Are ya'll staying?"

"Why does the belle femme(beautiful girl) ask? Does she want Remy to stay?"

"What Ah WANT is to find out how many people Ah gotta cook for SwampRat!" She said trying not to blush.

"Yes hes staying for dinner, unless he has other engagements?" Robin asked Remy.

"Actually..." Hes said trying to remember. There was this one girl he was supposed to met...Kitty, or Kit Kat? Something like that. She was your regular blue-eyed, spoiled, easy, Blonde. I think she has a twin?

"Well..."rogue said impatiently and also eagarly because even though this guy REALLY gets under her skin, she kinda likes him.

"Non, Remy don't. Hes yours for the night." He said throwing a wink towards Rogue. She turned around and started walking towards the door, in MY direction. I didn't have time to move and the next thing I know She trips over me.

"Ouch! Who in the world are you and why are you spying on us? She asked. I guess she didn't recognize me yet. I tried getting up but she pinned me down causing my cloaks hood to fall off. Boy was she surprised.

"Raven?" she asked in disbelief. Probably wondering how much I heard.

"The one and only." I said dryly.

The guys, hearing the noise come, and saw Rogue pinning Raven on the dirt and NOT letting me up. and this rock is digging into my back. But the pain was worth it when I saw their faces. Remy was looking very confused and then it dawned on him that this was the infamous Raven that everyone was talking about. Then he smiled at me and then look at Robin, causing Me to look a Robin. His face was so adorably cute! His face was stuck in a shocked pose. His mouth was wide opened and his eyes were big. His face thentook on a disbeliving look, much like Rogue's.

Finally I could when my back could take no more I broke everyone out of their stupurs and said

"You want to get off me now?" Then I glared at her for pinning me in the first place and for keeping who Tim was from me.

"Oh...yeah" she said and I started getting up. She offered me a hand but I just glared at her and got up on my own.

"Soo...heh...How are you Raven?" Tim asked me. all nervous and stuff. I thought it was cute and couldn't help but think about our kiss earlier. But I was mad that they were keeping something from me. Especially about him.

"Cut to the chase Tim. You want to know how much I heard." I said. And it surprised me how cold my voice was. Surprised everyone else too.

"Well yeah." Said Remy. At least he was honest. Raven and Tim glared at him.

"Too- Freakin -Bad." I said and turned back to go inside the house.

"Rae?" Rogue grabbed my shoulder.

"What?"I said. not only did she ruin my dramatic exit, I'm really mad at her and she wont leave me alone.

"Why are you mad?" She said. I noticed she didn't look into my eyes.

"Who is he?" I asked her. She look at me wide eyed while I waited for her answer.

" Rae I..I can't."

"What happened to bestfriends? What happened to we'll always tell each other everything?"


"I'm sorry. I know you can't tell me. I just need time alone. Ok?" I asked and walked behind the castle and outta site.
I didn't feel like waiting for an answer. I was just mad. I didn't want to talk to anybody. Didn't feel like it. I just NEEDED to be alone.

Of course HE wouldn't listen.

Rogue and Robin felt HORRIBLE. Especially Rogue because she didn't tell her, and RObin was sad because this was his fault.
All his fault. Theres only one way to make this right. I have to tell her tonight. He thought.

While Rogue was thinking what horrible friend she was.

"Its not your fault." Remy said.

"Then whose fault is it then? Ah'm her BEST FRIEND. Ah should have told her."

"Its not you your fault,"He said firmly while gently grabbing her chin and making her look him in the eye,"its his." He said. Jerking his head toward Robin. Then they both turned their heads and glared at him.

"Its nice to see you too, Remy." Robin Said while glaring at him.

"How do you know each other?" Rogue said Breaking the contact and taking a step back.

"Well...Its a long story." Said Robin hesitantly.

"Ah've got time."

"It all started when..."

30 minutes later

"and thats how we met." Remy said.

"Ok. Let meh get this straight. It took you 30 mins to tell me that you guys met because your both Princes and your familes are good friends."

"Well...Yeah." Robin said.

"When you put it that way...Its not as exciting."

"Neither was your story. Trying to be all mysterious and failing."

"Now thats not nice petite."

"Neither is you callin mesomethin other than my name."

"Which is?..."


"Non, what ya real name?"

"None of your business. Now if you'll excuse meh, dinner will be readyin about 30 mins. Robin you might want to get Raven. Shes probably down by the pond in the gardens." And with that, she was gone. And so was Robin leaving Remy by himself, wondering how to open up the door.

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