Go no Oujisama

a Hikaru no Go x Prince of Tennis crossover fic

by Lucathia

A/N: This is a sequel to a oneshot that goes by the same name, which was posted under the Prince of Tennis category. This fic is a crossover between Hikaru no Go and Prince of Tennis. Please read the other fic first, though it isn't necessary to understand this fic. In short, Hikaru met Momoshiro and Ryoma in the other fic.

Summary: HNG/POT crossover. After meeting Echizen and Momoshiro, Touya Akira discovers himself standing at the baselines of the tennis courts, wondering what in the world he was doing there.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hikaru no Go nor do I own Prince of Tennis. I am making no profit from writing this.

chapter 1: The Prince of Go

His father was the renowned Touya Meijin, the one who people regarded as the strongest Go player in Japan. As the Meijin's son, people generally expected him to be a genius by birth. He was, of course, gifted with much more intuition, concentration, and patience than the average Go player, but his Go skills did not come to him without hard work on his behalf. He studied Go at every opportunity he had, hoping to surpass his father one day. But none of that mattered at the moment, not when he was at school. At these times, he had to reluctantly push all thoughts of Go to the deepest corners of his mind.

The boy with dark hair, hair that had a green tint to it and fell in a straight line slightly below his ears, listened intently to his teacher's lecture. With his posture straight, he carefully jotted down important information. The girl to his left kept fidgeting while the boy to his right kept tapping his pencil against his desk. The dark haired boy unconsciously ignored these disturbances. When he concentrated, nothing could break his concentration. Right now he was focused on his teacher's lecture. He did not notice the fidgeting, nor did he notice the tapping.

While the rest of the class was bored and falling asleep, the dark haired boy was attentive. His concentration was one that was rarely seen among those of his age. After all, he was only thirteen. To the boys and the girls of his age, being thirteen meant many things. It meant having fun and playing around. It meant being outdoors in the sun, chasing each other. It meant doing anything but sitting in a boring classroom listening to the teacher's lecture. However, Kaioh middle school took pride in its students' laudable behavior, so the students at least tried to pretend to be interested in the lecture.

When the bell finally rang, the students quickly bowed to the teacher and hurried out of the room. The dark haired boy was one of the few students who showed no hurry. His teaching appointment wasn't until later, so he slowly put away his notebook in his book bag. As he closed his bag, two girls approached him shyly.

The first girl blushed furiously and seemed unable to talk. The second girl, noticing the first girl's distress, shook her head and started talking.

"Touya-kun...um...we were wondering if you'd drop by the Go club today..." After using up her courage talking to the idol of her dreams, she turned a deep crimson red similar to her friend's.

Touya Akira paused, his hand in midair. He had been lifting his book bag when the two girls approached him. He noticed the redness of their faces. Why were they so red? It couldn't be because of the heat...it wasn't even hot today. Touya thought about the time he had joined the Kaioh Go club the previous year, remembering how the older members had treated him. He remembered the games of blind Go that he had been challenged to. They had tried to humiliate him but instead humiliated themselves. Anyone could tell that he wasn't wanted there. Besides, there was no point for him to go there unless it was to teach shidou-go. The two girls were clearly asking for him to do just that, but he sort of wanted to stay away from teaching his fellow students. Some of them could get a little...jealous. Of his abilities, or so he thought.

He did not even consider that some of the students might be jealous of the attention he received from the other students, be it female or male.

"I'm sorry, but..."

The two girls' hopeful expressions fell.

The first girl got over her shyness, wanting to keep Touya-kun there as long as possible. "Do you think you could drop by some other time?"

Touya Akira wanted to ignore them and walk away, but that would have been quite rude.

"I'm sorry, I don't have much time today...I have to leave now."

With that, the dark-haired boy turned around and left.

The first girl sighed dreamily. "Did you hear that? He's soooo polite and sweet."

The second girl sighed as well. "Yeah...and so strong in Go too. Remember when he was still in our Go club?"

The first girl nodded. "Yeah. Those other first years were no match for him at all. What am I saying? Even the third years couldn't compete against him! It's a wonder they didn't start following him around and revering him...I mean I would, if I were a guy and could follow Touya-kun around openly..." She blushed at that thought.

The other girl agreed. "Exactly! The only person in the club who came close to Touya-kun's skill was the third year captain, that cool, almost emotionless guy who kept pushing up his glasses."

The two girls gave a unison sigh.

"Touya-kun...he's like the..."

They turned towards each other.

"Go no oujisama (1)!"

Touya Akira rarely took the bus. After all, who needed the bus when there was the subway? The subway was much faster and much more efficient.

However, he discovered that the subway didn't reach the place he had to go to today to teach Go. He had to find take the subway and then the bus. After his long teaching session with a total beginner of the game, Touya was drained. Go usually didn't take much out of him, but teaching it to someone who did not even understand the basics was an entirely different matter altogether.

Nonetheless, Touya still had to drag himself to the bus station. As he stood in front of the bus stop, his mind drifted towards more thoughts of Go, and in doing so, his thoughts eventually landed on Shindou. Touya had heard that Shindou was currently in the middle of his pro exam. He had barely passed the preliminaries. The only reason that Shindou had passed the preliminaries was his default win for the last, decisive match. That itself should have been a clear enough signal to Touya that Shindou wasn't worth his attention, but Touya was still slightly interested, no, extremely interested, in how Shindou was faring at the present. The Shindou that he had played at his father's Go salon wasn't only his imagination. The boy who had clumsily held the Go pieces like a total beginner had surprised him and wholly defeated him. That Shindou had existed.

Touya longed to play against that Shindou again. Shindou had been the first challenging Go player his own age that he had met. At that moment, Touya's eyes were finally turned away from his father's looming back. Everyday, Touya played a game of Go with his father, and not once had he won. However, the gap between them was slowly diminishing. He now needed less handicap stones than before.

The appearance of Shindou was a rude awakening call for Touya that said, "Your father isn't the only strong player out there, you know."

Touya was finally able to see that.

His bus arrived while he was in the midst of his thoughts. Just as Touya was about to board the bus, he heard an extremely familiar voice. If he wasn't hearing things wrong, that voice belonged to none other than the boy whom he had been thinking about.

"Mou, you're so slow!" yelled the loud voice of Shindou Hikaru.

Touya blinked. That totally could have been addressed to him. But it wasn't. What was Shindou doing around in this area anyway? The only reason Touya was here was to teach Go.

"Excuse me, boy. Would you please stop blocking the door?"

Touya looked behind him, startled to see that a rather large group of people had gathered behind him during the time that he had zoned out. Touya quickly apologized and decided to move. But before Touya was even able to move, the mob already started pushing him away to get onto the bus.

The door closed, leaving a stranded Touya standing, rather kneeling, in front of the bus stop. The bus then drove away.

A gust of wind blew past him.

This was all Shindou's fault.

Touya slowly stood up and dusted himself off. He had to find the source of that voice now. He had no other choice.

The boy with blond bangs frowned as he addressed the tall, second year on the other side of the court. "Why are you hitting them so slowly to me?"

The said second year, otherwise called Momoshiro Takeshi, grinned at Shindou Hikaru's distress. "You're only a beginner. This is the only way we can keep up a rally."

"Mou!" yelled Hikaru. He was getting tired of watching those yellow tennis balls slowly drift over to his side of the court. The main reason he was out here hitting was because he wanted to let out some stress. Those slow, drifting balls only added to his pent up stress. So when the ball finally bounced on his side again, Hikaru swung with all his might, unable to stand the slowness anymore.

The ball flew over to the other side, landing far outside the court.

Momoshiro tsked. "See what I told you? You should take it slowly. Aren't you supposed to have more patience as a Go player?"

Echizen snorted. "You're one to talk, Momo-senpai."

"What?" exclaimed Momoshiro as he turned towards his kouhai (2), Echizen Ryoma. Echizen had, with a bored expression, quietly watched the slow rally between the two older boys until Momo-senpai's comment to the other boy.

"You're being disrespectful again!"

The two started arguing as Hikaru sighed. All he wanted was to have a simple, faced-paced rally with either of the two boys. Somehow, it ended up with his two new friends arguing at the sidelines of the court.

Hikaru turned towards Sai. "See them, Sai? I'm not the one being immature here."

The spirit chuckled. "It's a wonder, but it's true." Sai was kind of disappointed that Hikaru wasn't playing Go right now. Besides, Sai himself couldn't participate in tennis as he couldn't hold a racket. But he was happy that Hikaru had found something else that interested him. After all, being overly obsessed with one thing wasn't entirely healthy. Sai, the thousand year old Go-loving ghost, wasn't really qualified to say this, since he certainly did not ever regret his sole love for Go. Even though he had committed suicide because of Go, his love for Go hadn't diminished. It only grew stronger as the years passed. His path towards the Hand of God was still before him. Even as a ghost, he never gave up on achieving the Hand of God.

Hikaru was trying to bounce the ball on the racket when Sai started tugging on Hikaru's shirt.

"Ne, Hikaru!"

"What, Sai?" Hikaru was too occupied with bouncing the ball.

Sai tugged on Hikaru's shirt again and pointed at the fence surrounding the courts. Hikaru didn't turn around as he continued bouncing the ball.

"Ne, Hikaru!"

Hikaru ignored Sai and didn't plan to turn around, until another, entirely unexpected voice shocked him out of his concentration.

"Shindou, what are you doing here?"

Hikaru's eyes widened as his racket missed the ball. The ball dropped and bounced on the ground instead. Momoshiro and Echizen, who had been arguing previously, stopped arguing, interested in the appearance of the newcomer.

Was he dreaming, wondered Hikaru? Why would he, of all people, appear behind him in the tennis courts? But then, he did have the tendency to appear out of nowhere and shock him. He always did that.

Hikaru glanced at the spirit by his side and whispered urgently. "You should have warned me!"

Hikaru then turned around to face the dark-haired boy who had freaked him out an infinite number of times.

"Touya, what are you doing here?"

to be continued

Go no Oujisama: Prince of Go :) I decided that the title suits Touya more than Hikaru...Hikaru would be more of a tensai. Like Fuji...er...maybe not personality wise, but skill-wise.
kouhai: underclassmen

(March 29th, 2007: I'm going through all of my fics and reformatting them since ffnet deleted most of my scene dividers. Please bear with me if you see some that are changed and some that haven't been changed yet.)