Still playing truant from my other story, so I thought I'd try this instead.

"Oh Fuck!" Wyatt watched the portal on the attic wall as it closed, obscuring the view of his rapidly departing brother.

He sighed with frustration and annoyance before walking over to the dying Bianca who glared defiantly at him. "He's safe from you now, you can't hurt me any more"

Wyatt raised an eyebrow "You want to bet?" he sighed again, wearily this time, before adding "Now would not be a good time to tempt me" he looked at her for a moment then waved his hand, the large wooden splinter flew from her body, smashing into the attic wall. She gasped in pain expecting to die, but instead found her breathing become easier as the hole in her chest magically healed. She looked at Wyatt in amazement "Why?"

"Would you believe me if I told you because I am not evil?" Off her scared look, he added, "No, I didn't think so, no one ever does"

He pulled her to her feet. "Ok so the plan was, you would go get Chris, take away his powers and bring him back safely to me. Call me stupid but I can't see how you sticking your hand in my chest and trying to kill me helped that plan in any way." Bianca confused, tried to speak "Oh save your breathe, you went back, he looked at you with his big, green, puppy eyes and said if you loved him you would help him fight big nasty me. Am I right?" She nodded dumbly staring at Wyatt in amazement.

"No, I can't see that far, I just know Chris, for some insane reason everyone is always, so eager to protect him" he shakes his head ruefully "...even me"

He raised his hand again, but stopped on noticing her flinch in anticipation of death. "Its OK, I'm just sending you home, you are no use to me anymore"

Unable to help herself she blurted "Aren't you going to kill me?"

"What my future sister-in-law?" the thought obviously amused him, he laughed at some private joke, "My mother would spin in her grave" and with that he waved his hand and she was gone.

He walked around the attic for a while, deep in thought, drawing comfort from the familiar surroundings, to a casual observer it might have appeared as though he were procrastinating, but that couldn't be possible, for one thing there were never casual observers in the vicinity of the Great Wyatt Halliwell, and for another, well everyone knew that he was daunted by nothing. He sat down and waited a little longer before finally murmuring

"Hear these words. Hear my cry spirit from the other side. Come to me, I summon thee. Cross now the Great Divide."

The effect was immediate and white magical lights began to appear, slowly coalescing into a very irritated looking ghost who looked at him expressionless for a moment before saying. "Well that went well"

"Hello to you too, Mom"