A/N: This is the last chapter! I've finally finished this story! I apologize, I had planned for this to me more of a romance fic, but somewhere along the way it changed, well that and I found out that it's just too weird for me to write for Serena with anyone other than Darien. Anyway, here's the end of the story. Enjoy!

Chapter 14

After the battle was finished Amara and Michelle helped Lex back to his mansion. His transformation had disappeared sometime during the battle. It wasn't until they had laid him on the couch and tended to his wounds which were mostly just shallow cuts and scrapes, that he finally opened his eyes.

"Where is she?" Lex asked as he tried to sit up, but Amara just pushed him right back down.

"Galaxia is gone, defeated." She said looking at him with an unreadable expression. After a moment, Lex gave in and laid back on the cushions.

"What happened to Serena? Is she alright?" He asked looking worried. Amara and Michelle shared a look.

"Serena will be fine. She was exhausted after the battle, but she's resting now." Michelle said, not wanting to explain how scared all of them were over the fact that Serena had to change into Sailor Cosmos in order to beat Galaxia. Lex nodded and closed his eyes.

"I remember what happened back then, during the reign of the Moon Kingdom." Lex said suddenly. For a moment Amara and Michelle weren't quite sure what to say and he took that as a chance to continue on. "Amara. Look, I know we're not actually related in this lifetime, but I want you to know I still think of you as family. If there's anything you ever need, I'll be here for you."

"Some things never change." Amara said with a laugh. "You're still sitting pretty in a position of power and still playing the protector. If you're ever in Japan, be sure to let us know." She said with a smile.

"We should probably head back and check on Serena." Michelle said and Amara nodded.

"We'll be heading back to Japan as soon as Serena is ready." Amara said looking over at Lex.

"Take care." Lex said as he opened his eyes and gave them a warm smile. Amara and Michelle returned his smile before they walked out holding hands. Lex smiled to himself. "Looks like you got your wish, Serenity. Amara and Michelle got a second chance for a happy future. In fact, we all did." He said to himself with a smile as he drifted off to sleep.

By the time that Amara and Michelle had arrived back at Serena's house most everyone was sitting in the living room looking worried. As they entered the house Amy was coming down the steps after having checked on Serena.

"Well, how is she?" Amara asked when she spotted Amy.

"Nothing has really changed at all. She's still asleep." Amy paused a moment before continuing. "Raye and Rini are both sitting with her." Before she could say anymore Amara walked past her and headed upstairs to Serena's bedroom. Raye was sitting next to the bed and Rini sat down on the corner by Serena's feet. There were few times that Amara could recall Serena looking as small and fragile as she did right now. Raye looked up when Amara walked in. There were tears gathering in her eyes.

"She's always such an idiot." Raye said, fighting back the tears. "If she hadn't have used the Silver Crystal to become Cosmos then she'd be awake and laughing with us as we headed home."

"That's true." Amara said with a nod as she stood next to Serena's bed. "But I have to admit, I'm not sure how much longer we would have lasted if she hadn't become Cosmos. The last time we fought Galaxia we nearly paid with all of our lives and we didn't even manage to put an end to it. By turning into Cosmos Serena may have very well saved all of our lives not to mention the very existence of the planet, possibly the whole solar system."

"She's still an idiot." Raye protested. She knew in her heart that Serena had done the right thing, but she couldn't bare to see Serena die here especially not after making it through the battle.

"The Silver Crystal." Rini said suddenly as she hopped up and grabbed Serena's broach off of the dresser and brought it over to the bed.

"What are you up to, Rini?" Raye asked not having any clue why Rini was behaving so strangely.

"I just thought that maybe since the Silver Crystal made her change into Cosmos, then maybe the crystal could undo the changes." Rini explained as she held out the broach.

"I suppose it's worth a try." Amara said thoughtfully. "There isn't much else we can do to help her and at this rate she'll die anyway so there's nothing to lose."

"Right." Rini nodded as she closed her eyes and tried her best to control the power of the Silver Crystal. She'd only ever done it once and that was when she had been helping Serena defeat the Wiseman. She wasn't even sure if she had really been controlling it or if the one she had was only reacting to what Serena was doing with hers. There was only one way to know for sure if she could control the Silver Crystal and that was to try now. "Please, please Silver Crystal. Help Serena and give her, her life back." She pleaded with the crystal and to all of their amazement the crystal began to glow.

"Wow." Raye said as she watched Serena starting to glow as brightly as the crystal. Slowly the glow was traveling up out of her body almost like it was being pulled back into her broach. There was a blinding flash from both Serena and the broach. When it died down the broach in Rini's hands was no longer broken and Serena's hair had gone back to its normal golden color. Her eyes slowly opened and she sat up.

"What's going on?" Serena asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"You really scared us, you idiot! Pulling a stunt like that! You could have died on us!" Raye said hotly as she wiped the tears from her eyes in relief.

"Come on. Let's go home now." Amara said with a smile. Serena nodded. It didn't take long to get everything packed and everyone ready to go. Everyone started gathering outside as Serena finally came down the stairs and saw Clark sitting there on the couch.

"So you're really going?" Clark said sadly as Serena approached him. Everything had happened so quickly that he hadn't really had much time to think about what would happened when everything was said and done.

"Yeah. Despite everything that's happened my home is still in Japan." She said quietly.

"I want you to know that I'll miss you." He said looking down at the floor as Serena gritted her teeth. He was making this even harder for her than it already was. She liked Clark and was pretty sure that he liked her as well, but she knew there wasn't really any future for them. She had to think of her destiny to bring Crystal Tokyo into existence and that was something she was supposed to share with Darien, who she was still in love with.

"I'll miss you too. You've been a good friend to me while I was here." Serena said as Clark looked up at her.

"Only a friend?" Clark asked feeling a little hurt and Serena blushed.

"I really care about you Clark, but there's still someone back home that I'm in love with." She said on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry." Her voice was hardly any louder than a whisper.

"Oh." Clark said with a sigh and stood. "Well in that case then you'll always have me as a friend." He forced a smile and then gave her a hug. "Take care of yourself."

"Bye." Serena said with a small smile before she headed off to join her friends. They all waved to Clark before teleporting back to Japan. Later that evening Clark met up with Chloe and Pete at the Talon. He'd barely seen them since Serena had waltzed into town and wrapped him up in everything that was going on.

"So where's Serena?" Pete asked, half expecting her to come through the door at any moment.

"She went back to Japan." Clark said causing Chloe to nearly spit out her coffee.

"She what?" Chloe sputtered. "What's going on? I mean she only just got here and now she's gone again? That just adds to all the suspicious circumstances surrounding her." She said to which Clark began laughing.

"You were wrong about her, you know?" Clark began. "Her family had an accident and she just needed to get away for a while, a change of scenery until she was ready to deal with it. It's a lot to take in." Chloe looked stunned for a moment.

"But what about the kid, Serena's kid?" Chloe asked suspiciously.

"Turns out they were rehearsing for a play." Clark lied. It was the first thing that he could think of. "Just give it up. There was nothing strange about Serena in the least." He said and Chloe finally after much convincing did just that. Serena was gone and that meant Chloe couldn't check up on her anymore. Clark couldn't help smiling a little about how things had worked out. He was glad to have met Serena and to have been included in her adventure, if only for a brief time. Clark sat back as he wondered what adventure would come his way next.