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Books of Magic

Chapter 1: The Wand

Juniper was a big fan of the Harry Potter books. She had read all the books nearly ten times and had seen the movies twice as many. She had just finished reading the fifth Potter book for the umpteenth time, and was anxious for the sixth to come out. At a first glance, she was just regular middle school student with hazel eyes, light brown hair that was always pulled up in a ponytail, and a habit of biting her nails. However, anybody that knew her described her as obsessed with Harry Potter. Which she took cheerily as compliments, but not today. She had done a report about Harry Potter in class that day. She had brought all the books with her in her backpack as references. But most of her classmates had snickered at her when she tried to explain how Dumbledor could be Ron or Harry in the future and how Mrs. Norris or Crookshakes could be an animagis like Scabbers and so on. She thought they were perfectly good topics to discuss, however her teacher had said that it was off topic to what she was supposed to be talking about, which was compairing Harry to some other character in a book that no one had found interesting. But what had really made her upset was when she read a short excerpt from one of the books to prove her point that the prophecy really meant Harry and Neville couldn't survive while either of them lived. Maybe it was the way she had said it. But everyone started to laugh raucously, especially two guys in the back who were normally asleep. They said she took it way too seriously and had issues that needed working out. When she'd gotten her grade, there was a note at the bottom that said most of her presentation was irrelevant to what had been asked. Juniper sat on a bench at her school, fuming. She was the only one there. Everyone else had gone home. She remembered her mom saying something about the car getting a tune up and would try to be there when school was out. Well, school was out and she wasn't there, which did not improve her mood. Juniper sighed and got up, she'd just have to walk home. She picked up the book she had been looking through, the second Harry Potter book, and closed it. But it didn't close properly. Something had gotten caught between the pages. Juniper, didn't take much notice because she was still fuming. But the book in her hand began to vibrate. She paused, holding the book in both hands, staring at it. Where books supposed to vibrate? It was shaking violently now. It jumped out of Juniper's hands and landed on the floor, scuttling across the ground like a large beetle. Juniper scrambled up the bench she was sitting on, watching with wide eyes. The book gave one final leap in the air and bright green sparks spewed out of the pages in one short burst. Then all was quiet as the book resumed being inanimate. "Whoa!" Juniper said aloud, "What the heck!" she sat staring at it for a long time, waiting to see if it would start moving again. When she had worked up enough courage, Juniper slowly moved off the bench and picked up the Harry Potter book. She then noticed that something was protruding out of the pages. Juniper slowly opened the pages, and as she did, another burst of sparks, this time silver, exploded out, but not as forceful. Juniper jumped away, shielded her eyes then looked down. Between the pages was a perfectly smooth, straight piece of light colored wood. "Is this what has been making the sparks?" Juniper asked herself. She touched it slightly but jerked away. Nothing happened. She picked it up by the bottom, or was it the top? Both ends looked the same but as she did, she suddenly felt weightless. She saw the world around her begin to run together like watercolor on a canvas. Juniper was spinning around and around, like she was on one of those rides in a theme park that spin so fast, that gravity pins you against the wall. However this world she was spinning around in was absent of sound except for the woosh of wind passing her. Faster, and faster, catapulting to some unknown destination. She felt a strange sensation of something pulling her from inside her stomach, like a hook, over the madness of her reeling head. Without warning, as if the invisible hook had let her go, she was flung out sideways from the vortex. Just as abrupt as it had started it ended. Jen felt the cushion of a seat and the colors went back to their places. Juniper felt the effects of gravity return.

This time, it wasn't the school parking lot she was looking at. It was the back seat of a car. Breathing heavily, she tried to absorb what had just happened. She looked to her right. She was met with two large, unblinking amber eyes. The eyes belonged to a large beautiful white owl, who was sitting on a perch in a cage. Juniper felt her jaw drop. The owl hooted in response and ruffled it's feathers. Juniper looked down at the open book in her lap and the shaft of wood she was still holding. The end of the stick was pointed some where in chapter five in the Harry Potter book. Could that mean... Juniper's thoughts began to race. No, that's not possible. Juniper thought to herself. That can't mean I'm... can it? She stared at the piece of wood in her hand. Maybe it wasn't just a stick, but a wand of some sort… Or maybe she was just jumping ahead of herself. Even time travel, or dimension jumping seemed more plausible then this.

"All we have to watch out for is planes." Someone upfront said. Then she heard two boys burst into a fit of laughter. Her head jerked up. In the drivers seat, she saw a red headed boy with freckles all over his face, and in the passengers' seat, she saw a boy with round rimmed glasses, unruly black hair, green eyes, and what looked like a scar in the shape of a thunderbolt on his forehead. Juniper's blood suddenly ran cold in her veins. No, it couldn't be, she thought. But deep down she knew it was true. These two boys in front of her were Ron Weasley and Harry Potter themselves. There was no way that she could mistake them. They fit the descriptions exactly. Wait, that made no sense. Did it? Then it occurred to her… what was she doing in a car? Juniper didn't move for several seconds then she slowly looked out the car window beside her. Her eyes met a vast world of bright blue sky, blazing white sun and a rung of pure cotton clouds. Juniper gave out a gasp. Ron looked into the mirror above his head. He saw Juniper.

"Huh?" he said. Ron and Harry jerked their heads to the back seat. Juniper stared back at them. She screamed, they screamed, Ron lost control of the car and sent it into a death spiral. Everything became chaotic. Ron gripped the steering wheel, trying to pull the car up. Harry hung on to the door for dear life. The owl, who was Hedwig, flapped her enormous wings as her cage bounced around. Juniper was buffeted in the face with Hedwigs wings and her head thumped into the window. Juniper quickly ducked down and to her surprise, found her backpack. Still holding the wand in her hand, she jammed it between the pages of a random Harry Potter book. The world around her, though spinning anyway, began to pick up speed and she was sailing through the weightless world of watercolors, being pulled through again to another unknown destination. .

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