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Chapter 6:From the Outside World

The first thing that came into focus was the chairs covered in canary yellow. Then a stone floor strewn with a yellow carpet. Then the walls and a blazing fire in a hearth. Above the hearth was a banner with a yellow field and a badger. Proud words splayed across saying HufflePuff. "The HufflePuff dormitory?" Juniper blurted.

"Yeah, were you expecting Gryffindor?" came a voice behind her. Byron was standing beside her, his arms folded.

"Well, uh…" she stuttered.

"We're not allowed in Gryffindor because the hat sorted us into HufflePuff. So I set it up in a way so that we go here by default." He continued, turning to something perched on a chair.

"Set up what? What do you mean by default?" Juniper started but stopped when she saw what was on the chair. "Why do you have a laptop?" she almost shouted. A thin black laptop was sitting on the chair with a tiny green light blinking on and off. Byron flipped it open, the screen flashed on. "What's that doing there? That's not supposed to be here!"

"It's how I get around and how I got here." He said.

"Does that mean it works like the books?" Juniper asked. "You tap it with a wand and it takes you anywhere in the story?"

"Yes and no." Byron said after a pause. He moved the mouse and clicked on something. "Here, let me see one of your books?" Byron said pointing to her backpack on the floor without looking away from the screen. Juniper pulled one out at random. "No no, give me the third one." Byron said.

"You could have been more specific." Mumbled Juniper as she pulled out the third book. Byron took it and opened it up.

"You see. Tapping a wand to the book activates it. And it being the straight source it takes you right to the page it was opened too." He said showing her the page. A quizzical look crossed her face.

"Okay." She said, pretending she understood what he had just said. Byron raised an eyebrow.

"You'll get it soon." He continued. "Now a computer, like the one right here." He gestured to his laptop. "Can work just as well except I have to type in where I want to go. Then I have to e-mail it to a certain address and…"

"Wait. E-mail? Why e-mail?" Juniper interrupted.

"So… Who ever is on the other end can transfer me there." Byron said simply. Juniper took a moment to digest this. Activate? Source? He made it sound like her book was a science project.

"Wait, I'm still confused. How did you get here again?" Byron frowned.

"I got here because I was checking my e-mails and this anonymous e-mail appeared."

"Why did you open it then?" Juniper said on assumption. Byron glared at her.

"I didn't open it. I'm not that stupid. I thought it was spam and tried to delete it. But somehow I found myself in the Great Hall with all the first years with this in my pocket!" He said, shoving a wand in her face that he had pulled out of his robes. The wand, though made with a darker wood had a striking resemblance to hers. Words that Ren had said to her crossed her mind. "You're not the only exchange student we've had." The pieces fell easily together by themselves. Juniper stared at Byron in stunned silence. Earlier events made sense now.

"You can stop staring at me now." Byron said awhile later.

"Sorry, But I thought I was the only other… I mean… Hang on! Were you trying to get my attention all those times!" Juniper demanded.

"What times?" Byron asked.

"Back in Umbridges classroom! At detention! When you started shouting Voldemorts name and stuff!"

"Oh yeah, about that…" Byron mumbled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

"You jerk! You scared everybody out of their minds! Do you even know what Voldemort means to them!" She shouted. Byron sat down in front of the laptop mumbling, "It's not my fault they get so worked up about a name."

"It's not just a name! He's an evil wizard who…"

"Look, I'm sorry. I did that only to keep Umbridge distracted." Juniper who had just taken a big breath to rant some more suddenly stopped.

"Distracted?" she said.

"Yeah, didn't I tell you?" Juniper shook her head. Byron heaved a sigh.

"Okay, remember back at the Great Hall when the headless riders surrounded you and…"

"And I escaped because someone held a book out to me." Juniper finished for him. "You handed me the book didn't you." Byron nodded. There was a pause.

"Why?" was all Juniper could say.

"Because I had figured out that you were from the outside world too. And you had all five Harry Potter books."

"Yeah, so."

"So, it's dangerous to have even one Harry Potter book within the book. Imagine when Harry first came here and accidentally found the first Harry Potter book lying around. He could have found out that Voldemort lived in Professor Quirrells' turban long before the books end. That wouldn't be as interesting now would it?" Byron asked.

"No," Juniper said slowly.

"So," continued Byron, "When Umbridge confiscated one of your books, I had to do something that would keep her from actually looking or reading it. Do you know what kind of a catastrophe could have happened if she had read it?" Byron asked.

"Yeah, but did it have to be that dramatic?" asked Juniper.

"It worked, didn't it?" Byron said with a mischievous smile. Juniper had to admit, he was right. "Although I was surprised when you pulled that Accio stunt. I didn't think you were smart enough to do something on the fly like that." Byron turned back to his laptop.

"Thanks…. Hey!" Juniper exclaimed. Realizing he had complimented her and zinged her at the same time. Byron had opened something on the screen. "Okay, the reason why I asked for the third book was because there is a part where I think he is going to strike next."


"Well isn't it obvious," Byron said.

"I could very easily guess," Juniper mumbled.

"Yeah, well our buddy Lord Voldie has figured out how to work out of context of the story and will sometimes alter course of events to get Harry before the book's end."

"Alter course of events?"

"Yes," Juniper leaned forward to get a better look at the screen. Byron was copying down something from her book. On the screen he had opened a fresh e-mail addressed to a name she had never heard of. But it wasn't really a name, it was a succession of numbers. The numbers where 31690078794. Byron had typed in,

Harry potter and Prisoner of Azkaban: 3#

Chapter 9

Pg. 132

"This is the part where Harry is playing quidditch and…"

"Oh yeah, the Dementors come out and make him loose the game." Juniper finished for him. Byron glared at her. She guessed he didn't want her to do that again.

"Yeah, but I'm guessing the Dementors are going to be doing more then just making Harry fall off his broom." Byron said.


"Yeah," Juniper thought for a moment.

"You mean like capture him or something?" She said. Byron nodded. Juniper looked back at the screen. "So then why are you typing? Can't we just tap a wand to the book and go?" Byron rolled his eyes.

"I prefer this method. Now lets go."

"Hold on, one more question." Juniper said abruptly when Byron's finger hovered over Enter.

"What!" He said getting irritated.

"How did you come to the conclusion to all this?" Juniper said simply.

"Because it's obvious. Now can I press Enter?" Byron said through gritted teeth. "Okay," Both tapped the Enter button.

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