Truth or Dare

Disclaimer: I don't own Code: Lyoko, I don't own the idea of a sleepover either (I got it from another fiction.) But I do own my OC!!! Authors note: Please no flames, this is my first fan fiction so don't kill me if it stinks! Also since this is all made up, Alieta is materialized, and Xana is shut down.

Chapter1: Party Preparations

Ulrich, Odd, Alieta, and Jeremy walk out of school on a Friday and go to the bench that they usually talk with Yumi. Yumi is already waiting there for them with Caitlin (my OC).

"Hey guys what's up?" Yumi said closing her book and walking over to them.

"Nothing much, and you?" replied Ulrich and waving to Caitlin.

"We just got done with PE, and my parents said that I can have a small party tonight, you know like a small sleepover, but they are only allowing me to have 5 people. I decided that I would invite you guys and Caitlin," Yumi said as she motioned to Caitlin behind her.

"Actually I would rather be called Cat, Caitlin seems too formal..." Cat said in a soft, sweet voice.

Cat is as old as Yumi, and looks kinda like her, but she looks like she is Hawaiian and she wears a short jean skirt and a white t-shirt with a =) in the middle.

"Cool" Odd yelled!

"I am totally going to go," Alieta said as she walked over to the bench and sat down.

"So are you all in?" Yumi asked.

"Sure" Ulrich said with a little blush, "Totally" said Cat "You bet" replied Odd and Jeremy shrugged and said "I guess so".

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