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To Bring The Group Together



Kagome woke up, incredibly exhausted remembering the previous night and how she had fallen asleep on top of InuYasha.

She realized he had his head on her shoulder, as she turned, and she noticed her head was on top of his.

She gently pushed his head off her shoulder and lay him down so very carefully and quietly that she made no sound.

She found a blanket in a near by corner and draped it over him.

If there was any way to get back, she had to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel. Then she could become more then a jewel detector to InuYasha.

The day she completed the jewel.

The day he told her she could go on with her life, it was all over.

The day she removed the necklace.

That day.

She hoped by then their bond would be so strong…

He'd want her to stay.

She'd tell him then, "I need to return home, and tell my parents."

She didn't know then it would happen.

All she knew was if she wanted the jewel shards back, she needed to bring the whole group together again.

Then she could get her crazy, life back on track or remotely headed in the right direction, at least.

She took one last look at him, as she stood there holding the bamboo door flap opened and smiled.

'We'll always be together, InuYasha. I'll find a way to make it happen.'

She averted her gaze to the door and to the task at hand.

"I'll be back soon InuYasha." She whispered quieter than a mouse and gently place the bamboo flap back.

By the time she was halfway down the path she realized, "Isn't InuYasha the one who's never asleep?"




Just as she had reached the edge of the village, Kaede-baba had caught up to her.

"Yes Kaede?"

"Where on earth are ye going child? Shouldn't InuYasha be accompanying you?"

"Kaede, you know he won't let me go if he finds out. Don't tell him where I'm going!!! Please! Tell him I'm out helping the villagers, taking a bath, lie to him if you must."

"Where are ye going child?"

"To get Miroku and Sango back. We're going to need them to collect the rest of the Shikon Shards."


Kagome's POV I'm experimenting with narrative and first person, so it'll go back and forth.


"Be careful child. Youkai lurk everywhere."

"I promise I'll be careful." I said dashing off, looking behind.

"Wait!! Come back here!"

"Yes?" I ran back.

"I made some soup earlier and I want you to take some."

"But what will I carry it in?"

"One of those containers put some soup in it and take whatever's in it out."

I sighed and handed Kaede the contents of a container, which happened to be a ton of cookies, which Kaede put to the side, and poured soup in the container.

"Take care child."

"I promise I will Kaede."


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I stared at the fork in Miroku, just imagining Sango headed to the one side of the fork, to the Demon Slayers' village and Miroku heading the opposite way to visit his father.

Now I stood at the exact same fork, trying to decide which way to go.

I had the CD player mom had given me for Christmas on my head, and it was low, because it was so quiet, I didn't need it to be so loud. I would listen to the radio, but what radio station headquarters do they have in the Sengoku Jidai?

So I had in the Three Days Grace CD. In truth it was nice, but you got sick of it after a while. I sang along though. "But all my favorite friends vanished in the air…"

I sighed. "I'm not depressed."

I crouched down over my backpack which I had taken with me and lay my bow and quiver beside it. "Let's see… Avril, no. The Killers… Where'd I get that, I hate them."

I threw the CD over my shoulder and listened to the satisfying crack before flipping through the rest of them. "Spiderman 2, no. Party mix?"

It was some CD Souta had burned for me on the computer, which he had become skilled with. I hoped it wasn't depressing and stuck it in the CD Player.

I turned around and noticed I had thrown The Killers CD on one side of the path.

I took the other side. The Killers were not lucky.



"The Demon Slayers' village…"

No, what's left of it. I was lucky, I realized. I did not want to be alone with that perverted monk. No, I didn't want to think of what would happen if it were just him and I. I was glad I had chosen the right side of the path. The Killers did choose the wrong path.

I was glad more importantly that Miroku wouldn't be able to try anything, since I wouldn't be alone when I found him.

I wondered what on earth had took me so long to get here, it had taken hours but the Demon Slayers' village wasn't very far from Kaede's village. On InuYasha's back or Kirara.

Duh. 'How could you forget something so stupid Kagome?'

I sighed, I was just stalling after all. 'It's now or never Kagome.' I told myself.

And I walked inside the entrance to the smell of homemade soup, and the sound of someone hitting metal against wood.



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