Inuyasha glanced up from the log he was sitting on at the campsite.

"Sango?" he asked.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!! THE HORROR!!! ME EYES!!!! THEY BURNSES!!! THEY FREEZES!!!" screamed Sango, desperately crawling towards Inuyasha.

"Sango! What's wrong?" he asked.

"Sango, wait! We can explain!" yelled Shippo, who was running after Sango with Kaede in tow.

"NO!!! DEAR GOD, NO!!" screamed Sango, leaping behind a log and curling up into the fetal position.

"What's going on here?" asked Inuyasha as Shippo and Kaede approached him.

"We have a confession to make." said Kaede. Shippo nodded.

"What is it?" asked Inuyasha.

"It's when you admit something you've done, but that's not the point." said Kaede. "We shall reveal it when all members here are present. Miroku and Kagome appear to be missing."

"Miroku went into the woods to look for Sango about ten minutes ago." said Inuyasha. "He's probably still in there."

"Ah. But then where is Kagome?" asked Kaede.

"She went to find Inuyasha." piped up Sango from behind the log.

"What's going on here?" asked Miroku as he and Kagome entered the campsite.

"THE HORROR..." gasped Sango, clutching Miroku's robes and shaking him frantically. "The horror."

Miroku blinked.

"Ah! Now that we have all gathered, Shippo and I can reveal our secret." said Kaede.

Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome sat down on a log confusedly, anxious to hear what Kaede and Shippo would say. Sango returned to the safety of the log she had been hiding behind.

"Now... for quite some time now... Shippo and I have been..." began Kaede. She seemed unable to finish.

"Gay lovers." continued Shippo.

"What??" shrieked Kagome.

"Shippo's a GUY?" said Inuyasha.

"At first it was just a few dates here and there... nothing much... but then... things went much further... and we felt the need to tell you." said Kaede.

"Yes. We even have three children." said Shippo.

"Wait, if you're gay, how can you have children?" asked Miroku.

"Magic herbs." said Kaede.

"OH! So THAT'S why you were always giving those herbs to Shippo." said Kagome.

Kaede nodded.

Miroku stood up.

"Well, now that that's out in the open... I, too, have something to confess." said Miroku.

"What is it?" asked Sango, sitting up.

"I am not who you think I am." said Miroku ominously.

"Then... who are you?" asked Inuyasha.

Miroku pulled open his robes to reveal a long, hard, shiny, golden zipper.

He unzipped it and stepped out of his monk costume to reveal that he was in fact...

"Miroku! Why didn't you tell us you were Barney the Dinosaur?" asked Kagome.

"BARNEY!" shrieked various little Shippo/Kaede children, running out of their hiding places in the bushes towards Miroku/Barney.

"Well, this explains a few things." said Sango.

"But why? Why did you disguise yourself as a monk?" asked Kaede as the children leapt all over Barney.

"I dunno." said Miroku.

"Miroku... now that you're being honest... I must be, too." said Sango, walking towards the big purple dinosaur.

"I, too, am not who you think I am." she said.

She pulled off her mask to reveal that she was not, in fact, Sango, but... JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!

"Sango...! You...!" said Kagome in astonishment.

"Well, that explains a few things." said Barney.

"Do you still love me, Barney?" asked Justin Timberlake.

"Of course I do!" said Barney.

And with that, Barney and Justin Timberlake broke out into a duet of "Rock Your Body" with the Kaede/Shippo children as back up singers. They later became the musical sensation that's taking America by storm and produced 4 platinum albums, won 2 Grammys, and starred in their own movie entitled "From Justin To Barney" which made approximately $13.57 in the box office before they all became crack addicts and Barney decided to leave the band to persue a solo career where he made a not-so-decent living in a trailer park, receiving $2.34 per album sold, making his grand total $2.34 for the one album which he bought himself.

"Inuyasha?" said Kagome.

"Yes?" asked Inuyasha.

"I'm sorry I freaked out about you being a pie." she said. "I should have been more understanding."

"No, it's my fault. I should have told you earlier." said Inuyasha.

"Well, at any rate, I have something to confess to YOU." said Kagome.

"You do? What?" asked Inuyasha, not very surprised after hearing the earlier confessions. "Are you really someone else?"

"Oh no, I'm really a human named Kagome... but there's something I didn't tell you..." she said.

"I'M WITH THE FBI! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!" she screeched, whipping out her spiffy FBI badge.

FBI officers leapt out of the shrubberies and surrounded Inuyasha, waving their rifles menacingly and screaming orders.

"What...?! I didn't do anything!" said Inuyasha.

"We have evidence that proves otherwise." said Kagome. "It seems you've been running your own website."

Inuyasha was silent.

"A website devoted to ILLEGAL PORNOGRAPHY!" she screamed.

"I didn't do nothing!" insisted Inuyasha, in COPS fashion.

"We found pictures of NAKED donut holes in erotic posistions that couldn't have been more than THREE DAYS OLD!" continued Kagome. "You sick pervert! We found enough Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs to keep you locked up for a long time."

The agents grabbed Inuyasha and dragged him over to the SWAT team vehicle.

"And I would have gotten away with it, too!" said Inuyasha. "If it wasn't for those meddling pennies!"

"Tell it to the judge." said Kagome.

The FBI team drove away with Inuyasha and Kagome, Shippo, Kaede, Barney, Justin Timberlake and The Shippo/Kaede-ettes were left standing in the middle of the campsite.

"Wait, what happened to the Shikon Jewel?" asked Barney suddenly.

"I still have it. And I can do WHATEVER I want with it!" she said evilly, pulling it out of her pocket.

Suddenly, a giant moose in outer space ate the Earth and everyone died.