Title: All That's Left of Yesterday

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Authors: Celebdil-Galad and Tinlaure

Summary: Aragorn, the twins and Legolas find themselves locked in the middle of an ages old family feud that threatens to destroy the Peredhil family and when the heart of the revenge settles on Aragorn he becomes a pawn in a deadly game.

Rating: PG-13 for violence

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The Mind's Eye


"Now raise your blade up slowly," advised Aragorn carefully to his elder brother Elladan, who raised his sword at a snail's place. The look on his face plainly showed his doubt. The Noldo was still blind; all but his brothers had given up on his ever seeing again.

However a smile crossed the Elf's face as he heard the sharp clang of metal on metal. Aragorn grinned as his brother whispered, "I did it! I saw it in my mind and I blocked it!"

Elrohir, who was sitting in a chair nearby, chuckled dryly and said, "I must admit I was somewhat skeptical, however, I think this is feasible with practice."

Aragorn just laughed and said, "see Elladan? Listen to the swishing sound the blade makes, see it in your mind's eye and block it. I know you can, you just did," concluded the human with a broad grin that made Elrohir think the ranger had to have an alligator or something in his past. But if that was true, then so did the Noldo Elf, and that was not a comforting thought.

Elladan suddenly frowned and lowered his sword, this was impossible. "Estel, in a true battle the blows would come faster, much faster. I would get ran through before you could blink. Face it, I can't fight." Elrohir frowned and Aragorn wrinkled his nose with dismay.

Nobody could be more stubborn than Elladan, thought the ranger darkly. Maybe he and his brothers' father, Lord Elrond, but he doubted it. The human looked at Elladan's once steel gray eyes, and then looked hastily away. They were white and cloudy. It hurt him to see his brother and whether he chose to admit it or not, his mentor, thus. Elladan was an Elf, the beings that made Middle Earth safe and special. How could this happen to one so gifted? "Elladan," began the human through the lump that was growing in his throat, "Elladan, you can fight, you just have to believe and train your ears. Trust me, you can fight." The twin shook his head. Aragorn sighed and rolled his eyes, uttering under his breath, "stubborn stupid Elf."

Elladan growled, "I heard that gwador nin."

"See? Your hearing isn't that bad at all, you, you just have to train it." Aragorn placed a hand on top of Elladan's sword wielding one and raised the blade up with the Noldo's hand still holding it. "Now hold it there," he commanded gruffly.

Elladan complied with a stance that showed he was somewhat disinclined and was about to make a smart remark about Aragorn needing to relax when he heard a swish coming from above. In his mind's eye he saw a sword coming down on him quickly, far faster than practice, and in a split second, he had his own blade raised to parry the blow. The twin heard the ring of swords meeting and his face turned into one of surprise and then a smile, like sunshine bursting through a field of gray cloud.

Aragorn grinned and said, "you just parried one of the blows I commonly use in battle and at its normal speed. Congratulations Elladan Peredhil." Aragorn swung another blow at his brother, before Elladan knew what was going on and the Noldo saw it in his mind's eye again swinging for his abdomen. Striking out with his own sword, he blocked the blow with a clash of swords and screech of metal. He could fight!

Elrohir smiled and stood up, leaning on the twisted trunk of a willow tree for support. It was good to see his brother smiling. He had thought his twin would never smile after their experience with the Corsairs, who was he trying to fool? He had not expected his brother to live! But as always life threw him a surprise and Elladan pulled through, if not by the skin of his teeth.

A voice boomed out, "Estel! Come here a moment please!" Aragorn knew that voice at once to be Lord Elrond's. However, it had a far from pleasant ring to it and he felt his stomach flip.

Of late the Elf-lord had been irritable and had taken to reading book after book on the history of Middle Earth even though he knew it all to the tiniest detail. The human put his sword hastily into its sheath and called, "I'm coming Ada!" Elrohir looked at Aragorn with a look that plainly said, 'don't let him get to you.'

Within seconds the young man was standing before his father and his face was far from happy when Lord Elrond turned around and said firmly, "I want you to stop what you are doing Estel."

Aragorn looked Elrond in the eyes and said, "stop what Ada?" What was he doing wrong?

Elrond frowned, "you know Elladan cannot fight he-"

"Ada he can see, just not the way-"interrupted Aragorn rashly. He regretted it instantly and held his peace when the Elf-lord snapped angrily;

"You are giving him false hope Estel, what will happen when he finds out that he can't fight? Elves can die of depression; you know this. He has to accept his change of fortune," finished the raven-haired Elf sadly.

Aragorn came and gripped Elrond's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "You mean accept his fate? Ada it is not his fate," declared the human adamantly. The human's charcoal colored eyes met Elrond's with a warm look of faith. To the Elf-lord, it became apparent that the young man before him had the hope of the Valar, and was not going to let Elladan slip into misery at any cost. It seemed that Aragorn's elven name, Estel, fit him well. Hope radiated from him like heat from the rays of the sun in a cold morning brimmed with frost.

"Then what is his fate Estel?" asked the Elf-lord in a shocking tone of serenity.

"To live many years my lord and to be able to see," answered Aragorn with a smile of assurance. Elrond turned his head away, scared that a tear would appear and Aragorn would see he was afraid. He was not fearful for himself, but for his eldest son. He wished he could feel the way Aragorn had, but yet he couldn't let go of the growing anxiety inside. He felt his will to stay in Middle Earth waver, quickly he steadied it and turned back to his youngest child.

"I wish that I could believe-"began the Elf with a tone of heart ache.

He was cut off curtly by the ranger who smiled and said, "believe! He can see, but it is in his mind's eye." Elrond smiled back and that smile seemed to break a barrier of ice that once had been a wall and the immortal's eyes had a glint of hope restored to them.

Aragorn suddenly jumped as he heard a familiar voice shout, "Elrohir, you are a brat! Putting a snake in my bed was hardly amusing!" seethed the other Elf helplessly. It was Ancú, the only Elf that was crazy enough to openly yell out such a thing to Elrohir. The twin just looked over to where his irate friend stood and smiled.

"You shouldn't sleep in!" came the answer to justify the deed. Elladan smiled as he listened to the quarrel. He had known this would happen eventually.

Ancú just snorted and said back, "after the ordeal I went through to try and rescue you I could sleep for a month and not regret it!" Aragorn looked to the young Elf that was grinning deviously now and smiled. His eyes traced the cut that had marred Anc's pallid cheek not but a few weeks ago, now it was little more than a scare that too was fading fast. It was well.

Elrohir raised a dark brow and smiled lightly then shrugged, "well if you want to get fat-"

"Elrohir, you are one to talk! I was up and about before you!" retorted Ancú testily. Aragorn just smiled and wondered how this little head butting conversation was going to end. Elrond just rolled his eyes and turned away to go. Aragorn felt the Elf-lord's hand slide out of his grasp. It seemed sorrowful still and he knew his Ada was hurting. It pained the young ranger's heart to see his father's anguish when so much hope remained. It should not be this way. His father should be supporting him and not the other way round.

He watched Elrond's back as the immortal walked away disheartened. The man seemed lost in a world of thought. How was this happening. He had come home, but it was not the same. Things had changed. He could feel something cold stirring, but it was almost like a brooding hate. It was not coming from his Ada, was it? Aragorn inwardly slapped himself for being so silly and youthful as to think that. But then whence did it come?

He had known he had brought an evil home with him, but did it really cause all this?

His thoughts were disrupted and scattered as he felt Ancú brush past and trot over to be with the twins. The man and Elf had never really gotten along. There had always been a tense feeling between them that was not out of hate or prejudice, but something unexplainable.

As Aragorn watched his brothers and their friend joke around, he suddenly felt alone. He knew it was foolish to feel that way, but that was how he felt. He missed Legolas, for he and the Mirkwood Elf would always find something to jest about. Now Legolas was not there. The man was sure that he, his brothers and Ancú would get along fine. After all, they were his family, but with Ancú around them it was a little different.

Aragorn decided to go to the stables where he had always found comfort amongst the horses. The sweet odor of fresh straw greeted him as he stalked in and collapsed against a bale of freshly rolled hay. Sighing, he watched as his horse leaned out of a stall to snicker at him. He wasn't alone here, and yet he was.

Suddenly, he heard the hard sound of quick hooves galloping at a fast pace. They were smooth and the ranger sat up to hear them better. A white horse with rider of golden hair flew past in a bright blur, sharply turning his horse around at the end of the stable and reining it into a stop. Aragorn furrowed his brow as he saw Glorfindel. First of all, the Elf should not be doing such hard riding. The golden-haired being's broken; more like shattered, shoulder had only recently healed. As far as the man was concerned the Elf was unfit for any such activity. Secondly, the human had to bring into question why the immortal was riding that hard. Asfaloth was broken into a sweat and the Gondolin Elf never did that unless there was no other way. Some thing was wrong here, very wrong.

Blood came from a wound in the Elf's horse and Asfaloth lowered his head in pain. Glorfindel looked at his steed as he lightly dismounted and came to stand by Aragorn. The young mortal looked up at Glorfindel and asked, "Lord Glorfindel what in all of Eru has happened?"

Glorfindel was panting slightly as he spoke, "I was attacked by other elves and it was no mere accident I tell you." Anger at the betrayal burned like a molten fire in his clear blue eyes. The Elf studied his horse and went to see the wound closer. He placed his hand over it and the horse looked back and snorted. Glorfindel winced as he felt the animal's pain. Aragorn crinkled his nose and scowled.

This couldn't be right. How was it possible? He watched as the elf took a flask of water and poured it over the wound on the beast's shoulder to wash it. The horse shuddered and nuzzled Glorfindel's cloak. The immortal stroked the animal's nose lovingly. "Are you sure it was elves?" asked Aragorn, still bewildered over this sudden wave of events. Looked like a peaceful rest at home was quickly getting tossed out of the picture, well what was left of it anyway.

Glorfindel looked into Aragorn's steel gray eyes that reminded him of Elladan and Elrohir. "I am, but I must see Lord Elrond immediately."

Aragorn persisted, "let me come with you."

"I would but-"the Balrog-Slayer was cut off as a trio of elves burst into the barn. Ancú was in the lead and behind him trailed Elrohir, followed by Elladan, who was no longer stumbling, but walking quite well for being blind.

Elrohir and Aragorn had taken him out when Elrohir went for walks to strengthen his leg. It had been Elrohir's idea to get Elladan to "see" the place from a different perspective. All he needed to do was train his muscles and other senses to detect where things were and memorize them the way they were. He would then be able to walk without so much stumbling.

Elrohir gaped and only Ancú found the courage to speak up, or was just insane enough to. "What in all of Arda happened here?" he exclaimed intrepidly. His hazel eyes flashed over the whole scene and he looked at the horse. At least it couldn't bite him now. However it pained him to see it thus. Yes, Ancú didn't like to show outwardly that he cared for the horse, but now he could not stop himself from going forward and placing a white hand onto the beast's forelock. Asfaloth shifted his head and the Elf drew back warily. Then he saw the animal's eyes that were slightly watery with the pain. Gently he set his hand back onto the creature' brow and said in the Sindarin speech, "you aren't worried about a little cut like that eh?" The horse snorted as though it understood and Glorfindel watched with a raised brow.

Was it not weeks ago that Ancú would not have touched Asfaloth, but now he was helping the animal. Ancú ran his fingers through the soft and yet course hair on the mane and whispered other soft words to the horse that nickered and snorted. The animal took the Elf's sleeve in his teeth and gave it a tug. Ancú leaped back and smiled at Glorfindel, "no harm done."

All the other Elves in the barn snickered and Aragorn burst out into a full laugh. His laughter ended when Glorfindel said, "Elladan, Elrohir, I must go see your father. Would it be possible that you two an can look after my friend here for me?" Elladan sighed and Elrohir looked with a sad look at his brother, before replying affirmatively.

Glorfindel ran out of the barn and towards the Last Homely House. His golden-hair was in disarray. Aragorn watched and then he looked quickly to his brothers and Ancú to see what they were doing. Elrohir was filling a bucket of water while Elladan stroked the horse like a child petting a puppy. Ancú was leaning back against the stall door, legs crossed and looking on with a grin. None seemed to notice the ranger as he edged his way to the bran entrance, or at least so the man thought. Elrohir suddenly called out to him, "Estel? Could you run and get some bandages and herbs please?"

Aragorn felt his heart leap in his chest at first, for he thought he was caught. And that was partially true, but on the other hand he had been given a free ticket into the house that nobody could question. He had to get healing appliances for that big baby of a horse. It was kind of humorous when he thought about it. "Sure Elrohir, need anything else?"

The twin looked the horse over and then patted the animal gently. "No, that should do it here!"

Aragorn nodded to the elves then went at a trot from the barn.

Elladan slumped to the floor once his human brother was gone. He did not want his youngest brother to see his pain and despair. Elrohir looked at him and snapped sharply, "Elladan you have to stop this!"

Elladan sighed and said, "I can't see anything anymore, Ro." The twin's voice sounded stricken as though by physical pain, but he was not.

Elrohir went over and crouched by his brother, "you are pitiful gwador nin. After all Aragorn did for you, he believes in you and that is more than enough reason to believe in yourself! I saw you out there!" Elrohir gestured to outside the barn forgetting for a moment that his brother was blind, or for the moment not caring. "You can fight, but there is more than a physical battle at work here. Don't you dare think Aragorn and I haven't noticed how you haven't eaten." Elrohir got up and began to pace the barn irritably. "You have lost more weight than is healthy!" Suddenly the Noldo stopped and looked at his brother, whom he could see was getting angry, but Elrohir did not care. This had to happen. "Do you know how you made Ada feel? Do you know what you are doing to me!"

Elladan snapped. This was too much. "Elrohir when I want your pity I will ask for it! And I do too eat!"

Elrohir shook his head and said in a dark laugh, "no you don't! I see you! And further more, as far as I am concerned you have earned it! If you brood like you need pity it will be given to you. So what is it you are giving Estel? A show? A false hope that his older brother that he admires is in remission from his depression?" Elrohir suddenly turned his back, "and what do you think Ada thinks right now? He saw you practicing with Estel and thinks you are on the mend, are you going to let him down?"

Elladan frowned and Elrohir was about to continue when his elder twin snapped, "fine then! I get the point! But you aren't so great yourself!" he accused angrily.

Elrohir turned and glared at Elladan, "what do you mean by that?" His tone had a lethal potency to it.

Although Elladan could not see his brother's glare, he felt it and it only served to fuel his mood. "You act like you aren't upset by the fact you may walk with a limp for the rest of your life from that broken leg, but I know you fear it!"

Elrohir barked back, "I do not fear it, but it will be looked upon as a disability! I don't want pity from the rangers! At least I really try and don't put on a show!"

"How do you think I feel? Blindness is far worse and you know it!"

Both of the brothers were nearly sobbing. It wasn't that they were angry with each other really. It was the stress that they were under to heal. They had to get well, not so much for themselves as for Estel, whose namesake drove them on. It was hard for them, really hard. They had the option of going into the West and if it weren't for Estel they would have. That choice was still before them and it was not easy to push aside.

Elrohir was the first to relent. "I am sorry, you scare me is all." He went to his brother's side and grasped Elladan's hand, pulling him up and onto his feet.

Elladan smiled thinly, "and I am sorry for snapping at you like I did."

Elrohir shrugged, "what's done is done." He took and placed Elladan's hand on Asfaloth's forelock and said, "Now what do you see?"

Elladan laughed and said, "I see nothing Elro-"

Elrohir cut his brother off and said, "what do you see? You are only as blind as you will accept."

Elladan sighed and said, "I "see" his white mane......the sun is on it shining through a window or a crack in the boards. I feel the warmth of its rays." The Noldo smiled and stroked Asfaloth gently. "I can see his mane glittering as the sun warms it and reflects upon every strand."

Elrohir smiled, "see? All is not lost. You saw the sword before Estel could strike you with it. You blocked it and he was treating you like an orc in battle."

Elladan smiled. Perhaps all was not as dark and dreary as it seemed. He petted the animal some more and then said, "I can "see". Help me more Elrohir."

Elrohir laughed and looked over his shoulder to see an amused Ancú looking on as he leaned against the stall door. He was grinning thinly and when he saw Elrohir turn around he smiled and said, "thank the Valar that's over, I was beginning to get a headache!" Elrohir was shocked at first, for he had forgotten the other Elf was there.

"Thank the Valar indeed," said Elrohir. Turning to Elladan he said, "Now can you picture an annoying, lazy Elf anywhere?" Ancú frowned and began to stalk towards Elrohir with a dark scowl. His hands were clenched at his sides.

Elladan smiled and said, "Elrohir, don't flatter yourself." Ancú suddenly snorted before snickering and Elrohir scowled and gave his brother a small shove.

"Should we not be caring for the horse?" asked Ancú with a smile.

The others nodded in concurrence and Elrohir said, "But we still need the bandages. Where is Estel? He is usually much more prompt."

Ancú frowned. "I will go and find him." Besides, the Elf wanted nothing more to do with the horse that was eyeing him in the corner. Ancú thought the animal looked more than ready to try what an Elf Warrior's tunic tasted like.


Aragorn went to Elrond's study and peeked around the door with his back flat against the wall. Glorfindel was standing before his the raven-haired Elf-lord and was telling him what had happened. "Elrond it was no accident. They came at me out of no where. I had no warning. I was riding near Hollin but Elves have not lived there for an age, not since the death of Celebrimbor."

Elrond waved his hand and said, "I know Glorfindel, I know. Did you see what the attackers-"

"Dark Elves," corrected Glorfindel tenaciously.

"We do not know that for sure," said Elrond with some heat. One had to be careful about whom they deemed fallen, he was not even sure it was in their power to judge. "You need to be careful about who you declare fallen my friend, it can very well be your undoing. But what did they look like, did you see them?"

Glorfindel shook his head, "I saw them not, but they were Eves." Here the golden-haired Elf dug deep into his pocket and produced a dagger that had red blood on it. "I extracted that from Asfaloth's shoulder. It was meant for me I am sure." The Gondolin Elf handed it to Elrond. It was beautiful Mithril dagger, small and with birds and flowers and leaves etched into its surface along with Elven runes. The handle was marble and smoothed to a great shine.

Elrond studied it even as he received it. It was Elven, there was no questioning that. "This cannot be," he said at length. "

Aragorn felt a lump well in his throat and he swallowed it down. Cold fear pricked his stomach and he felt weak. Dark Elves were unconditionally dangerous. They had some evil power and could kill other Elves if they desired it. Lord Glorfindel had been attacked, who was to say Elrond, or even his brothers were not in danger here? He told himself to calm down and listen.

"It is an Elven dagger and you know it well," declared the golden-haired Elf-lord.

Elrond's eyes were fastened to the dagger and he said in a whisper that had a quaver in it, "all too well."

Glorfindel looked at his friend and furrowed his brow. "Elrond? Are you well?" The immortal cocked his head and looked at the raven-haired Lord with worried clear blue eyes. "You know something of the history of this dagger do you not?"

Elrond drew a deep breath and began, "yes, I do know it well. It was Maglor's though how these other Elves got a hand on it I have no idea."

Glorfindel whispered and Aragorn could barely hear the uttering. "He is the one that later raised you and Elros, am I correct?"

Elrond knitted his brows and looked grave. He did not ever speak of this openly. Glorfindel knew the history, for he had been part of the conflict very long ago. "Yes, he is the Elf I called father. You recall how we, the Noldos, were divided, do you not?"

Glorfindel nodded. "It was over the cursed Silmarils and their power. He had abducted you and Elros planning to kill you and yet he came to love you as a father would against the wishes of his division of the clan that had broken away from the Noldo family."

Aragorn listened. Elladan and Elrohir had never told him of this, nor had his Ada. It was scary and sent a shiver up and down his spine like being stabbed by an icicle in the spine; yet the story he was hearing was totally intriguing and he could not help but listen to his father's lamenting tale.

Elrond carried through some more with the sad tale and Aragorn could feel his heart leaping in his chest as he heard the Elf-lord speak, "yes, and some of them never understood what Maglor did. The turned bitter and now they live in darkness. I used to loathe them, for I believed it was they who had forced my mother to cast herself into the sea with the Silmaril to keep it from their hands. Now I know better. If I recall correctly you are a Noldor Elf of great lineage. What do you think of the matter?"

Glorfindel sighed, "well considering I was dead then....." here the golden- haired elf gave a wry chuckle. "I am not sure I am any judge. But they just attacked me, for if that is Maglor's blade, then how else would they have gotten it but to know him? If they know him and were on friendly enough terms with him, they could not have been on the other side, they had to have been on his," concluded Glorfindel.

So far Aragorn had followed the story, but now he was slightly thunderstruck. It was full of so many twists and turns that he could scarce keep it straight.

Elrond frowned and said, "Glorfindel, I want you to go and get all the Elves that are abroad and get them into Imladris, now. I do not want any more attacks and certainly no deaths. Take Ancú with you, but do not allow Elladan or Elrohir to trail you. As a matter of fact, send them to me at once. Make sure that Estel does not follow them."

Glorfindel nearly jumped at his friend's harsh and swift words, but he knew what the raven-haired Elf lord must have been going through. He had thought his past was behind him and he would not have to hear or speak of his mother's death and the weakening of the Noldor race. The golden-haired Balrog-Slayer nodded and spoke very softly, "I will do as you bid, but what shall I do about Estel? He follows his brothers everywhere."

To this Elrond had no answer and Glorfindel sighed and walked out of the room swiftly. Elrond watched the Balrog-Slayer walk out of the room and he sank deeper into his chair, passing a hand over his brow to fight off a growing headache.

Aragorn ducked against the wall and held his breath as he saw Glorfindel stride past quickly, the Elf's golden locks swinging from side to side with his long strides. The man was in shock. What were his brothers going to do without him? What secret was being withheld from him? The ranger felt a deep sense of loss and a wound in his heart. Aragorn shut his eyes and rested his head against the wall, trying to will his composure to return and keep his knees from giving out.

Suddenly he felt a hand go over his mouth and he opened his steel gray eyes wide in surprise. He glared at the Elf before him and his hand was on his dagger. He looked up into the face of Ancú that was pleading for the human to hush. The Elf released his grip on Aragorn and said, "Estel, what are you doing here?" His voice was low so as not to give them away, but there was a mixture of anger and surprise it. "We sent you into get bandages and it has been roughly twenty minutes since we sent you!" he complained.

Then the Elf saw the ranger's sad look and how his eyes seemed farther away. Ancú was not sure what to say. He and Aragorn had never been close as friends, even after their little adventure, but he felt he had to find out what was troubling the human's mind. Hesitantly he said, "I know that I am probably not your closest friend, but........well........you are not yourself," he finished softly as though he had been searching for the right words.

Aragorn sighed, " Ancú there is something wrong." The man stood up and shook his head, waves of dark locks bounced about his face.

The Rivendell Elf gave a half grin, "well when Glorfindel rides in like that you know it must be bad." Ancú sounded worried. He looked down at Aragorn and said, "come, your brothers wish to speak to you."

Aragorn thought darkly, no they don't!


Legolas Greenleaf tossed back his hood as he rode near the river by Imladris. It felt good to be near the mountains again. He loved the air out side of Mirkwood that was freer. Although, he loved his own home greatly and wouldn't trade it for the world. He let his horse canter freely and do as it wanted, for there was not danger and the afternoon air was nice and warm.

His horse was nearly in the water when it stopped and shot its head up and ears forward. Legolas looked down as his horse snorted, "what is wrong my friend?" he asked and patted the creatures sleek neck to ease it. However it did nothing to ease the animal and it began to back up. Legolas peered about him with bight silver-blue eyes that were clear and alert. Something was out there and he was not sure what it was. The fact he could not see it made him uneasy. Orcs normally were not in these parts of the world and they were extremely noisy. Perhaps it was only a bear or something lurking in the woods, or a warg, he added darkly. Using his heels, he urged the animal forward, but it refused.

Legolas was getting frustrated with the animal, even though he knew it was afraid, he knew also he was getting edgy and that was a disturbing thought.

Perhaps it was the water. It was flowing rather quickly. All though it was sunny out that day, it had been raining for weeks and the river was flowing deep and rapidly with waters from the mountains along with rain. Did the horse sense a sudden flood coming? Legolas hoped not.

Suddenly he heard a strangled cry. It was a cry for aid and in the Elven tongue. Legolas sat up straight in the saddle and gazed al around the woods and the water. He saw nothing. In the water all he saw was deep dark water with frothing foam atop it churning and bubbling. The horse snorted and reared up. The Elf atop it gripped the mane and said, "whoa, steady!" The horse neighed and stamped its hooves in the water petulantly. It was getting rather annoyed at the Elf that would not listen to it. Legolas sighed, he was getting fed up with the horse.

The cry came yet again and it was urgent then suddenly cut off. "Help! Hel-"Legolas tensed and felt every muscle in his body go taut. Trying to tell himself to relax, he unconsciously placed a hand on his racing heart. He willed it to calm and urged his horse steadily into the water.

The prince's eyes studied the water, for he was certain that the water was where the cry had elicited. Without warning, his horse reared and the Elf spilled from its back and into the frothing water. Legolas winced as he felt stones hit his sides that he had injured not too long ago near the land of Umbar. The water was cold, even for an Elf, and he felt his strength draining from his body. His hair had come loose of one of its smaller braids and was in his face, clinging to his pale skin. The Firstborn gripped the reins on his horse and held them tightly against the current that was trying to rip them free of him. A wave of water slammed into him and pulled him under and for a moment all went dark and he felt the water filling his lungs and nose. Then he hit something and popped to the surface. When he opened his eyes he found himself pasted to the horse's front legs and he sighed with relief. Spitting out a mouthful of water, Legolas stared up at the horse.

He rolled his eyes. The prince was getting very exasperated with the whole situation. He was wet, cold and hurting again from the old injuries. If Aragorn were here the man would certainly be laughing at the Elf and he knew it. How was it that whenever he went to visit the ranger or was around him, he always ended up getting hurt or uncomfortable. Thinking of all of this, Legolas found himself getting into a grumpy and down right lousy frame of mind.

He suddenly saw something go float by. It was large, but thin and the current swept it under and popped it up. Legolas noticed with a start that it was an Elf such as himself but with raven hair hinted with silver that spread out to fan the water like liquid stars and molten silver. The immortal that was looking rather still and dead was about to past by. Legolas looked up at the horse and said with a sigh, "you aren't going to help are you?" The horse snorted loudly and shook his head and mane impatiently. Legolas rolled his eyes upwards and growled, "of course."

Releasing his grip on the horse's leather reins, the Elf drew in a deep breath and plunged into the icy water and let it flow over his head. The horse stared at the spot where his master had been and pawed the water anxiously.

Legolas resurfaced some ways out and found himself in perfect position to reach out and pull the other Elf. Just as the prince laid a hand on the other Elf's shirt collar, the being shot his eyes open and floundered about in the water a bit. "Let me go! Don't you touch me!" he snarled like a cornered dog. Legolas furrowed his brows in confusion. He wasn't going to hurt this Elf. He was going to try and save it, if only it would quit thrashing about.

"Stop it," growled the wood Elf, "you are going to pull us both under." Legolas held on tighter and said through gritted teeth, "I am going to attempt to help you out but you have to quite acting like a hobbit in a pond!" the Sindarin Elf tried to reason.

The silver-black haired Elf looked up at the Wood Elf and said, "a hobbit?" He had never heard of a hobbit before.

Legolas grinned wryly. Sometimes he forgot that not all Elves traveled this far often and even less often to The Shire. This immortal had most likely never seen a hobbit and he certainly had no clue what one was by its name. "Just another mortal that dwells not far from here," he explained quickly. Then he saw a red tint in the water about the Elf and said, "where are you hurt? You are bleeding. What is your name?"

The raven-silver haired Elf looked at Legolas and said, "Am I hurt?" He tried to twist away and groaned.

Legolas looked at him with an odd expression for a moment. That groan sounded a little unreal. But there was blood in the water, so he couldn't tell. "You are bleeding, what happened?" Legolas gripped the injured Elf under his arms and pulled him up near the horse. "Never mind. You just calm down and rest. I am going to take you to Rivendell."

The Elf seemed to go rather limp and Legolas sighed heavily. He was so intent on trying to get them both out of the water that he did not here the injured Elf utter a single word, "perfect." The bleeding Elf then shut his eyes and allowed Legolas to drag him out of the water and to safety.


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