Ok this is my second attempt at fan fiction, since I didn't receive any reviews for my first piece I took it down Hopefully you people will like this one better.

This is my version of the sixth year. A few changes though Sirius didn't die but he is still a criminal. Harry is now living at Grimmuld Place for his own protection.

Remus Lupin looked at the building in front of him. It looked like a cross between a hospital and a resort. Just a few days ago he had been called into Dumbledore's office and was told that the Potters had not one but two children. That James and Lily had a daughter that had been sent away for her own protection. That it was important to get her now before Voldemort found her and used her as leverage against the light side. Remus was nervous this girl was his goddaughter and he wondered what she was like. He walked in and stopped a person on their way out "what is this place?" he asked.

The man looked annoyed but answered "rehab."

"What?" Remus asked confused.

"For druggies and alcoholics." He replied before walking out the door.

Remus wondered why his goddaughter would be in a place like this but he shoved this question it the back of his mind and walked to the reception desk and said "I'm here to see Anna Micheals." The woman frowned but directed him to the third floor. He went up to the third floor and headed straight for the nurses' station and again asked to see Anna Micheals.

The nurse in front of him looked at him suspiciously before asking "are you family?"

"I'm her uncle Remus," he replied hoping that Anna would go with it. The nurse gave him another look before heading down the hall and disappearing into a room. She came out a minute later with a girl beside her.

From what he could see the girl had long black hair. He caught a whiff of her scent and she smelled like Lily, as she came closer he saw that she looked a lot like Lily, she had Lily's expressive green eyes and once she was in arms length he saw that there were dark circles under those eyes as though she hadn't sleep in days. She was wearing a long sleeved black button down shirt with the arms rolled up just below her elbow and dark blue jeans that had been faded at, above, and below the knee. When the stopped she opened her mouth and said with a slight smirk "hello uncle Remus."

Ok I know this is short but this just seems to be a good stopping point. I promise that the chapters will get longer as the story progresses.