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"Are you sure you should be back so soon Kagome?" asked Sango the next morning. "I'm fine, really. Food poisoning isn't a big deal." Kagome answered as the group made its way through the mountains on the search for the Shikon Jewel.

"Get back Kagome." Inuyasha said flatly as he drew the Tetsusaiga.
"Inuyasha, what is it?"

That very instant, Sesshomaru's two-headed dragon appeared in the sky above them and gently landed to the left of the group.
"SESSHOMARU!?" Everyone but Inuyasha gasped in unison.
"Little brother… today is the day I will beat the Tetsusaiga from your unworthy hands, you mongrel."

As fast as Sesshomaru appeared, he was in front of Inuyasha, swinging the Tokijin at him. Inuyasha dodged his attacks with ease. He stood back, resting the Tetsusaiga on his shoulder, sunlight reflecting off of the enormous blade.
"I guess you didn't bother to find another disgusting arm for me to hack off, maybe this time I'll have to kill you off for good."
"Don't count on it, Inuyasha." said Sesshomaru, lunging at Inuyasha again, the sound of metal clanging was heard shortly afterwards.

"I guess there are some things they have in common." Sango whispered to Kagome.
"Yeah, they're both filled with hot air."
"Um-hmm." Shippou and Miroku nodded together.

The brothers pushed off of each other. Sesshomaru sheathed his sword and then ran up to his brother, shoving his long, pale arm through Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha groaned as Sesshomaru's poisoned claws dug into his brother's flesh. The elder boy then removed his arm at the speed of light and attempted to sever Inuyasha's arm. Luckily, the younger brother's reflexes were fast enough for him to back-flip out of his brother's reach just in time.

Sesshomaru continued to charge at him, now brandishing his whip of light. Inuyasha blocked his brother's attacks with the Tetsusaiga.

'I just have to get away from him long enough to see the wind scar.' thought Inuyasha too himself. He pushed Sesshomaru off and jumped backwards again. Gazing seemingly into space, he watched for the spiral of energy and listened for the scrape of the wind. 'There'
"WIND SCAR!" he shouted and pushed the energy of the Tetsusaiga through the colliding auras.

A yellow-white light filled the field around the feuding brothers, and Sesshomaru's body disintegrated into oblivion with the aid of the Tenseiga. There was just no way for Inuyasha to kill his brother off.

Panting, the half-demon sheathed his fabled sword. Kagome and the rest of their group ran up to him.
"He got away again." Inuyasha growled.
"You shouldn't be thinking about that right now… look at you arm…. your shoulder! We need to get back to Kaede's village." Kagome ordered with worry.
"Feh. These are just scrapes."
"Inuyasha…" muttered Kagome with a smirk on her face. She gave his a poke in the ribs. Inuyasha yelped… like a puppy.
"See… you need to rest. Come on."

As day-four came to a close, Kagome stared at the sky. The usual fight with Inuyasha over his bandages seemed to tire her out more than usual. The stars gleamed brightly, almost blocking out the light from the tiny sliver of moon. She sighed.

"It's almost the new moon; and Inuyasha's badly injured. When will the torment end?"

"Are you alright, Inuyasha? How're your wounds? Need anything?" Kagome asked her sickly beloved. He stared sleepily at her.
"Breakfast… make it woman." Kagome gave him a stern look before swiftly exiting the hut.
"Smooth move, Inuyasha. Kagome gave you six days to prove your love for her… you only have today and tomorrow left to do that. If you don't get your act together, she'll leave and never come back from her time. Do you honestly want to be rid of her?" Miroku questioned. By the time he finished his little rant, Inuyasha was already out of the hut, searching wearily for Kagome.

He finally found her sitting on the edge of the well, the salty scent of tears assaulting his senses. The white-haired boy walked slowly up to the well and sat down beside her.

"Kagome… quit your crying already." Inuyasha said plainly, not looking at the girl. He really hated it when he made her cry like that."I… I'm…" she blubbered. Inuyasha grabbed her wrist.
"You can't leave… you," he bent his head, "you just can't." Hmm… Inu's OOC… must be the wounds…

At this, Kagome looked up, feeling his claws on her forearm. The breeze shifted her raven-colored hair. Inuyasha lifted his head up again too face the girl he'd hurt. For a brief second, she watched the passing clouds and her tear-stained face reflect in Inuyasha's eyes, the deep pools leading into his very soul. Then Inuyasha looked away again."

"Wh-" she questioned quietly.
"What… would you like for breakfast?"

Inuyasha sat of the floor of Kaede's hut.
'So this is all I have to show for five days of work. Damn… I wish I were somewhere else right now… anywhere else… somewhere…' Inuyasha stared into the dancing flames of the fire in Kaede's hut as the last silver-white locks of his hair dropped to the hardwood floor, revealing his black human hair. Behind the deep purple eyes passed a million thoughts. How in the world could he prove that he would always be there for Kagome now? Now that he was human… this was going to ruin his night… though it wasn't like the evening was going to be fun for him anyway.

Minutes passed like hours, hours like days.
'I want it to be over. I want this to go away.' the solemn once-half-demon thought to himself. He was interrupted from his spacey depression by a voice.

"Inuyasha… how are you wounds? Are you doing alright?" Kagome asked him with a worried look. The boy hadn't noticed her entrance.
"Huh? Yeah. Fine." He answered. There was something… Inuyasha was distracted by something... could it be the look on Kagome's face… her worried eyes. Something was pulling him closer to her… his began to beat faster… he was…
"…Inu… Inuyasha?" Kagome shouted as the boy's face came dangerously close to her's. The boy snapped out of it.

'Damn these unpredictable human emotions…. how do they handle it?' Inuyasha grumbled mentally.

'What is he doing? This isn't the Inuyasha I know… I guess it's just his human self… but that doesn't REALLY make me feel any better… does this mean?' Kagome asked herself.

'What's happening to me? Even before I never felt like this… not even on the nights when I was human…'

'What's going on?'

'Why do I feel this?'

"Inuyasha…" Kagome finally spoke. He didn't answer for a few minutes. Something moved in the forest outside… the bushes shook. Even though he was human, his senses were still far sharper than any other person.
"Kagura." He finally spoke. He stood up, grabbing the Tetsusaiga and heading for the door. Kagome raced up and grabbed Inuyasha's arm to stop him before he rushed into battling in his condition.
"Ow! Damnit woman, I'm still injured…" he shouted.
"That's why you can't fight her… you can't let Kagura see you like this… have you ever stopped and thought about what Naraku would do if he knew?"

Something ticked in Inuyasha's brain.

"Don't care." he answered plainly. The boy tried to exit again, but pain shot up his arm and kept him back.
"What?! What are you saying, you idiot? Have you gone insane?" Kagome shouted at Inuyasha. There was no way in hell that she'd let him leave Kaede's hut tonight. Inuyasha turned and took hold of the girl's shoulders; a surprised look took over her features.
"Look, Kagome… I… want to protect you…"
"I'm not being stupid… just…"
"Irresponsible? Yes… that's true. I won't have you risking your life for me because… because if I lost YOU then…" Kagome trailed off, her voice lowering past a whisper. She lowered her head and stared at the floor.
"Then what?" Inuyasha interrogated her. She didn't say anything.
"Stay here." she said roughly. "I'm going to do what it takes to keep you here. Get it?"
'Holy crap, Kagome can be really scary when she's NOT yelling at you.' the boy thought.

The evening breeze rustled Kagome long hair. She stood between Sango and Miroku in the clearing. The breeze picked up as the wind sorceress descended upon them.'This just isn't my week…' Kagome thought.

"Where's dog brain? I wanted to congratulate him on his earlier victory." Kagura shouted.
"You were there? What were you doing, stalking him?" shouted Kagome.
"Ooooooh… someone's got a cruuuuuuuuussssh…." Miroku teased.
"Feh. Like I'd ever be interested in a half-breed like him. We'll see who teases who when this battle is done." shouted Kagura. With a wave of her fan, the wind picked up around them. Trees toppled over beside the monk, who hastily tried to counteract the force of Kagura's wind with his wind tunnel.
"You think it'll be that easy to beat me? Hah!" Kagura shouted. She waved her fan; sending out her "Dance of the Dragon" attack. Sango decided to take action and flung her Hiraikotsu at the wind sorceress. She easily dodged the attack.
"You all really are nothing without doggy here to help you, you know." Kagura jeered with a laugh.

"Think again Kagura!" Kagome shouted. She drew back the string of the bow she was holding, focusing her energy into the arrow. Kagura's eyes widened ad the arrow was released in her direction. She tried to block it with a whirlwind around her, but the arrow penetrated. Luckily for her, the arrow's deadly course had been thrown off by the wind, giving her time enough to dodge it. She quickly boarded one of her enchanted feathers Are they enchanted? I think so… -shrug- and flew back towards Naraku's semi-permanent lair.

Kagome sighed heavily. Her arrow had missed… again. She guessed it only worked when the group was in serious danger. 'At least they don't know about Inuyasha yet.' she thought with relief.


"What are you going to do now, my lord?" Kagura questioned Naraku.
"Wait. Lower the defenses of the castle and wait for Inuyasha and his band of idiots to come trotting in… and then finish them. For good."
"Why do you think that Inuyasha was not present at the fight yesterday?"
"Perhaps because of his injuries." Naraku mused. He knew precisely why, being a half-demon himself. He was waiting for Kagura to figure this fact out on her own… though that wasn't likely.
"I don't think so. He usually fights with injuries to the point that he isn't in control of himself."
"Well, then what is it?"
"I asked you first, my lord."
"First is the worst and second is the best."

'Day Six… today's the last day.' Kagome sulked to herself. The group passed through the forests of the Sengoku Jidai, riding on Inuyasha as he followed the "unmistakable scent of that bastard Naraku". Sango, Miroku, and Shippou were not far behind riding on Kirara. The air began to thicken with a miasma; they were getting closer.

The group came into a clearing. There, standing in the center, was the evil demon in the baboon suit, the one they'd been searching for.
"Naraku, today is the day you DIE!" Inuyasha shouted as he drew the Tetsusaiga.
"Inuyasha…" Naraku giggled. He held up a shiny fragment of the Shikon Jewel.
"You want it, come and get it!" he shouted, long, brown, arms shooting out from under his baboon pelt in every direction.

"It's a puppet!" said Sango and Miroku in unison, both proceeding to blush profusely afterwards. The demon-slayer shook off her embarrassment, remembering that the group was beginning a battle.
"HIRAIKOTSU!" Sango shouted, sending her over-sized boomerang at the puppet. The weapon did nothing to the golem; instead, it flew back into Inuyasha's drawn Tetsusaiga, causing the boomerang to crack in several places. The boomerang landed in some bushes to the right of the battle.

Meanwhile, in the semi-permanent lair of Naraku…

"See? The expensive charm-able puppet IS worth it, master." muttered Kagura. Naraku twitched visibly, and then muttered. "Fine, fine…" he said, tossing Kagura a tiny fragment of the Shikon Jewel. Kagura howled with joy and watched the rest of the battle through Kanna's mirror… Yeah, I tried to add humor in the midst of battle… so sue me -.-;

"You monster!" Inuyasha shouted, and then lunged at the over-grown puppet with his Tetsusaiga. At this, the puppet giggled and split in half. As Inuyasha passed between the halves of the puppet, a giant arm flew towards him. Kagome tried to shoot her arrow at it, but missed miserably. The arm then jabbed the shard of the Sacred Jewel into Inuyasha's neck.

Inuyasha gasped in pain. It seared in his neck, flowing through his veins. The half-demon fell to his knees.

Sango took Miroku's staff and attached it to her Hiraikotsu; taking advantage of the puppet's fleeting distraction. She flung her new weapon at the puppet and decimated it.

Back in the semi-permanent lair of Naraku…

'END TRANSMISION' flashed across Kanna's mirror.
"Heh heh. So it is done." Naraku said, giving himself a little pat on the back.
"Are you sure Inuyasha is finished for good?" Kagura asked.
"Are you questioning my decision?"
"Isn't that obvious?"
"Are you two playing the question game?" Kanna asked in a tiny voice. It was then that Naraku and Kagura both began to glare at her for her impudence.

"Inuyasha?!" Kagome shouted. She ran over beside him. Inuyasha looked up at her with his eyes half-shut.
"Hey." His voice was weak and his throat hurt when he talked. It was getting harder to breath.

Kagome put her hand up, almost touching his neck where the Jewel Shard had been inserted. His wound was purplish-looking now… a jewel shard couldn't irritate the skin like that.

"How does it feel?" Kagome asked. Miroku, Sango, Shippou, and Kirara stood apart from the two, watching.
"Stings…" Inuyasha wheezed.
"Could… could the shard have been poisoned?" Miroku asked. Kagome realized that he had point. She opened her back and took out her first-aid kit. What kind of poison was it… or was Inuyasha even poisoned? She thought frantically, her mind racing, searching itself for a cure. Something came to her.

"Hold still." she commanded. She pulled out one of her arrows and held it by the shaft near the tip, focusing what purifying power she could into it. Kagome carefully lowered the tip of the arrow towards Inuyasha's neck.

The half-demon winced as it she poked at the wound, trying to dislodge the Poisoned Jewel Shard from his throat. It hurt like hell, but it was better than sitting around and letting the poison slowly take him. If she couldn't remove the tainted Jewel Shard from him, than he would most certainly die.

"Ka-go…" Inuyasha attempted to speak.
"Stop talking, you'll make your throat worse." she answered.
"I want… you to know." he said breathily, ignoring what Kagome had just instructed. If he didn't let her know now, he might never get the chance too. Damn this guilt.
"I…" Inuyasha coughed. His chest burned like it was on fire and his vision was starting to go. And then finally, a stained shard of the Shikon Jewel freed itself from the half-demon's neck. With one touch of Kagome hand, it was purified.

The burning still hadn't left Inuyasha's body, though. There was still a chance that he wouldn't make it.
"Stop talking, you'll just…" Kagome tried to say.
"Kagome…" Inuyasha turned to face her; he put his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes. "I… love you." he choked out, his voice was still hoarse. Suddenly, everything turned black before Inuyasha.

Bright sunshine poured through the widow of wherever he was. There were no sounds, save for the birds chirping. He turned his head, still half-asleep. His eyes came to rest upon a woman with brown eyes and long dark hair. She was clothed in green and white.

"Kagome…" he whispered. The girl sighed with relief."I… oh… you… you're…"
"Slow down. Use sentences." Inuyasha said."
"I was worried that'd I never get to see you again. What you said…" Kagome trailed off. Memories flashed across Inuyasha's mind. The fight… the pain… what he'd said.
"What about it?" Inuyasha asked. He still felt sore, but there was no longer that burning sensation that comes from poison.
"Thank you." Kagome smiled at him.

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