Harry Potter and the Tainting of the Light

Chapter 1

Author's Note: I'm not really good at writing Harry Potter stories, god knows I read a lot, but I don't get many of the fundamentals of the magical world, so... yeah. I like J.K. Rowling's story, but it's pretty vague.

(July 31)

Harry Potter was extremely angry at the moment. He was forced, once again, to spend time with his "oh-so-loving relatives." The very same relatives that used to beat him, used to starve him daily on a daily basis. At least that was before Mad Eye and Tonks threatened them. His relatives hated him with passion, yet he can easily say that the feeling was mutual. He often wondered what it would feel like torture them. He knew that if they ever raised their hands on him from now on, he wouldn't hesitate to kill them, underage magic decree or not.

He was filled with so much rage at the moment; he knew he would be able to cast Cruciatus correctly. Hate coursed through his very blood, hate and the want to cause pain. Pain to those that wronged him, to those that made him suffer. Would that be considered righteous anger though. That is what Lestrange said on why he couldn't cast the Cruciatus Curse right. He was ashamed at how weak he was at the Ministry, how he was so stupid, so naive. He never even knew what was required to use the Cruciatus Curse and when he looked back, he didn't know many of the spells the Death Eaters used at the Ministry. How could he possibly be so naïve to not know the magic that his very enemies wielded?

Harry took a deep breath.

He was angry with a lot of things nowadays, but he was mostly angry with himself. He was angry at his own stupidity. He couldn't truly say that he got over Sirius' death by now, and in truth he would never get over any deaths, past, present, and future wise. He was angry at how he was tricked, his enemies knew Harry well. His moves were well read in advance by his opposition. He hated how predictable he was to others. Even his know-it-all friend and the dimwitted jealous friend knew him well enough to see a trap. What really burned him to the core was the fact that he couldn't even avenge his godfather's death.

He was so caught up in childish activities that he ended up ignoring responsibilities. He knew Voldemort was after him, and still he did nothing. He could excuse himself in his first year, nothing could be done when he first went into the wizarding world. Hell he was surprised mostly at why he was famous most of the year. In second and third he could yet again excuse himself, albeit a little less, than in his first. Even fourth year, there wasn't an actual threat of Voldemort facing him man-to-man. However in his fifth year, he should have prepared, he should have prepared like a mad man. He himself was one of the lone voices that were shouting Voldemort's return for crying out loud, and still he did not take things to the core.

He might have been one of the few to acknowledge his return, but when he looked back it was obvious that he didn't accept it. Anyone with half a brain would have prepared themselves if they knew Voldemort had a twitchy finger ready to fire Avada's at them. He should have been more serious about the situation. Even Moody was warning him, how many times did he have to get lectured by Moody for carrying his wand in his back pocket? How many times did he ignore the warnings of an experienced veteran Auror who was one of the most famous in the First Rise of Voldemort?

Even Snape was warning him about being prepared. Snape was training him to be prepared for Voldemort, yet Harry let stupid childish grudges get in the way of learning how to save him-self! Snape, although being a jackass, was more then right when he said that Harry was arrogant. He was so arrogant, that he believed that he didn't need to take the most feared Dark Lord of this century seriously. He could have done something, if not take everyone else's word to heart, he could have at least read and studied.

Hogwarts alone was known for holding enormous amounts of books on so many subjects of magic. That was the benefits of having a school that was about a 1000 year in age. It wouldn't matter though, even Hogwarts didn't have the books that he would need. There was little doubt in Harry's mind that the restricted section would be too tame for his likings. Every book in the library no matter how closely guarded, wouldn't hold such materials such as the Unforgivables. Maybe before Riddle's rise to power there would have been books on those subjects, but Dumbledore was no fool. He was a manipulative bastard, but he was no fool. The moment he took control of Hogwarts, he no doubt made sure that no one like Riddle could ever obtain knowledge that dangerous from the library. Maybe they would hold other Dark Arts but the trouble to get them and read them without anyone suspecting anything would be too hard. No he would need to either do some serious shopping, or hopefully find the things he needed at Grimmauld Place.

The house had been owned by the Black Family, and they were infamous for they're past ancestry affiliating with the Dark Arts. Yes, he would train and prepare like never before. The only question was the fact that Harry never saw many books while in Grimmauld Place. Maybe Dumbledore cleaned them out as he situated the base of the Order of the Phoenix there. They were minor problems at the moment. He would become the "weapon" that everyone was expecting him to be. To Harry it was pathetic. The wizarding world expected him, a mere child barely passing in school, to do anything, while the lot of them would hide like cowards.

If it weren't for his thirst for revenge he would let the lot rot. They deserved nothing less, the cowards, stabbing him in the back at the words of the fucking press. There also was the wizarding ministry. The whole damn place was a laugh to Harry; it was sad how the place was run. Not only was the leader of the damn government a coward that lusted for power, but a bunch of kids snuck into a "highly secured' section of the Ministry. The whole lot of them was pathetic.

"Boy! Get down here now, someone at the front door for you!" Shouted Harry's uncle, breaking Harry from his thoughts.

Harry grudgingly went downstairs exiting the room that had been his sleeping quarters for the last five years. He was somewhat grateful that he actually lived in a room now instead of a goddamn cupboard like he did for his first 10 years of stay at the Dursleys. He got to the front door, unconsciously holding his wand. He took Moody's word to heart, as he very well should have. The Auror definitely knew his stuff, or else he wouldn't be alive right now. He held it carefully, not letting it be seen and still having it so that he could draw it to attacking stance quickly.

He saw his uncle walking past him, whispering about freaks and what-not. He continued walking towards the door and looked out. He saw that it was Tonks, one of the younger known members of the Order of Phoenix. He walked up to her, and in a speed surprising even himself, though it didn't show in his face, he raised his wand to Tonks face. She blinked with increased confusion laced with surprise.

"What do you do at the entrance of the house that makes Mrs. Weasley so mad?" He asked.

"Uhh... oh I trip over that coat racket thingy at the entrance, making HER shout causing Mrs. Weasley to get angry at me."

"What did Moody warn me about before taking flight from here before?"

"He said you'll blow your buttocks." Tonks said with a grin remembering that moment.

"Okay, now what are you doing here?" Harry asked irritated putting his wand away.

"Jeesh, what's with the attitude, and anyways I'm here to take you shopping" Tonks said annoyed at his tone, but brightening up at the part about shopping.

"Why, it's not like your fantastic Order," Harry said sarcastically, "needed me to go with them to get my supplies last year."

"Well, Dumbledore thought it best if you get some time enjoy yourself and mingle a little with the wizarding world. He thought you might be lonely." Tonks said.

"So he isn't' as stupid as I thought. Well fine how are we getting there?" Harry asked.

"Harry... Dumbledore is doing what he thinks is best." Tonks said trying to be gentle.

"What's best for my life, or the wizarding worlds?" Harry sneered.

"..." Tonks didn't respond.

"Whatever, so how are we going there?"

"I'm driving." Tonks said cheering up.

"Shit." Harry cursed quietly.

"Hey! I heard that, I'll happen to tell you that I only crashed once!" Tonks said.

"Bet you only drove once also." Harry said.

Tonks didn't answer, but her blush confirmed everything. An hour later, after countless attempts as a conversation by Tonks, with an equal number of short and cutting responses, they made it to the pub. Harry entered the Leaky Cauldron and went past the pub without even acknowledging anyone. The majority of them had believed him insane and he couldn't give a shit if they had a seizure right there and then.

He and Tonks went to the alley, where Harry poked the right brick. As he entered two Aurors, who were standing guard at the entrance, stopped him. One leveled a wand to Harry's face and the other was sitting at a desk with a parchment and quill at hand.

"Hand over the wand" The Auror said.

"Not bloody likely, how do I know I can trust you with it?" Harry said snidely.

"You don't have a choice, or else..." The Auror said.

Harry gave a laugh that sounded cruel.

"I'll humor you for now" With that Harry gave his wand to the Auror who checked it with a spell. It caused a mist to float over the wand and the name of the owner floated above the mist causing the Auror to pale.

"Right M- Mr.- Mr. Potter your cleared." The Auror said giving him a badge while his partner took his name down. "You must wear the badge at all times, if you don't the consequences aren't favorable."

Harry walked past the Auror without saying anything, leaving Tonks to follow the same procedures. He walked towards Gringotts ignoring the shouting of a really pissed off, clumsy Auror and walked up to an open goblin.

"I'm here to make a withdrawal." Harry said shortly.

"Of course Mr..." The goblin said snidely.

"Potter." Harry said shortly and gave the goblin his keys. By that time, Tonks caught up to him and was chiding him for leaving her.

Harry ignored her while looking at the goblin looking at his keys. The goblin seemed to check something that was behind the counter also and looked back at Harry.

"Well Mr. Potter everything seems to be in order, however from what I am told you are to see the accountant manager for some... recent developments" The goblin said mysteriously.

"Fine who the hell is the accountant manager I'm supposed to see?" Harry said irritated for being interrupted from his normal plans.

"That would be Gransole. Please make your way to the far right of this room and ask for Gransole at the desk... right over there." The goblin said pointing to a certain desk.

Harry grabbed his key and strides angrily to the desk. He reached the desk and did as the goblin told. That is how he found himself in a small room in the back of Gringotts. Tonks was also with him, something that truly annoyed him. After sitting on a chair that was meant for guests and waiting for 10 minutes an old yet elegantly dressed goblin stepped into the room.

"Please excuse my tardiness; I had other things to take of. Now let's see..." Gransole looked over at a parchment that was on a desk the other side of the room from Harry. "Mr. Potter is it... a yes I know what this is about."

"Well on with it." Harry said impatiently.

"Patience is a virtue Mr. Potter, and arrogance leads to impulsive and faulting acts." The goblin said, annoyed at Harry's attitude.

"Look we're here to talk about my account, not to talk about my actions to you or anyone else, so shut up and you start TALKING about my account." Harry said pissed off at the goblin.

"Harry..." Tonks said warningly for his rudeness.

It seemed that Harry ignored her once again until he looked at the goblin. "Look I'm sorry for my actions towards you, Gransole. My mood lately has been shitty, and I am wrong to take it out on you, but can we please just get on with it. I only have a short time to get away from my jackass of relatives and I would like to spend the time more productively." Harry said in a somewhat sorry tone.

"Very well... Mr. Potter the reason you are here is because it is now your 16 birthday, is it not?"

"Yes." Harry said, having no idea where this was going. However from Tonks gasp it seemed that she certainly knew what was going on.

"Well, under normal circumstances you would still be a child in the wizarding laws, but because of the deaths of your parents, and your recent godfather, which also brings up some rather big changes to you financial status, but we'll get to that later, you are now able to be an emancipated adult. Not many have this choice, or privilege if you want to see it as such, but if you want you may be considered a legal adult, through signing of some papers."

"What are the benefits of this arrangement?" Harry asked.

"Well, for one you may use magic, provided it is not in the open for muggles to see. Also you get the full financial privilege that has been denied to you until you would have been of age. This means that you may have access to the money you have inherited past your trust fund."

"Wait, I have money other then my current vault?" Harry asked.

"Yes! Didn't you know, the Potter Family Vault is one of the more sizable and wealthy vaults in the whole of Gringotts. I can only think that the Malfoy and Dumbledore vault is better off. How can you not know of this?"

"That is what I want to know, is it not Gringotts duty to inform their clients the full knowledge of the client's money? Especially considering that the client was never raised by magical beings?"

"Well it is our procedure to inform someone that the client knows so that they can obtain the knowledge from." Gransole said.

"Well, who's my contact?" Harry said.

"Hmm. Let me see, it says Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Your headmaster is it not?" Gransole said.

"Yes, I should have known the ass would keep this from me." Harry muttered. "If I sign those papers will I be in control over my money?"

"Yes of course that is the whole point of the process."

"Is that all the benefits?" Harry asked.

"Of course not, there are more, but they're all basically the same as if you were an adult. Nothing different, you also hold the same responsibilities as one as such the consequences if you break a law. You still have to go to school however to finish your education."

"I can deal with that, now what was that you said about Sirius Black from before?" Harry asked.

"Oh! Well it seems that Mr. Black's will had something that included your name in it, but I can't read it or anything. There needs to be an official hearing for these types of things.

"Wait did my family have any business dealings in the past that is still currently active? Like stocks and what-not." Harry said.

"Yes, being of your financial status, I would guess so." Gransole said.

"Would you be able to check and if I did I would need a personal manager for these type of things. I don't truly think I would have the time or experience to manage this on my own. I would hope to at least have some professional advice." Harry said.

"Of course..." Gransole seem to look through a lot of papers that no doubt carried the history of all of the Potter's bank statements. "Well the Potter's have a share in most of the major stores currently in Diagon Alley, with quite a few in Hogsmeade. There are also those in France, northern England..." By now it seemed that Gransole was more mumbling then anything.

"Wait, did you say other countries?"

"Of course Mr. Potter, you family is one of the older purebloods that have had marriages between many different countries to ensure alliances between family and so fort. It is sad to say that you are the only Potter alive now, but the holds you must have over other families are tremendous. So many families have dissolved under the Potter name... Don't forget what I've said Mr. Potter your family may be one the higher financial status in Gringotts, but I think I can safely say that the Potter's total wealth is unmatched in Europe."

"Right... Well like I said I need someone to manage this, does it have to be a goblin or can it be someone I hire?"

"It is your money sir, it is yours to do with as you wish, and we have no say. You could liquefy everything right now and throw it on the streets of Diagon Alley and we can't say anything. But I do believe that the Potter family has already got an accountant. The accountant is located in somewhere in France though... hmm... how does that work out. Well I'm sure you can handle that, the name of the person is Jewel Delaney, I do believe that's an English name."

"Well, okay... Can I have those papers now?" Harry said.

The goblin put a stack of papers on the desk and Harry walked up to it.

"Harry, think about what you're doing, are you ready for this? Are you ready for being an adult?" Tonks asked for once very serious.

"You're surviving in the real world, how hard can it be?" Harry said coldly. He went over to the desk and was looking over everything, when he was swung around.

"Look Harry James POTTER, I don't know what the hell your problem is, but I will not allow to be talked like that by a child." Tonks said extremely angry.

Harry however wasn't fazed by her anger and calmly replied. "Then give me a few more seconds and you can be talked like that by an adult." Harry swatted her hand away and resumed what he was doing.

Tonks meanwhile was doing her best to calm herself down.

'Come on, killing him won't solve anything.' Her rational side answered.

'But it will help my anger.' She replied.

'You know that you don't want to.' Her rational side countered.

'But I do... he's so infuriating.' Tonks reasoned. By now Tonks hands were twitching. She was so close from getting her wand and hexing Harry out of his misery. She was about to snap, and didn't know how to stop herself. So snap she did.

"CRESCO PENNIPOTENTI!" Tonks yelled. (1)

Harry spun at a phenomenal rate and yelled, "PROTEGO!"

The bat bogey spell was redirected back to Tonks who quickly jumped out of the way. She was about to shoot off another spell, when Harry calmly cast an "Expelliarmus" at her. He caught Tonks' wand rather easily and pocketed it. He walked up to Tonks and kneeled in front of her.

"Got your anger out now? Or do you want to continue?" Harry asked.

"But... How did you do that, I'm a trained Auror for crying out loud." Tonks was flabbergasted.

"Your specialty is probably concealment and tracking having nothing to do with dueling. While you probably are good at dueling, you're probably still nothing compared to people who do nothing but train in it. Besides you're just out of the academy anyways, right? Been professional for a year now?" Harry asked.

Tonks got up from the floor and dusted off her robes. "Still... that was fast reflexes there. And I got hit without a problem, my ego hurts, greatly, even if it was by the GREAT Harry Potter." Tonks said, pouting her lower lips.

"Quidditch and constantly having Riddle and his followers chasing you has to do something. The DA wasn't useless stuff either. Look I'm sorry that I was an ass, but I'm just really pissed off today. I'm sorry that I took the crap out on you, but I got really angry when you treated me like a child and the fact that it made me feel like you were trying to control my life." Harry sighed.

"Here." Harry threw Tonks her wand back. He exited the room with the papers signed and went back to the front entrance. There he spoke to another goblin.

"Potter." Harry said shortly handing the goblin the key.

"Oh Mr. Potter! If you would follow Grintor… GRINTOR!" The goblin yelled.

Harry was met with a mossy looking goblin. He followed Grintor to the carts, where Tonks finally joined him, but she was oddly quiet.

"To vault 687 Mr. Potter. Hold on." The goblin asked.

"No actually I'm going to the Potter Family Vault." Harry said.

"Oh, understood sir. Hold on." Grintor said to Tonk and Harry.

The cart descended and went further down then Harry ever imagined. It was bloody freezing by the time he got down to a stop. He absently cast a warming charm on himself and Tonks. She looked grateful, but Harry didn't notice.

"Vault 5 sir"

"5? Holy hell, no wonder it's so cold." Harry exited the cart with Tonks trailing behind him. He looked towards the vault entrance and was in awe. Not only was the door itself gigantic, the design of the door was splendid. It was a black as onyx metal with intricate designs of gold and blood red. In the middle was a fancy "P" over what Harry guessed was his family's crest. It was a circular picture with a phoenix on one side, and a griffin in the other. They were separated by a curved sword, which looked like a scimitar version of Godric Gryfindor's sword. Only the sword didn't have jewel or anything, but its relative shape was the same. The whole crest looked like a warped version of the yin and yang symbol.

Harry reached out to the crest, to touch it. He had no reason, it was just an instinct. (Does anyone ever question why people always have to grab something they're like in awe over. It's really funny, it's almost as if they can't believe their eyes and only by touching will the thing be real.) The vault door opened, without making any creaking noise. It seemed that the vaults down here were better kept then his Trust Fund Vault.

"HOLY SHIT!" Harry said as he saw the number of things that were in his vault. There were many thing from galleons, sickles, and knuts to books, chest, and weapons. He instinctively grabbed a bag full of galleons and put it in a sack he always carried. He grumbled at how stupid it was to come down to the vault every single time for money. The goblin seemed to overhear and spoke.

"Mr. Potter, we don't do this for just any of our clients, but for such a high class client as yourself, we have a special... bonus that will help you. It is called a Grab Bag, allowing you to grab the amount of money you need from the bag when you need it. You may get one on your way out if you were to ask." Grintor said.

"Thank you for the information." Harry said while emptying the bag and going over to the weapons. Most of the weapons were large and would have been very hard to conceal or let him go unnoticed by others. There were a few, however, that caught his eyes. There were a set of daggers, which seemed to be fit for using only with each other, and a knife. Both weren't flashy in appearance, although it was nicely designed. They even had a sheath for each of them, and the best part was that he could sense that they were laden with magic. He couldn't tell what spells were on it, but he knew they had magic on it. The fact they weren't laden with jewels or anything like some of the other weapons would make it so no one would want to steal it either.

Harry then went over to the books and saw that many of the books held much knowledge about magic that would put Hogwarts to shame. There obviously weren't stuff about recent magic, but a lot of the magic that were forgotten by general public. The knowledge that only scholars and people like Voldemort and Dumbledore would know. Still even with a quick glance of the books told him that it only held "light" magic. They were powerful, but not what he needed.

He looked around and noticed a chest/trunk. It held many locks on the end, like the trunk he saw Moody have at the end of his 4th year. He noticed there were no keys, and saw that the locks weren't opened by keys. It was like the locks on a door, you only twisted the lock on the door to unlock or lock it. Harry guessed that's how this trunk worked also.

He opened all of the compartments, 4 in total and looked in them all. There were less compartment then Moody's but he got it for free. The first compartment was normal, and the next two were rooms the size of a small bedroom. The last one held an incredibly large room, almost as 6 times the size of Gryffindor common room. There were even stairs decending to each of the last three rooms. He vaguely wondered how he was going to put so a whole bookcase of books in a trunk.

"Grintor, how would you suggest that I put these books in that trunk over there," Here Harry pointed, "without having myself exhausted, and also letting it be time sufficient?"

"I could do it for you Mr. Potter, if you allow. I am used to such requests and do it often. It's my specialty actually to transport large amount of objects." The goblin said.

"Thank you, you may, I would like to store the books into the second compartment if you may."

The goblin raised its hand and seemed to concentrate. The bookshelf with around a 100 books rose in the air and rose to the trunk. There it shrunk before entering the trunk. Harry couldn't see the rest so he walked up to the trunk. He looked inside and noticed that the bookshelf and books were the normal size and placed at the side of the small room. He thanked the goblin and closed the trunk. He looked around once again and noticed that Tonks were looking at the weapons.

"You can take one you know; it'll probably be helpful sooner or later in your work." Harry called out.

"No thanks Harry, I can get a dagger or knife anytime. I don't need to take it from your vault." Tonks said.

"Some have magical properties with them though, I can feel it." Harry said.

"Oh really? Like what?" Tonks said, looking at the weapons again with renewed interest.

"Don't know, I can just feel the presence of the magic, can't tell what's on it." Harry said truthfully.

"Oh well that sucks, for all I know the weapon might have a blow-back charm on it." Tonks said.

"A what?" Harry said.

"It's a charm that makes anyone that uses it to get blasted back as if with a strong banishing charm, or a rather tame Reductor spell.

"Oh... yeah that does suck." Harry said.

He once again started looking around when he saw one book that wasn't collected. It wasn't with the others and it was just sitting on a platform that was next to the entrance of the door. He walked up to it wondering what that it was all about. He stopped in front of the book and opened it. The first page had an introduction to the purpose of the book.

This book is to help those who are of the Potter Blood to get what he needs and to find what he needs. This book holds information about all objects that are within the vault, except for the money as they should be self-explanatory. It holds the information of the object. If you place this book on an object or the object on a left page of the open book, it will give information of the object.

"Hey Tonks I think we've found the solution to your problem." Harry called to Tonks.

He brought the book towards Tonks and the weapons. As he opened the book to somewhere in the middle, he brought the daggers and knife out. He placed the daggers on the left page of the book as told, and immediately lines were forming on the right.

Name: Twin Fangs

Item: Double Bladed Duel Dagger

Creation: August 15 1629

Ability(s): The Daggers are of silver cooled within first Holy Water, then Non-Blunting Potion, and after that Non-Rusting Potion. It is incredibly lethal against Vampires and Werewolves. The Dagger is layered with poison that is non-lethal to humans, but leaves the victim in a state full of agony and pain. The lasting pain will not cause damage to the brain, only leave the incapable of doing anything physical and magical because the pain is too great. The pain is curable only by Phoenix Tears or the Soothing of Suffering (2) mixed with holy water. The Dagger can be keyed to a user by dropping three drops of their blood to the hilt of each dagger. Then say the spell "Ligo Duo Nam Unus(3)" This keys the Dagger to you until your heart ceases to pump and your blood ceases to flow. The Dagger will then never harm the user. Also when keyed, only the user may hold the Daggers without it burning the individual, although magic may be used on the daggers by others to lift the Daggers.

"Damn, that's nice." Harry said. He then placed his knife on it.

Name: Merlin's Mercy

Item: Double Bladed Curved Knife

Creation: July 1 989

Ability(s): Steel knife that was cooled in Phoenix Tears, Non-Blunting Potion, and Non-Rusting Potion. The Knife is layered with The Draught of Sleeping Death, rendering the victim into a state of coma until wakened by the counter potion, Wake From Eternal Slumber. The Phoenix Tears allows the cuts to automatically heal, leaving no physical indication of attack, only the victim going into a coma. The Knife can be keyed to the user by adding three drops of blood to the hilt and speaking the incantation "Ligo Duo Nam Unus." The Knife will then never affect the user.

"Well, that's kind of tame... I guess if I have to use that against someone I want to bring in alive yeah..." Harry said. "Needless to say this weapon won't be used that often."

"Hey Tonks, got a weapon you want to try?" Harry said.

"Nah, I still think it's yours and I shouldn't take any."

"Well if you want you can have this knife it's rather really nifty, but a bit bland for my taste." Harry said to Tonks. "Here read what it does."

Harry let Tonks look at the book, while he searched for other things that had magical essence. He went to the jewelry section and noticed that a few had magical properties also. He grabbed some of the rings, earrings, bracelet, and a couple necklaces.

"Uhhh, Tonks can you bring the book here?" Harry called to Tonks.

"Ok." Tonks said. Tonks brought the book to where Harry was sitting with a handful of jewelry around him. She laid the book down and put her hand to his shoulders. Harry looked at Tonks to see what was going on.

"I'm sorry for earlier; I wasn't trying to control your life or anything and I sure as hell don't see you as a child, I just wanted you to make sure you really knew what you were doing. I just want you to be safe and not do anything stupid. So that it isn't something that you might look back at and say 'God I'm stupid.' It's just that I care about you and I don't want you to get hurt or anything." Tonks said.

"Hurt by signing a contract?" Harry asked with a grin. "I'm probably in more danger with you driving."

Tonks hit Harry upside the head.

"Thanks... So did you choose to keep the Knife?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, it sounds useful." Tonks said.

"Great, now let's check these jewels. You can have some of these too, I'm dead sure I'm not going to be wearing some of these jewels, especially the feminine ones." Harry said.

"Umm... aren't you giving me too much, you already gave me a Knife." Tonks said unsure.

"Look, if some of these things can help you when you're putting yourself in danger, then I'll gladly give it to you. Besides you were Sirius favorite cousin, so I have to watch out for you, right?" Harry smirked.

Tonks laughed. "Oh that's rich a 16 year old looked out for a 22 year old."

"Your 22?" Harry said.

"Oh damn it, can't believe I said that." Tonks said.

Harry focused on the looking up all the jewelry, while talking to her. "That means you went to Hogwarts?"

"Yeah, I was 6th year when you when, you were so adorable when you first got sorted." Tonks said.

Harry blushed, "Shut up NYMPHadora."

Tonks also blushed, but smacked Harry once again on the head.

"Well you can check the ones you want and see their abilities or you can check them all and go for the abilities. I already got mine, so don't hold back in choosing any." Harry said, while looking over his item.

He got a single white-gold earring that had a Griffin for the figure piece. He also got a ring that had a picture of a Grim on silver, and a necklace that was made out of platinum and had a ruby figure piece.

Name: Ear of Griffin

Item: Earring

Creation: December 21 1971

Ability(s): To allow hearing over distances. The wearer must focus on the person and imagine himself near the person. The result is having the wearer hear everything as if they were actually there. Confusing at first but with experiment and practice, it becomes easier.

Name: Foresight of Grim

Item: Ring

Creation: January 4 1979

Ability(s): Senses if a person if lying, and warms up letting only the wearer feel it as long as the person is lying. A person with occulamency will be immune to this and any other lie detectors. However it is rare for a person to set up occulamency if he is not expecting anything from the wearer, so unless the person is paranoid the ring will detect lies. It senses anything that is lying within a two meter radius. Must focus on the person to see if they are lying or not. The focus does not have to be extreme, just something above the level of disinterest.

Harry particularly liked this one. It was the only jewel that had this ability, and it would help with a lot of deceptions within his life.

Name: Blessing of the Dragon

Item: Necklace

Creation: March 3 1920

Ability(s): Raises the wearer's resistance to magic to a higher degree. The resistance goes well against simple spells, or spells that do not have a lot of power behind it. Can be added to other natural magic resistors, such as dragon hide coating, but cannot be used with spells or potions. If a potion or spell they counteract with the necklace rendering the necklace useless.

Harry looked up and saw that Tonks chose hers already. She got a silver bracelet. She said that the bracelet provided magical resistance.

"Ok, I think that I've spent enough time here I'll just get my trunk." Harry said. Harry brought the trunk over and put the book on it to know the full degree of abilities it had.

Name: N/A

Item: Trunk

Creation: December 24 1980

Ability(s): Can story vast amount of objects in four compartments. Is also fire resistant, and has a higher resistance to damage and magic then normal. The Trunk can also transfigure itself to an onyx ring that form to the size of the wearer by the user touching the Trunk and saying "Descresco (5)" and to change it back, touch the ring and say "Augeo. (6)" The Trunk also has an anti-theft charm, allowing only the user to use the Trunk, the spell required for this is "Nihil Abigo. (7)" The Trunk will then recognize the user's special magical signature in order to open the trunk. If the person dies, then the magic surrounding the trunk dissolves. The Trunk also has a permanent weight fixture spell to have the Trunk at one weight and an individual weight for the ring. It is to not get anybody suspicious if anyone, Muggle presumably, carries the Trunk and it weighs like the ring.

Harry decided to do the spell now and key the trunk to him. "Nihil Abigo." A stream of gray light followed to the Trunk surrounding it. The light then seemed to be absorbed by the Trunk. Harry walked up the trunk and touched it, "Decresco." The trunk transformed into an onyx ring and Harry put it on his index finger. Harry also put on the grim ring on his index finger on his other hand. Harry put on the necklace, and decided to get an ear piercing later.

He and Tonks exited the vault after an incredibly long time, and soon found themselves in the main hall of Gringotts again. Harry looked towards Grintor, who said nothing, but just pointed to the far left of the room this time.

Harry and Tonks reached the left side of the hall where a minute goblin was writing something on a parchment.

"Excuse me." Harry said.

"Yes?" The goblin looked annoyed.

"I'm looking to obtain a grab bag." Harry said.

The goblin looked Harry over and laughed. "Hahaha, wizard you are wasting my time."

Harry was about to draw his wand, but held himself back. "I'm from the Potter vault GOBLIN so let me get a fucking grab bag." With that he slammed the key onto the desk the goblin had the parchment on.

The goblin was grumbling as he reached down and grabbed the key. As he examines it, the goblin's eyes seemed to pop out for a moment, yet the goblin controlled its expression once again, looking indifferent. It didn't matter, Harry saw it either ways, and smirked.

"Yes, of course Mr. Potter if you would just sign the parchments I'm about to bring, to state your legal owning of such a thing. I'll also explain how the parchment works when you've signed it. Would you also be looking for the muggle version of the grab bad?"

"The muggle version, like a credit card you mean, or a bag with muggle cash in it?" Harry asked,

"No, no, that would look to out of the ordinary. It is a credit card, and we will also give you a faked license to allow you to use it." The goblin said.

Harry nodded and the goblin seemed to scramble away.

The goblin soon returned with two, two feet of parchment, where he was instructed to sign in several places. The goblin explained that the grab bag required the user, who's magic would be keyed to the grab bag under the contract that the user was now signing, to speak the amount of the gold the user wants and to reach into the bag. It was rather simple yet ingenious, the goblin also told him there was a limit of drawing only 20,000 galleons before having to renew the drawing with a goblin or to wait a week for the drawing limit to refresh, supposedly in case the user was being robbed and forced to draw money.

The credit card required the person to swipe his finger along the botton side of the credit card within two minutes before giving it to the cashier. The swiping would be to activate the credit card with the user's magical residue; the credit card would be keyed to only the user once the user signs the contracts. This would prevent a robber to do anything with the credit card.

Harry finished everything and a black bag, with a Gringotts crest, and a simple looking platinum credit card came up along with his supposed license. He grabbed the license and it read him to be 18, with almost all the other information's the same. It had a picture of Harry that didn't move, obviously, that he never knew he took.

He grabbed the bag and the credit card and thanked the goblin. He left the store, intending to spend a load of cash today. He didn't need robes even though he did need clothes, but he wondered if Madam Malkines had boots. It was clothing and boots would go rather well with her robes, or so he thought. Harry walked into the store and asked if they had dragon hide boots. Madam Malkines said yes and directed him over to the side of the store.

He picked out a completely black dragon hide boot and paid for them. He enlarged his trunk and placed them in there. He went to Ollivander's Maker of Fine Wands.

He entered the dingy store with Tonks in tow. He felt pretty annoyed with having Tonks constantly trailing him, without even looking inconspicuous. He stood in the store for a minute before the old somewhat insane-looking man came out.

"Ah... Mr. Potter. This is a rather unusual surprise. I did not think that you had any troubles with your wand, but I somewhat expected you to come again." Ollivander said.

"Yes, I need a second wand and two wand holsters if you have any." Harry said.

"Is this presumably because of the Prior Incantatem you have with your brother wand?" Ollivander said.

Harry didn't know how the creepy old man knew, he guessed either it was from Dumbledore or from the fact that he made wands so he should know all the pros and cons of wands. It could even be both for all he cared.

"It is that somewhat, also to have a spare wand in case of getting my first taken away." Harry said.

"Ah is that so Mr. Potter. Yes always good to be prepared. However you must know that the wizard and witch carry the magic, not the wand..." Ollivander stated mysteriously.

"I figured as much, as muggles can't do magic even with wands." Harry said sarcastically.

"You do not understand what I mean right now, but maybe you will in the future, maybe not..." He said again in that of so annoying mysterious tone of his.

"I'll be sure to try and figure out what you mean, but could you let me try and find a compatible second wand? I know that the first took an awful long while." Harry said.

Ollivander smiled in amusement and went to the back where he stored his wands. He was occasionally mumbling and such, and gave a bit of news that surprised Harry.

"Well as you know Mr. Potter, I was there at the wand weighing at the Tri- wizard Tournament. As you can remember, I have met Ms. Delacour and found out the core of her rather temper mental wand. So in that time I have tried many more combinations of cores then the usual dragon heartstring, phoenix feather, and unicorn hair. I have also searched for many more trees to find the channeling property of the magic that the wands provide. I have also been experimenting with combination of cores and tried to see which would be best. Many of the cores seems to diminish the properties of the other, unless fixed in the right wood. While it was a long and a lot of guessing and testing process, the end results of the ones that worked were marvelous. It almost like finding a diamond in the rough. With a 100 bad wands, came 1 powerful wand. Hmm... yes so you can see I have more different type of wands then before, however it was a shame that these new more powerful wands never got chosen. It seemed that many of the people that come in here, always seem to get their wands before I come to the more powerful section of my wands. So since we know that you have practically tried everyone of my previous wands, let's jump to these shall we?" With that Ollivander brought 10 boxes of wands out.

He laid them spread out in the counter in front of Harry. He opened the first box and said. "Here you go, Rowan, 11 ¾ inch, with Veela hair, and Griffin feather. The Rowan is supposedly the tree of protection, vision, and visions. Give the wand a wave will you."

Harry grabbed the wand and waved, the entire bookself exploded behind Ollivander.

"No, that definitely isn't the wand you're looking for, but it's powerful, yes?"

"Frighteningly so." Harry said.

"Ah, but that's one of the weaker wands that I have... Let's try, Amber Tree, 10 ½ inch, with phoenix feather and Veela feather. Give it a wave."

Harry grabbed it and the wand felt warm, but not right.

"Well, the wand is rather good with elemental magic, from the Amber Tree and presumably fire with the phoenix feather and Veela hair, but it's not exactly right for you. Hmm... How about we try this wand... It has Elder, 12 inches, and with the combination of grounded basilisk scale and the hair of a Nundu. I shudder remembering what I had to do to get these ingredients. Give it a wave."

Harry did and a light that was interwined with black, green, and silver came out. Harry felt at the moment very cold, but it wasn't a bad cold, more like a cold that clears the mind. Like taking a cold shower after sleeping, it woke his senses and made Harry feel more... aware. Olivander clapped while having a haunted look in his eyes.

"That is one of my most powerful wands. From the Elder of the wand it symbolizes the beginning and the end, of many things, so I can presume you will play a very significant role in this age, which goes without question. The Elder tree is considered to be one of the most holy amongst the old practitioner of magic, the druids. I am sure this wand will serve you well, the question is left to wonder if it will serve others well..." Ollivander said.

"Could I try the other wands, just in case?"

"But of course, I must insist that you do." Ollivander said.

5 minutes later, with many things in the store broken or disheveled, Harry found that no other wands were compatible in the least with him.

"May I get the Amber Tree one also?"

"Why Mr. Potter, your going to have more wands then arms." Here Ollivander laughed. "But of course."

He grabbed the rest of the wands and took them to the back of the room. He returned with three wand holsters.

"Here are three wand holsters, both have been charmed to not let anyone "Accio" the wands or to cast an "Expelliarmus" spell on it. The wand holster goes almost anywhere, and is made of the hide of a recently dead Hungarion Horntail. She was a very old beast and her hide was as dense as can imagine. Very durable, I was only able to get such a deal because of my long time connections with the dragon keeper that managed her. Now if you place it on your wrist it draws your wand to your hand with this wrist movement." Here Ollivander motioned he hand to a certain movement.

"But my wands are over 10 inches each, how do I fit the wand on my wrist where my arm is around 7 inches?"

"Well the wand holster has a charm, you see. It carries a long length then normal. It has a space distortion charm on it. Kind of like most trunks that are sold in Diagon Alley nowadays."

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Ollivander. How much will it be?" Harry said.

"It will be 70 galleons total, 20 for the wand, and 10 each for the wand holster. Also Mr. Potter, do not forget what I have said about the properties of the wand. It is you that control the magic, not the wand." Ollivander said.

"Mr. Ollivander, why is there such a thing as a... wand arm as you said?" Harry asked.

"Well there is truly no wand arm, only the arm you are more familiar with. Most people use their natural writing hand, because they have a better familiarly with their writing hand. After all casting spells with wands, require the correct swishs and flicks. However I'm guessing you can force yourself to learn with your left hand. Just harder you see." Ollivander looked over to Harry to see if he understood.

"Yes, I believe I do understand, oh, Mr. Ollivander could you not tell Dumbledore about this? All of this?" Ollivander nodded and Harry gave him the money needed and turned around.

He strapped two of the wand holster at his wrists. One respectively on his wrist, and he put the last one at his bottom legs. He figured that his hands would be the first place to look for wands, and the legs will be less likely. He put his Holly wand in his right arm, and the Amber in his left. He decided to put his more "sinister" wand in his right leg until he got more familiar with using magic with his left arm.

He looked up from his activity and noticed that Tonks was asleep. It had taken quite a while, but he never expected Tonks to fall asleep from the wait. It seemed that Tonk's metamorphism required her to be conscious to work. Right now it seemed that Harry was seeing the real her, not her with pink, spiked hair, or unnatural colored eyes.

She had a whitish blond hair, that had the same tint of Narcissa Malfoy, and her face seemed more angular and very pale. It seemed as if her appearance were more regal, then her usual happy and trusting face that she had. He decided to wake her up, instead of leaving her in the shop so that he can do what he wished. He knew that he was going to regret it later, but he didn't think leaving her in the store and sleeping would leave her in a very productive state.

Harry shook Tonk's shoulders and yet she still wouldn't wake. Harry got truly annoyed at how heavy a sleeper she was. He then thought this would be the perfect time to try his new wand holster. He backed away and did as Ollivander instructed, his Holly came out easily enough. He let go and it instantly went back into his wand holster. He smirked, he was going to like this. He then tried with his left hand, and after the second try he got the handle of it. He returned the wand also, and took out his Holly once again. He whispered an incantation that conjured a bucket full of ice-cold water. He smirked as he dumped it over her head.

A loud scream made Ollivander scramble back to the front with his wand drawn. As he saw what was going on Ollivander smiled and headed back to what he was doing. Tonks by now was screaming bloody murder, but Harry just rolled his eyes and cast a drying charm on Tonks. She was now dry, but the heating charm that Harry cast on her was starting to fade so she felt cold. She cast a warming charm on herself and grumbled at Harry.

Harry for his part just replaced his wand, laughed and walked out of the store. He walked into Flourish and Blotts with Tonks and cursed. Tonks asked what was wrong, and Harry said he didn't know what books he needed for what classes. Tonks smacked her forehead and pulled something from under her robe. It seemed to be a letter and she gave it to Harry.

Tonks blushed as she said, "Sorry I was supposed to give this to you, but I kind of forgot with all the things that happened today."

Harry opened the letter, and as he expected it was his Owl scoring. 'Dear Mr. Potter, blah, blah, blah, where's the damn- oh!'

OWL Score

O – 3 OWLS, Oustanding E – 2 OWLS, Exceeds Expectation A – 1 OWLS, Average D – 0 OWLS, Dismal T – -1 OWLS, Troll

(P) – Practical (T) – Theory (O) – Overall

3 Dismals, 2 Trolls, or 2 Dismals and 1 Troll will require retake of the whole year. If you get a Dismal or Troll in any subject but pass, tutoring or summer help will be required to stay in class.

Potions (P) – O Potions (T) – E Potions (O) – O

Transfigurations (P) – O Transfigurations (T) – E Transfigurations (O) – O

Charms (P) – O Charms (T) – O Charms (O) – O

Divination (P) – A Divination (T) – T Divination (O) – D

Herbology (P) – E Herbology (T) – E Herbology (O) – E

Defense against Dark Arts (P) – O Defense against Dark Arts (T) – O Defense against Dark Arts (O) – O

History of Magic (P) – N/A History of Magic (T) – D History of Magic (O) – D

Care of Magical Creatures (P) – E Care of Magical Creatures (T) – A Care of Magical Creatures (O) – E

(Mr. Potter the O you have received in DADA was because of you marvelous Corporeal Patronus, which gives you a 4 instead of a 3 for points)

You have a total of (18) OWL(s)

You may take the follow NEWT preparation classes: Potions, DADA, Transfiguration, CoMC, Herbology, Charms.

"Awesome... Wow that's a good score Harry." Tonks, who was reading over Harry's shoulders, said.

Harry walked over to the counter and told the worker that he needed the 6th year books for Potions, DADA, Transfiguration, CoMC, Herbology, and Charms. The worker came back and rang up the total which was 30 galleons. He gave the money and grabbed the books. He didn't want others the see his trunk yet so he just ended up carrying it.

Harry was wondering how stupid he could be, there were countless books in here that might help him in some way, but what if he already had the books he needed in his personal library? He decided to come back to Diagon Alley sometime soon again, so that he may get some more books. He exited the bookstore again and looked around.

He walked to the Apothecary and entered. He got what he decided was a fare potions supply for 6th year and exited. He then walked to past Knockturn Alley when something caught his eyes. It was a shop with the sign "Magical Eye Enhancement." It wasn't in Knockturn Alley, but it wasn't entirely in Diagon Alley either. He walked into the store with Tonks trailing reluctantly after him.

Harry walked up to the counter and saw an attractive witch in her mid 30's standing there.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Your store says magical eye enhancement? What does it mean?" Harry asked.

"Well, I can fix that glasses problem of yours, and provide some 'extra' feature for it also." The woman said.

"I'll need to fix my eyes, and after we'll see what we can do about the 'extra' that you're talking about."

"It'll be 500 galleons. Expensive, however I can guarantee that it'll work."

Harry gave the money needed to the witch and she in turn gave him a potion. He looked at it wearily and drank it. It was tasteless, but thick. It was a disgusting feeling. However the moment it hit his stomach, his sight seemed to fade slowly. He was about to use what little vision he had to blast the witch for tricking him, but her voice stopped him.

"This is just the process; the potion allows your eye's to restart. I will be using my magic to "regrow" your eyesight to make it perfect. But I needed the potion to actually set your eyes back in dormant stage. This might feel... painful..."

Harry didn't know what was going on, but he felt his glasses come off. Then he "felt" magic hitting his eyes. It wasn't painful or anything, but it was tingly. He didn't know how long he was waiting but his vision started to return. Everything came back into focus, and it hurt his eyes. Too much light he guess, almost like getting glasses for the first time.

He looked up to the witch and she looked at Harry weird, and he looked back at her with the same amount of confusion. She shrugged it off and asked if he wanted the extra features.

"What are those?"

"Well I'll charm your eyes, to see through invisibility cloaks and see past objects. You will be able to control it after a while or you'll go mad with seeing past people not at them. I also will only do it to one eye, so that you can tell the difference between the real deal, and the magical eye. Trust me after this you will never be blind again, unless someone blasts your eye out that is." She said with morbid humor.

Tonks gasped, and the witch looked at her and narrowed her eyes.

"An Auror, shit." The lady said.

"Yes, and you're violating code-", Tonks started while raising her wand.

"Shut up Tonks! This could very well fucking save me my life, and I'll "Obliviate" you if I have to!" Harry said, angry at being denied this privilege, this edge. It didn't matter that he had no idea how to cast an Obliviate spell, but he was willing to try in his anger.

Harry turned around and asked how much it was.

"1000 for the charm, want it?" The lady asked impressed with him.

"Yeah, but why are you willing to do this, I mean you can't be so stupid as to just tell everyone that comes here of your offer, right?" Harry asked.

"You may not know it, or you may just be playing stupid, but your face is easily recognizable Mr. Potter. I for one believe that you will need every edge you can get to survive." She said.

Harry just nodded and told her to do the charm, while giving her the money. He then looked at her again as she pointed her wand into his face.

"Which eye would you prefer?"

"Which eye would you prefer, you should know." Harry said.

The wand focused to Harry's right eye and a charm was cast on it. Harry was still for several minutes when she said it was over. He couldn't tell anything different, and just stared at her. He didn't know how it worked, but the ladies clothes just started to melt. Harry immediately blushed and turned around. The lady instead of hitting him or anything, laughed.

"So I guessed it worked?" She said amused.

"God, I do hope I can control this..." Harry said.

Then he turned around and shook the lady's hand.

"Thanks you Ms..." Harry said.

"It's Mrs. Zabani." She said with a smirk.

"Thank you Mrs. Zabani, have a nice day." Harry turned around and exited the store in a hurry. Tonks trailed behind looking confused. He was getting tired of carrying his books by now so he decided to screw what others thought. He took off his trunk/ring and enlarged it. He opened the first compartment and put his books in there.

He then shrunk it again and placed it on his finger. He then turned around and looked directly at Tonks.

"Tonks, can I trust you?" Harry looked directly into her eyes.

Tonks for the most part felt uncomfortable at how intense his stare was. She squirmed a little before saying, "Depends."

"Can I trust you to not say anything about what happened today or what will happen today?" Harry asked with utmost seriousness

"What do you mean will?" Tonks asked.

"Can I trust you?" Harry asked just as forceful as before.

"Depends, if you're going to do something stupid, then I can't trust you." Tonks said.

"I'm going into Knockturn Alley, I don't want you to tell anyone what I do in there."

"What!" Here others started to look so Tonks lowered her voice. "Are you stupid? You'll get killed!"

"I know what I'm doing Tonks, I won't be killed. I'm more worried if you'll tell the Order." Harry said.

"Yes I will tell the damn Order that you willingly went into Knockturn Alley. Why the hell would you even go in there?" Tonks said.

"Revenge." Harry coldly. "I'm going to get the bitch that got Sirius. Right now I can't, but if I go to Knockturn Alley, I'll stand a better chance of doing that."

"What do you mean, let the Order take care of her, you shouldn't worry about her." Tonks said.

"I'm going whether you like it or not, you won't stop me. I'm only worried that you'll tell that ass that leads your Order." Harry said with conviction.

"Harry..." Tonks sounded half pleading, half whining, "I can't lie to Dumbledore."

"Then don't lie, just don't say anything. If he asks about my day, tell him that I had a fun time, got my books, and was glad to be away from the Dursley. That sure as hell won't be a lie." Harry said easily.

"What if he asks-", Tonks got interrupted.

"You think he'll ask 'Tonks did Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, the wizarding world's scapegoat, go into Knockturn Alley, found his Family Vault which I've tried to hide, got emancipated, and got illegal eye sight charms?" Harry asked. "Actually you will have to tell him about my emancipation because he'll probably already know. The goblins must have already sent him a letter telling of him no longer being my contact."

"But..." Tonks said.

"Tonks, I'm going if it will ease your mind then just wait at Florence's Ice Cream Parlor for me." Harry said rolling his eyes.

"Like hell, it's bad enough you're so content on going, there is no way you're going alone." Tonks said.

"Whatever, will you tell the Order or not?" Harry said.

"I'll... try not to say anything... but they might go to drastic measures to figure out what went on." Tonks said.

"...As long as you try. I'm only doing this because I have to." Harry said.

Harry conjured a black hooded cloak and put it on. Harry then turned and walked into Knockturn Alley. He put his hood up so as to not be recognized. And he was sure that it covered everything but his lips and chin.

As he walked down the alley, he couldn't believe he was scared the first time he went there. It was so different from now, now he didn't feel any fear at such low lives. They were nothing compared to Voldemort and he sure as hell wasn't going to be intimidated by some group of hags, and wanna-be vampires.

They tried to scare him, and taunt him. He for the most part sneered and moved on. Tonks seemed somewhat intimidated but he paid her no mind. She just trailed after him. He soon found the store that he wanted and entered. It was the same store that he entered in the summer of his 2nd year.

"Borgin and Burkes" was as dusty and infested with dark objects as usual. The store was stuffy and he stiffly waited for the Mr. Borgin. He wasn't disappointed as the sleezy sad excuse for a man entered from the back room.

"What may I do for you Mr...?" Borgin said.

"My name is none of you concern, your only concern should be how we can help each other out. I have no specific on what I'm looking for, however I would like to see all the books you have in this... establishment." Harry said with a sneer.

"Right away sir..." Borgin went into the back again. He soon came back and dumped 10 books on the counter and went back and brought 8 more.

"That... is all?" Harry asked disbelievingly.

"Well... there are more-"Borgin couldn't finish his sentence for Harry interrupted him once again.

"It would be in the best interest of your health to let me see ALL the books you have Mr. Borgin." Harry said coldly.

Borgin seem to have built his courage up and said, "How do I know you aren't just an undercover Auror?"

"You don't... But how can we solve that?" Harry asked.

"I want you to cast the cruciatus curse on me." Borgin said without a doubt. "That way if you are an undercover Auror you'll go to Azkaban."

Tonks who have been keeping oddly silent up till now spoke up. "Don't do it H-"

Harry interrupted coldly, "DON'T finish that sentence woman." Harry looked towards Borgin and replied, "How do I know that you aren't already caught by the Aurors and everything right now is a set up to save your own ass and send me to Azkaban?"

Borgin thought about it for a moment. "No Auror would think with that type of logic... Alright I give, I'll get the books."

True to his words Borgin brought back 30 more books. Harry skimmed most of the books and was very pleased with most of what he found. He even found a book about Parseltongue. He smiled in triumph. The rest of the books that Borgin brought before were mostly useless. He got one book that told about the tactics of Aurors and Death Eaters but left the rest.

"How much for everything on this pile but these two," Here Harry raised two books, "and getting this book?"

"That would be... 1500 galleons..." Borgin smiled sinisterly.

Harry handed Borgin 1500 galleons plus a hundred more.

"Do shut up about this. I'll know otherwise..." Harry said. Borgin then went into the back again and left Harry and Tonks there alone. Harry enlarged his trunk and levitated his books to his bookshelf in his second compartment. He then closed it and returned it to a ring. He placed the ring back on and left without a word.

He and Tonks soon reached Diagon Alley once more and Harry took off his hood but kept his robes. He walked to Florence's Ice Cream and order a sundae, with Tonks ordering Strawberry Cheesecake Icecream.

They both got their orders and took a seat. They both ate their ice creams in silence.

"So... what do you want to do now?" Tonks added.

"What time is it, damn. I should probably get a watch been laying it off for such a long time now." Harry said. "Then I'm going to go shopping," Tonks looked bewildered, "in the muggle world. I refuse to wear these rags anymore."

Tonks looked at the clothing that was under his robes and nodded

"Damn straight." Tonks said.

"Well let's go and get be a watch, know any place that sells watches?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, but hold on, I'm not done with MY ice cream." Tonks whined. "Just because you eat like a pig, doesn't mean I can eat that fast."

"Oy! I do not eat like a pig, that's my cousin that eats like a pig." Harry said.

Tonks laughed and nodded her head. Harry was glad that she changed the subject, he really didn't want to explain anything to her, just wanted to ignore it for now.

"Done!" Tonks exclaimed.

"You have too much energy for your own good." Harry said dryly. "So where is it?"

"Well it's by Gringotts, well to like the left of it."

"Okay, than let's go there."

Tonks led the way with Harry following for once. They reached a rather small store that had a lot of watches. There were a lot of varieties also. Harry and Tonks reach the owner of the store who seemed to be making a watch at the moment.

Harry and Tonks waited patiently. Well Tonks waited somewhat patiently, and Harry was about to yell at the man. Harry was never one for patience. He was irked when anything delayed him. He hated to admit but Snape was right, he was impulsive: never patient, never thoughtful, and always rushing in to things. He was going to try and change that, even if it killed him.

The owner finally looked up. "May I help you?" He said.

Harry was about to scream 'No Shit' to the guy, but wisely didn't. "Yes I am looking for a watch, hopefully with magical qualities with them."

"Yes, what type of watch are you looking for Mr..."

"Potter... I am looking for a more... muggle watch, a wrist watch actually. One that is durable and isn't really too flashy, yet stylish." Harry said confidently.

"Okay Mr. Potter, if you would follow me I may have the things you are looking for. Hmm... Look at these things if you will..." The owner brought out a tray with 10 muggle looking watches.

"Are they water resistant? Fire resistant?" Harry asked.

"Oh everyone of them are water resistant, all but the last one are fire resistant." The owner said. "I presume that with your... reputation that you would need something to help in case of danger..." The owner said gravely.

"Of course..." Harry answered thinking that his reputation was too much cons rather then pros.

"Then I have a watch that should help you tremendously. This watch is rather experimental actually. It's actually one of my latest versions, Muggle also, coincidently. The watch here..." The owner pointed a watch that he recently pulled out. "I suspect it would help you tremendously, it has a portkey function. The thing is, the portkey is a more stable version then the regular charmed object. It's undetectable and activated by a set password. It's not a one time thing either so I don't think you will just throw the watch away after one time. Here I'll give you an instruction manual for the watch, much more simple. Do you want it? If so it'll be 30 galleons." The owner said looking at the watch with pride.

Harry handed the money over and reached out for the watch. The owner gave it to him and a stack of paper, for what he guessed was the manual. Harry nodded thanks, and was about to exit when the owner spoke.

"Thank you Mr. Potter. I always believed in you, my daughter is going to Hogwarts. After all the things I've heard from her about you I knew that you couldn't believe anything from those papers. I think her quote was, "He's rash and a griffindork but he's still a goody two shoe griffindork." Also helps from the fact that my daughter, and I are from Slytherin so we know all the biased opinions from others." Harry looked ashamed at those words but the owner just smiled.

"I'm sorry, I was one-"

"No hard feelings Mr. Potter, no ones perfect." The owner concluded.

Harry turned around and shook the man's hand. "Thank you Mr..."

"It's Greengrass."

"Thank you for believing in me and helping me Mr. Greengrass."

Harry put on his watch and adjusted the time to the times on the wall. He then exited the door, while stuffing the manual in his oversized jeans. He was in deep thought at the moment, truly re-evaluating his priorities. He wondered if carrying bitterness for the wizarding world for the acts of the majority, but not all, was right. Then he would be like Tom Riddle, and all the conceited Pro-pureblood people in the magical world, who believed the actions of a few muggles can lead to the discrimination of anything muggle.

Harry had his head hurting from the thought of it. He truly did despise those that blatantly mocked and jeered at him. But who were those people? Who truly hated him and who were putting on poker faces the whole time? Harry knew that Seamus' mom thought him crazy, but if Seamus didn't say anything, then how would he have ever known?

Maybe the easiest thing to do is always be wary of people. Never fully trust anyone, but that was such a lonely and more Moody-like life. He could never imagine living by himself and shooting spell's at the slightest noise. Harry shook his head. Just bull-shit it. Don't think about it, just live.

"Harry? You okay?" Tonks asked as Harry was in deep thought.

"Umm... yeah sure. Let's go to the muggle world now, I think I'm ready." Harry said.

Harry and Tonks exited the Diagon Alley, handing the badges over to the Auror and went shopping again in the muggle world. As Harry entered the driveway to Privet Drive Number 4 he got 10 black khakis, 5 pairs of black running shorts, 5 black t-shirts, 5 black long sleeve shirts, 10 boxers (black), 10 black pairs of socks, and 2 sets of running shoes that were black. Harry thought he looked goth but shrugged it off.

He and Tonks went up to his room and settled everything, not that there were much mind you. The trunk really helped with transportation of a lot of materials. Tonks was about to leave when she remembered something.

"Oh yeah! I was supposed to give you this at the end of our day only. Here you go..." Tonks pulled out a small box the size his finger nail.

"Thanks I guess..." Harry said looking at the box with amusement.

"Well Mr. Potter, looks can be deceiving can't it?" Tonks said. She pointed her wand at the object and enlarged it. As it grew in size so did the details. Harry could clearly see that it was a present now that it was back to its original size. "Happy Birthday Harry... This was from Sirius... He saved up for quite a while to get you this... Don't know what it is, but he put a lot of time to getting it." Tonks kissed Harry on the cheek and left without another word.

Harry looked at the box in anticipation and sorrow. After trying so hard to push away the memory of Sirius, to try and push him and guilt away from his mind. The box that was in front of him made him remember. Harry was filled with grief, but he refused to cry. No, hell would freeze over before he cried. He had to be strong, to avenge Sirius... to avenge Cedric ...to avenge his parent. Heaven be damned before he broke.

Harry cautiously walked up to the box and slowly opened the wrappers. He didn't want to rip it or anything. Anything that was from Sirius was precious in his mind. He knew he was being stupid, it was just a god damn wrapping paper. A horribly bland one at that, but it was still from Sirius. So Harry got to the actual box an incredibly long time after. He opened the box and looked inside. There was a letter that was placed over some sort of fabric.

Harry took out the letter first and opened it. Harry took out the letter with shaky fingers. He half expected the letter to be a howler yelling at him for causing Sirius' death. Harry knew it was stupid, even if Sirius blamed him for the death, he would have been dead after he wrote it. Harry unfolded the letter and looked at the writing.

Hello Pup,

How are you doing Harry? By the time you get this, it'll be your birthday. Happy 16th birthday by the way. Ahh... what a special day a 16th birthday is for a teenage boy. Anyways what you will find inside is a rather... expensive gift. I know, I know, you'll probably be saying that I shouldn't have been wasting my money and such, and you'll probably be writing a letter to me to chaste me. Just know that anything spent on you is worth it Pup. I bet your wondering why I'm calling you Pup huh? Well that was my nickname for you when you were little. Since I was your god father and all, so a god son of a Grim would be a pup. Umm... yeah... Well it sounded good at the time, but whatever. Hope those stupid muggles are treating you well, you can scare them into thinking that I'll go over there and kill them or something if they don't. Well the gift I got you is a robe. It's not just any robe either. I don't quite know what it is composed of. I just know the maker of the robe is very well known. Even though he is well known, he rarely makes any of his splendid works anymore. It's a shame really. The only reason I was able to get you the robe was because he I'm innocent, and the fact that your father, Remus, and I had a rather good relationship with him. Well anyhow I was able to get him to make a robe one more time just for you. I got it customed to fit you, but just in case you actually get a growth spurt squirt, he enchanted it to fit at least bigger by 1 foot, and wider by 1 foot. I bet by now your dying to find out what your oh-so-loving godfather got you, huh? Well anyways you know it's a robe, but it's a battle robe. Not even Aurors have these babies. Neither do the OoTP, I can't say I'm surprised at the price of just one. Even took a sizable chunk out of even the Black's Vault, now that's scary. Ok, ok, by now your really frustrated at me building the suspense for such a wonderful gift so I'll tell you what a battle robe truly is. The robe is a really dense yet light and flexible mix of a Ukrainian Ironbelly and a Graphorn.

This baby is a work of art. It's so dense that it will probably easily deflect a stunner from an average wizard/witch. It's really, really durable. The time to create such a robe takes at least half a year. Even then there are so few that know's the art to mold the dragon hide to their whim that it's probably a dying art. Kind of like the invisibility cloak, yet this is even more rare then it. The robe changes color to whatever you'll need and has a hood to cover your face. I wouldn't suggest to having it as black then having a hood on. Probably think you're a death either or something. Well the fact that this robe is also very stylish is also an added bonus. Oh did I mention that it has an auto-cleaning potion, can't get dirty. You can wear it everyday of the next... your whole life and it won't stink and stain. Great huh? It also has an auto-repair potion laced onto the fabric so anything that cuts it, although I highly doubt anything can, will have it fix itself. Oh yeah, you can also key the robe so that only you can wear it, obviously something this expensive you don't want other's taking. Since it is of dragon hide and graphorn, you will need to do the blood binding chant or whatever it is called. You have to first find you family crest that I've request be woven into your robe. That will also tell others that it's your, in case you never seen your family crest before it's the little drawing I put at the bottom right of the parchment (Sorry folks I don't have a scanner so I can't show you the picture, just imagine what I wrote before). Well you drop three drops of blood there and say "Ligo Duo Nam Unus" with your wand touching the crest. You should count the drops well because there needs to be three drops and since it will clean itself on impact... Just don't forget you're a smart kid. Well you better appreciate the gift and send me a letter of thanks. I took a lot of time thinking it through.

The Grim

Harry looked at the letter fondly. It didn't seem that Sirius had lost all his humour from staying in Azkaban. The humor sounded a bit dry, but that could be expected. The only thing pulling at his heart was all the times Sirius wrote in the letter expecting him to write back. Harry's heart felt empty. Almost as if a black hole appeared in his chest everytime he read his Godfather's reference to Harry communicating with him.

Harry put the letter down and looked into the box. He took out the soft material and examined it. It felt thin and like silk. He couldn't understand how such a material would be able to put up with all that his godfather said. It looked as if Harry himself could tear it to shreds. It didn't matter Harry trusted his Godfather's word without a doubt.

The robe would be useful, but he didn't want to be dependent upon it. He wouldn't just want the robe to be saving his ass if anything happens; Harry wanted his own skills to do it. The robe might be an added bonus but he must never be any less weary. He had to train as if he had no bonuses or helpers, and if he did in certain situations good for him.

Harry enlarged his trunk and put his robe in there, along with his letters. He then stepped inside his second compartment trunk and went in to study and train.

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(1) I'm using this as the bat-bogey spell. No incantation was given, so I just used the meaning "Growing Bird," There was not Latin word for wings or bat.

(2) A made up potion, which numbs extreme pain and is used for victims of Cruciatus Curse.

(3) "To Bind Two as One"

(4) "Set To Travel"

(5) "Grow Smaller"

(6) "Enlarge"

(7) "To Not Steal"