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The Powerpuff League

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Note: I'm trying a new way to write fanfics around here. I've seen a few but I'm writing the fanfic in a novell-type way. And oh yeah, I've seen a few fanfics around here before but they're pretty much all the same (no offense to anybody) so I'm trying something even more different in the plot.

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Episode One: Only the Beginning

Professor Utonium walks down the stairs to his lab followed by the three Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup who are floating behind him one Friday. Professor Utonium is the creator of the Powerpuff Girls and also their mentor. This time, the Professor wants to take a blood sample from each of the girls.

"Why do you need to blood sample?" asks Blossom. Blossom is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls. She's five years old like her sisters Bubbles and Buttercup. Blossom is incredibly smart for her age though which makes her the leader. Blossom is generally moral and caring but her over-sized ego tends to make her over confident. She also knows how to read Chinese!

"Yeah, Professor. Shots hurt!" Bubbles cries. Bubbles is possibly the only one of the three Powerpuff Girls that actually acts her age. She loves to color with crayons, play with fuzzy stuffed animals, and she's also afraid of the dark. Bubbles tends to cry a lot but she is generally passionate for many things. She's also the one Powerpuff that can talk with animals!

"Hmph, Bubbles, you're such a baby! Stop crying about shots!" Buttercup said with a frown on her face. Buttercup is the tomboy of the trio. She loves to tease Bubbles since Bubbles always act like a "baby." Buttercup is also the toughest. She acts tough and rough in order to gain her respect among her sisters. However, she is known to have a soft side which she barely reveals.

"Now, now, girls, don't fight. We'll take the shots quickly and get them over with, okay?" the Professor says with his usual smile. The three walk down the laboratory. As the reach the bottom, they look around to see many beakers and glass tubes with all sorts of liquids in them. There are some that are bubbly, there are some that are boiling, and there are some that are just simply unmentionable. The girls look around as the hover on down. The Professor walks over to a small table with a white sheet over it. Next to him is a smaller table with a few needles and such. "Come over here, girls!" the Professor says. The Powerpuff Girls reluctantly fly over. They are just like any child who is afraid of getting a shot. The Professor takes out one large needle and tests it. He sees that it is fine. "Blossom, you first," the Professor says as he smiles.

"But Professor!" Blossom exclaims seeing the length of the needle. "That needle is huge! Don't you think it's gonna hurt!?" The Professor laughs at Blossom's fear. "I seriously don't see what's so funny," Blossom says as she frowns. The Professor stops laughing but still has a smile on his face. Blossom agrees to take shot. She turns her head away so she won't see the shot. The Professor took her arm and injected the needle into it. Bubbles and Buttercup winced at the sight of the needle entering Blossom's arm. As the Professor takes out the needle, the places a bandage over Blossom's arm. Blossom looks at the bandage and smiles up at the Professor letting him know she's alright. The Professor looks over at Bubbles. "Bubbles, you're next."

"But Professor! I heard that when you take shots, it really really hurts! And you see, the thing is, I don't want to be really really hurt! And if I'm really really hurt, I dunno what's gonna happen!" Bubbles cries. She lets out a scream that makes the room shake a bit. The Professor pats Bubbles on the back. "Now, Bubbles, as long as you don't see the needle, it won't hurt a bit. Will you take the shot now if you don't see the needle?" the Professor asks gently. Bubbles, with a tear in her eye, nods. The Professor places a blindfold over Bubbles' eyes so she wouldn't see. She felt her arm being lifted up for a moment. Afterwards, she felt a bandage being wrapped around it. The blindfold was then removed. Bubbles looks at the bandage and smiles at the Professor like Blossom did. Bubbles and Blossom float over a bit to let Buttercup in. "Buttercup, your turn," the Professor says.

"Hmph, I don't need a stupid blindfold to take a sissy shot!" Buttercup boasts. She sticks out her arm as if she's ready to take a shot. The Professor sighs at Buttercup's bragging. He tests out another needle and injects it into Buttercup's arm. Buttercup begins to frown a bit seeing the needle enter. After it left her arm, a bandage was placed around it. "You know," Buttercup says, "I didn't need the bandage!" The Professor rolles his eyes. Blossom and Bubbles giggle at Buttercup's boasts. Buttercup, annoyed at their giggling, asks the Professor, "What's the blood samples for anyway?"

Blossom and Bubbles stop giggling and wait for an answer. The Professor simply smiles. "It's surprise. Remember that little talk we had about patience? Well, time to put it to test! I'll tell you tomorrow." the Professor says. The three Powerpuff Girls all let out their distress in "aw's" and "darn's" since they were all eager to find out what the blood tests are for.

* * *

Meanwhile, Mojo Jojo is working in his own laboratory. He looks through a microscope while using two electric powered rods on the plate on the microscope. Mojo is looking at what seems to be a cell. The electricity from the rods move the cell around making it lively. Mojo lifts his head up and takes in some air. He looks over to his left where there are three empty tubes filled with a clear light green liquid. He sighs and goes back to his work.

* * *

The Powerpuff Girls left the lab and went back to their usual everyday activities. Since today was Friday, the Professor usually let them stay up late. The Powerpuff Girls got ready bed by changing into their night gowns of respective colors. Bubbles heading towards a table and started drawing pictures with her crayons. Buttercup went to the TV and played a few rounds of Meat Fighter 2. Blossom went to sit down on her pink bean bag chair to read "Conversational Chinese."

Blossom stops her reading for a few seconds after getting bored for once. She stares at the alarm clock next to the Powerpuff Girls' bed. It read 9:37. The Professor would let the girls stay up late but not this late. "Hey, girls!" Blossom calls out to Bubbles and Buttercup. The two stop what they're doing and look at Blossom.

"What's the matter?" Bubbles answered.

"It's 9:37 P.M. now, girls. Don't you think that the Professor would had made us go to bed by now?" Blossom wondered.

"Who cares? He must be really busy and I'm sure he won't mind if we stay up too late..." Buttercup mentions as she drastically presses the buttons of the video game controller in her hand.

"Yeah... I guess you're right," Blossom said. She let out a big yawn and fly over to her bed where she lied down and continued her "Conversational Chinese." Eventually, Blossom read herself to sleep with her face in her book. Bubbles stops drawing for a while and looks at Blossom. Blossom looked rather funny sleeping with a big book smacked right in front of her face. Bubbles couldn't help but to let out a few giggles. Feeling a bit tired, Bubbles yawned. She grabbed Octi on her way flying to the bed and snuggled up next to Blossom. Buttercup, however, continued to play her game of Meat Fighter 2. Suddenly, the TV says, "You Win!" in an electronic voice and Buttercup jumps into the air punching straight up. "Alright!" Buttercup yells. She turns around to look at her sisters but only to find out they're sleeping. Buttercup covers her mouth quickly. She shuts off the game, turns off the light, and closes the door leaving a little crack for the light to go in. Buttercup grabs her "Blankie" on the way over to the bed where she snuggled up right next to Bubbles. Buttercup yawned and slept while the Powerpuff Girls all snuggled up together.

* * *

Mojo is still working in his lab on the cell. As he peers through the microscope, he sees that there isn't only one cell but a total of three. Mojo messes with the cells a bit and he adds in a few drops of water. It causes the cells to swell up. Mojo carefully picks up one of the cells with fine pins so caution enough not to damage it. He places the cell into one of the three tubes filled with liquid. It's the middle tube. As it enters, the liquid slowly change into red. Mojo picks up another cell and places it into the right tube. The liquid slowly changes into green. Mojo picks up the final cell and places it into the left and last tube where the liquid slowly changes into blue.

Mojo hesitates after he's finished placing the cells into the tubes. "In the meantime, I, Mojo Jojo, will continue to work while they, the cells, grow!" Mojo muttered to himself. He sits back down at the table he was at. He pulls out an empty container and started mixing various chemicals into it. He looks darn well that he knew what he was doing. After mixing a bit, Mojo stares out the window. It was a full moon at night. Mojo let out a big yawn and started working on the chemicals again.

* * *

Bubbles wakes up hearing the birds chirping outside. She immediately notices Buttercup's foot right in front of her face. Bubbles immediately flies up and looks around. Blossom still has her face in the book and Buttercup has holding onto her Blankie. Bubbles let out a yawn which woke Blossom and Buttercup up.

"Emmmmppphhh... wha?" Buttercup sounded half asleep. She rubs her eyes and lets out a yawn.

Blossom also lets out a large yawn while rubbing her eyes. Bubbles sees something on Blossom's face. There were backwards Chinese symbols on her face. Buttercup notices too and begins to laugh. Blossom looks confused. "What's so funny?" she asks.

"Your face!" Buttercup laughs as she holds onto her belly.

Blossom frowns. "That wasn't very nice!"

Bubbles flies between Buttercup and Blossom. "Now, Blossom, it's ON your face!" Bubbles explains. "You see, there's a Chinese symbol thingamajiggy on your face."

Blossom looks at her Chinese book which is open. She flies over to the mirror and looks at her face. Blossom lets out a loud gasp and quickly rubs off the Chinese symbol. Buttercup is still laughing. "Buttercup, shut up!" Blossom yells.

Buttercup continues laughing.

"Shut up, Buttercup!" Blossom yells one more time.

"Enough!" Bubbles screams. Buttercup stops laughing. Both Blossom and Buttercup looks at Bubbles. Bubbles puts on a smile. "Why don't we ask the Professor about the blood sample?" Bubbles suggests.

"Yeah, great idea, Bubbles!" says Blossom.

"Let's go check it out!" Buttercup flying out. Blossom and Bubbles follow.

* * *

The Powerpuff Girls hover downstairs and go into the Professor's bedroom. He wasn't there. They then check out the kitchen and the Professor wasn't there either. The girls then go to the lab and the Professor surprisingly wasn't there. The girls finally go into the training room and see the Professor working on the machinary that projects the holograms used during training.

"Morning, Professor!" Blossom greets.

"Good morning!" Bubbles says sweetly.

"Morning!" Buttercup says with a slight yawn.

The Professor, surprised, stops what he's doing and faces the girls. "Good morning, girls. I see you're up and early!" the Professor says.

"Professor, can you tell us about the blood samples?" Blossom asks.

"Yeah, you said you'd tell us today!" Bubbles continues.

"So... let's hear it!" Buttercup finishes for her sisters.

The Professor laughs. "It looks like your curiosity got the best of you," the Professor teases them. "Well, since you're all wondering, I might as well start from the beginning." He turns and presses a button at the machines that control the holograms. The girls fly over next to the Professor to get a better view. The hologram displays a strand of DNA. "Here, girls, are your DNA, the building blocks of your body!" the Professor says. "You see, each of you have similar DNA but there's little difference among you three." The Professor presses a button. The hologram zooms in and displays a magnified part the DNA. It splits into three parts. The middle one has a unique pink part. The left one has a unique blue part. The right on has a unique green part. "You see? Your blood samples show the unique parts."

Buttercup folds her arms. "Yeah yeah. I'm pretty sure that we knew we were a bit different. You didn't have to tell us that!"

The Professor laughs. "That's not all, girls!" He turns and presses a button. It magnifies the unique parts even more. "You see girls, in this little unique area of your DNA's, thousands and thousands of new abilities are among you three girls. There are plenty of new abilities waiting for you to discover them."

"Wow! Does that mean we have powers only one of us can use?" Bubbles asks.

"Precisely," the Professor says in his happy tone. The Professor presses another button. The holograms are replaced with frozen shots of Buttercup spinning in a tornado, Blossom breathing Ice Breath, and Bubbles executing her Sonic Scream. "Here, are examples of the unique abilities inside that part of the DNA. You have already discovered these and I'm sure you'll discover much more." Suddenly, the Professor's tone drops into worry. "But what if it takes too long to find the new discoveries? What if you girls face something or someone very powerful?" the Professor states.

"No problem, with my leadership, we can take on any of the villains in Townsville!" Blossom says confidently. Bubbles and Buttercup glare at her for a second and then their eyes return to the holograms.

"Girls, who was the most powerful villain or villains that you've faced?" the Professor asks in a worried tone.

Blossom begins to ponder and so does Bubbles and Buttercup. "I know!" Buttercup shouts. "It's Fuzzy Lumpkins!"

"Wrong," the Professor replies. He displays a hologram of Buttercup bashing away Fuzzy effortlessly.

"I know!" Bubbles yells. "It's the Sedusa!"

"Wrong," the Professor says. He displays a hologram of Bubbles poudning away Sedusa as she goes flying through the building.

"I know!" Blossom says confidently. "It's HIM, the cruelest of the cruelest, the evilest of the evilest..."

"Wrong," the Professor says. The girls' eyes pop wide open. "Here's why..." the Professor says. He presses a button and it goes the Powerpuff Girls mercilessly beating HIM to the ground as HIM yelps for surrender. "Besides, his plots suck..." the Professor said.

"Then, who was the most deadly villain we ever fought?" Blossom asks waving her arms up and down.

"The Rowdyruff Boys!" the Professor says.

"THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS!?" the girls yell.

"They were easy to beat up!" Buttercup yells.

"Yeah, all you have to do is be nice to them," Bubbles continues for Buttercup.

"And to defeat them is simply as easy as kissing them!" Blossom finishes.

"You don't understand, girls," the Professor says. "Watch." He presses a button. It shows a hologram of the Powerpuff Boys flying at the Powerpuff Girls. The red Rowdyruff Boy knocks down Blossom. Seeing this, Blossom frowns. Then, the hologram switches to the blue Rowdyruff Boy and he knocks down Bubbles. Seeing this, Bubbles also frowns. Finally, the hologram switches to the green Rowdyruff Boy knocking down Buttercup. Buttercup also frowns. "You see, girls..." The Professor looks at the girls frowning at him. "Uh, don't worry! You see, girls, if they haven't been made of snips, snails, a puppy dog's tail, and toilet water..."

"TOILET WATER!?" Blossom screams out. "Yuck! I've kissed toilet water!" She begins to spit.

Bubbles and Buttercup also begins to spit hearing Blossom's remark. "Thhhpppbbb!!!" Bubbles spits with her tongue sticking out. "Ppphhhhhttttbbbb!!!" Buttercup spits as if she's launching a missile.

Professor Utonium simply stares at his girls spitting for a while. He decides to continue his explanation while they spit. "You see, if they haven't been made of snips, snails, a puppy dog's tail, and toilet water, they wouldn't be completely evil. But since they are, their brains are tuned in with doing activities that are evil and receiving activities that are evil. But since you've been nice to them, their brain was led into confusion. This confusion went through their bodies causing them to explode back into the ingredients they're made of."

Blossom stops spitting. "So what you're saying is if they weren't made of everything evil, they wouldn't explode?"

"Precisely!" the Professor says.

Bubbles also stops spitting. "And then they wouldn't be beaten so they'd beat us up!" Bubbles begins to tear a bit.

"Yes, that's right."

Buttercup stops spitting. "But the bright side is... we wouldn't have to kiss toilet water!" Buttercup begins to spit again followed by Blossom and Bubbles.

The Professor looks at his girls spitting once again. "Well, if they were created with Chemical X instead of toilet water, their strength would match that of yours..." the Professor says. Blossom stops spitting and looks at the Professor. "What I mean is, if the toilet water compound is replaced with Chemical X, their strength and your strengths would be equal."

Blossom frowns a bit. "But then, we wouldn't have to worry!" she says.

"No quite," the Professor says. He presses another button. It shows an atom of some sort. "Here is the Chemical X base molecule. It's power and energy is constant." He presses another button. This time, it shows the Chemical X molecule glowing. "But... if the Chemical X molecule is enhanced, the power and energy won't be constant and will, instead, grow more!" the Professor says.

Bubbles pulls on the Professor's sleeve. "But what's this got to do with the boys?"

"Bubbles, honey, if Mojo Jojo recreates the Rowdyruff Boys with this molecule, the Rowdyruff Boys will no doubt overpower you," explains the Professor.

"Then what are you going to do? Just sit there?" Buttercup frowns.

"No, that's why I needed those blood samples. It was to give you girls the ability to grow more powerful and discover your newer abilities faster!" the Professor says. The girls all nod.

"Well, when do we get this stuff?" Buttercup asks excited to become stronger.

The Professor laughs. "Hahaha! I haven't even found out how to do it yet! But I'll be working on it!" The girls' hopes are down. "Well, girls, I'll see later! I'll be in my lab!" the Professor says as he exited the training room after shutting down the holograms.

There was a long silence but Buttercup's yawn broke it. "I'm going back to bed," Buttercup says. She flies out.

"I'll be taking a bath," Bubbles says. She flies out, too.

"I might as well continue my Chinese," Blossom says to herself. She also flies back out.

* * *

HIM watches through the monitor in his lair. He is sitting on his red couch with his legs crossed. He has on a very large frown. "Oh, so that Professor thinks he can make them stronger, eh?" HIM says in his feminine voice. "Well, not if I can make one stronger first..." HIM stands up and raises his lobster claw. "I'll show them what I'm all about. First, they make fun of me as for being not the most powerful villain. Second, they think those pip-squeak Rowdyruff Boys are stronger..." HIM teleports to the side of a table with a red cloth over it. "Well, I might as well make them a pleasant surprise..."

HIM lifts up both of his lobster claws. "I'll add in mist!" HIM says out loud. A cloud of white mist appears and swirls around itself into a white ball. "Mist, it's so dense that you cannot see its true power..." The white ball of mist glows white a bit. "Next, I'll add in smoke..." HIM says. Black smoke suddenly appears over the mist ball and begins to circle around it. The smoke begins to close in and merges with the mist ball making it a grayish color. "Smoke, the ever spreading force which will continue all over the world..." HIM says. The grayish ball of mist and smoke glows a bit gray. "Then, I'll add in acid!" Suddenly, a pot of clear acid begins to pour into the cloud. The cloud begins to take shape that similar to a Powerpuff. "Acid, it continues to consume no matter how much it has taken in..." HIM mutters. HIM then drives his lobster claw straight into the ground causing some red hot lava to come out. His lobster claw picks up a large amoung and he pours it over the cloud. "And finally, lava... So powerful that it cannot be destroyed!" HIM changes into his evil voice and roars with laughter as the cloud begins to shape itself.

The cloud swirls and swirls and a large white flash occurs. A figure stands where the cloud was. It appears to be a boy. He has black hair that is very similar to that of Trunks's first haircut from DBZ. He has grayish evil-looking eyes. He had an evil smile. He had a gray shirt with medium length sleeves. He had on black pants with a gray sash tied around his waste. He had on a black bandana around his neck, and he has a black cape on his back. In his right hand, the boy holds a double sided sword known as a swallow(as if two swords were placed together with the blades pointing in opposite directions). The two blades the sword are each a glowing black plasma. "My name... is Bane," the boy says in an evil voice. It sent a chill down HIM's spine when he heard it.

"My son," HIM said in his feminine voice, "you will continue to grow more powerful with every ounce of blood that you take in. The life which you absorb will take the owner's power and give it to you! Hence, you'll become ever more powerful!" HIM switches into his evil voice. "Together, we'll rule the world! You'll be more powerful than everyone! Your thirst for power will forever grow!!!" Bane simply smirks.

"That's only true but for me," Bane says. He flies up to HIM and stabs HIM in the chest with his swallow weapon. Bane holds his swallow there as he begins to drain HIM of his power and life. "Fool, I don't care about ruling the world. You are right about my forever growing thirst for power." Bane sticks the swallow deeper into HIM's chest. HIM desperately tries to pull out the weapon. "But it's going to cost you your puny life..." Bane says with an evil smile on his face. "Your immortality will become mine..." Bane realses the weapon and HIM's life force is being sucked away into Bane. HIM lets out beams of black light which shoot from every direction. The beams of black light are redirected and enter Bane. "Ah... the immortality..." Bane says as the black light enter him. "It feels so good to be immortal... But, I want more..." The black light stops coming from HIM. Bane stares at HIM's empty body. HIM was no more.

Bane closes his eyes and smiles. "The underworld is simply mine but that's not what I want... I want more power..." Bane lets out an evil laugh that's evil enough to make anyone shiver.

* * *

Mojo looks at the three tubes. In each of them, the cells have taken shapes to that of the Rowdyruff Boys. In the middle tube, there is one that resembles the red Rowdyruff Boy. In the left tube, there is a resemblance of the blue Rowdyruff Boy. In the right tube, the green Rowdyruff Boy is to be seen. The boys are lacking any clothes but that's only normal. Mojo looks at his creations with a smile. "I, Mojo Jojo, am finally going to ressurect the Rowdyruff Boys, which I have created to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. But the couldn't destroy the Powerpuff Girls which means I, Mojo Jojo, will have to ressurect them to do so again!"

Mojo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small container. He turns the container around to reveal the words "Chemical Y" on it. "With this, the Rowdyruff Boys will become stronger than ever again!" Mojo says. "They, the Rowdyruff Boys, should already be because they are created genetically this time, instead of using snips, snails, and a puppy dog's tail, which I've used to create them before. This time, the Rowdyruff Boys, my creations, will be more stable and will not explode to such techniques such as kissing, which the Powerpuff Girls used to destroy my boys hence making me have to recreate them!" Mojo Jojo looks at the Chemical Y. "This, Chemical Y, was made from Chemical X but was enhanced so the Rowdyruff Boys, the ones who will destroy the Powerpuff Girls for me, will grow more powerful!"

Mojo Jojo grabs a small set of portal stairs. He moves over to the tubes and places an equal amount of Chemical Y into each of them. "Now, all I have to do is simply wait for them to awake..."

* * *

"Buttercup, Buttercup, wake up!" Blossom said as she pushed Buttercup around who was still in bed. Blossom and Bubbles are all dressed up.

Buttercup opens one eye and looks at the alarm clock. It said 10:29. Buttercup closed her eye but said to Blossom, "Blossom, it's 10:30 and it's Saturday! Lemme sleep a bit longer!" Buttercup moaned.

Bubbles watched Blossom get angry. Blossom slowly soothed herself and then said to Buttercup, "Buttercup, it is our duty as super heroines to be ready in case something happens to Townsville."

Buttercup groaned. "But Blossom, it's Saturday! Villains don't usually attack on Saturday!"

"Buttercup!" Blossom yelled. "You know darn well that any villain can attack in just about any minute! Get changed this instant!"

Bubbles didn't say a thing. She watched Buttercup get up, glare at Blossom, fly out of the room leaving her green streak and fly back in all dressed. "There, happy?" Buttercup groaned.

* * *

Bane teleported to the outskirts of Townsville. He looked at Townsville while hovering in mid-air. "HIM had the ability to summon monsters and make them wreck harvoc," Bane said to himself. "But now, I possess the ability... Let's see what kind of rodents HIM has..." Bane lifts both his hands up with his swallow weapon in his right hand. "Come forth, TITAN OF HARVOC!!!" Bane yells.

Suddenly, the ground shakes and a large arm bursts through. A giant storms out of the ground. The giant Titan lets out a large roar as if it just woke from a ten thousand year slumber. The giant looks around and sees Bane looking at him. Bane puts down his hands and smiles at the Titan. The Titan looks at Bane a bit. "You, NOT MASTER!!!" the Titan yells.

"That's right," Bane says. "I'm not your master! In fact, your master is gone!" Bane holds up his swallow weapon. "This, this is what I used to finish your master!" Bane lets out an evil laugh.

The Titan looks at the swallow weapon. "I know now, master die. You, new master! I, Titan, will obey master!" The Titan kneels and bows to Bane. Bane continues to laugh. Suddenly, he stops and he raises his hands again. "COME FORTH, EFREET OF FLAMES, ICEWORLF OF COLDNESS, THUNDERSNAKE OF LIGHTNING!!!" Bane yells.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake again. Flames burst out and a large brown demon-like creature appears. It has a ram's horns on its head, and it has sharp claws. The creature, known as an Efreet, lets out a roar. Next to it, a large white wolf bursts out. It has a blue mane and a blue streak on its back. The IceWolf lets out a loud howl. Next the Titan, the ground shoots straight up with electricity. A large snake appears with lightning spinning around it. The ThunderSnake lets out a loud hiss.

Bane looks at the four creatures. "Bow down to me, your new master! HIM, the former master, is NO MORE!!!" Bane says as he lifts the swallow high up into the air. The creatures do what it seems like bowing down to Bane. Bane turns and faces Townsville. "There, my minions, there. Prove yourself worthy to me by leveling that city!" Bane says.

* * *

The hotline rings at the Powerpuff Girls' room. Blossom immediately answers. "Hello? Mayor? FOUR MONSTERS attacking Townsville? Right, on our way!" Blossom slams down the receiver. She turns to her sisters. "You know what to do!"

Bubbles and Buttercup, who are staring at Blossom, nod. The three fly out through the roof but much to their surprise, they are hit by a powerful force and are shot down to the ground leaving small craters.

Blossom opens her eyes slowly to see a large snake towering over her. Her eyes immediately dart open. "Girls! Watch out!" she screams. Bubbles and Buttercup open their eyes and see the large ThunderSnake towering above them. The ThunderSnake dips its head back and then catapults it straight at the girls. The Powerpuff Girls fly out of the way before the ThunderSnake would have hit them.

The ThunderSnake immediately got back up and swung its tail at the Powerpuff Girls knocking them into the ground again. Blossom goes straight into the street while Bubbles and Buttercup land hard into the sidewalk. The ThunderSnake dips its head back again. However, this time, lightning surrounds the ThunderSnake and it fires balls of electricity at the girls. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are all electricuted and scream out rather loudly. When the electricity wore off, they immediately flew backwards and towards their house while facing the ThunderSnake.

"Girls!" Blossom yells. "Heat vision!" The Powerpuff Girls squint their eyes and heat rays shoot out at the snake. The ThunderSnake is pushed back a bit but its thick carapace protected it from the heat. The ThunderSnake uses its tail to whip the girls again causing them to fall to the ground close to the craters made earlier.

The girls are out for a few seconds and they weakly open their eyes to look at the ThunderSnake which is towering over it. The snake hisses incredibly loud to menance the girls. The girls seemed a bit weakened...

* * *

Will this be the end of the Powerpuff Girls? What will happen to Townsville with the four fiends running around? What's going to happen with Mojo and the Rowdyruff Boys? Will the Professor finish his formula for buffing the girls soon? Find out, next time, on the Powerpuff League!


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