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Last time on the Powerpuff League, we saw that the Powerpuff Girls, Rowdyruff Boys, and the rest of our heroes face off Bane in the final attempt to defeat him. However, only Mike and Princess were capable of fighting. However, after a bit of stalling, Bane became fed up and throws Mike into the VOID. Mojo and Princess followed soon after. This angered the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys very much. It also revived their fighting spirits. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys decided to pound Bane down to the ground a bit. But before you know it, Mike, Mojo, and Princess came out of the VOID without harm! They learned that Death's protection had protected them from the powers of the VOID. As Bane tries to close the VOID to prevent his defeat, Mike and Princess try to keep it open. Will the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys defeat Bane once and for all? Find out in EPISODE FIFTEEN: VICTORY?

* * *

Episode Fifteen: Ultima

The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys watched Bane saying that he'll destroy the barriers around them. Bane released his attention on the VOID and it opened up again. He took out his sword and swung it at the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys. A dark beam of energy shot out and hit each of the barriers. The beam rippled through the barriers. However, they still remained.

"Looks like you can't break the barriers, Bane!" Blossom says.

"Oh yeah? Well, I just have to add a bit more energy!" Bane says. He charges up his sword and holds it pointing up at the sky. The sword emits a dark glow and powers up. "Well, this is enough to break through your sissy barriers!" Bane says. He brings down his sword and points at the Rowdyruff Boys.

"Huh?" they all reply.

Suddenly, the sword shoots out a beam at each of the boys. Their glowing orbs suddenly disappear. Bane suddenly leaps at Boomer. He jabs his sword into Boomer's gut and starts to drain Boomer. The bluish aura around Boomer's body is sucked into Bane's soul. Boomer lets out a cry of pain as he tries to pull out the sword in his gut.

"BOOMER!!!" Brick and Butch yell. They fly up to Bane and punch him in the face. Bane doesn't flinch at all. Instead, he looks up at the two Rowdyruff Boys. The light around Boomer suddenly fades into the air and disappears. Bane pulls out the sword. Brick and Butch are continuously punching Bane who is only moving back by a few centimeters. He quickly produces another sword. At the same time, Bane stabs both Brick and Butch with his two swords. The two Rowdyruff Boys yell in pain. The red light around Brick and green light around Butch is absorbed into Bane. The Powerpuff Girls quickly run up to Bane and kick him at all once in the stomach. Bane is sent backwards but only a few inches. He continues to hold onto his sword. As the light from both of the remaining Rowdyruff Boys disappear, he releases the swords from their corpses. Bane looks up at the Powerpuff Girls who weren't floating too far away. He gives a sinister grin. "Those three boys sure have a lot of spunk! They completely filled me up with their power! Heck, even just one would fill me up with power!" Bane says. He turns his head to look at Mike, Princess, and Mojo. They were no longer trying to prevent the VOID from closing. "Don't worry, I won't close the portal. After all, I won't have to worry from you guys trying to send me in!" Bane says.

The Powerpuff Girls are no longer looking at Bane. They are looking at the dead corpses of the Rowdyruff Boys. Each of the Powerpuff Girls hover over to their deceased counterparts. They pick up their hands and place their hands over their chests. Mojo walks over slowly to his boys. "My sons," Mojo says with sadness, "you have all done well. You have died and perished once again... Once from the Powerpuff Girls and now from the most evil person ever to exist in this world which I tried to conquer before..." Mojo becomes teary and wipes away his tears. He walks over to Brick's body and takes off his red cap. Mojo slides it under Brick's hands. Mojo turns to look at Boomer. Mojo brushes off some of Boomer's hair that would cover his eyes. Mojo turns to look at Butch. Mojo gently smoothes out the cowlick on Butch's head. Without warning, Mojo bursts into tears and sobs. He is crying even worse than Bubbles! The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor's soul quickly come over to Mojo. They all pat him on the back. Mojo continues to cry. His face is burried in his hands. "Had I only been a better father for you all," Mojo wails, "this wouldn't have happened!"

"Mojo, it's not your fault," the Professor says. "Really..."

"Yeah, Mojo, it's not your fault!" Bubbles says hoping to cheer Mojo up. Mojo continues to cry.

Buttercup couldn't help but to feel sad. She walked over to Mojo and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Blossom shakes her head slowly. "This is horrible," she mumbles. She looks back up at Mojo. "But this isn't your fault."

"That's right! It's mine!" Bane yells. The Powerpuff Girls suddenly direct their attention at Bane who has his swords pointing at the ground. "Well, why don't you all kill me? Or at least, try to..." Bane starts to laugh. The Powerpuff Girls didn't become any angrier. Instead, they just looked at each other. Blossom speaks, "Girls, you want to finish this fool?" The two other Powerpuff Girls nod slowly. Blossom turns to face Bane and so does Bubbles and Buttercup. "Well? Are you ready?" Bane asks sarcastically.

The Powerpuff Girls, still with sadness upon their faces, place themselves in a ready fighting stance. They then quickly fly in towards Bane. Bane teleports behind them and fires his swords at them. Their protective orbs suddenly disappear. "Girls! Becareful!" Blossom says calmly. She seemed too sad to be surprised. Bane suddenly charges at Blossom. He holds out his swords. Blossom is stabbed in the gut by both of the swords. She doesn't scream at all. Instead, she just stands there as the pinkish light appears around her body. Blossom's energies flow into Bane slowly. Bubbles and Buttercup fly in without a bit of worry for Blossom and kick Bane in the face hard. Bane is sent backwards a bit and pulls out one of the swords. Blossom grabs onto the sword blade and quickly pulls it out of her. She rubs her wound without changing emotions and then quickly charges at Bane. Bane teleports behind Blossom and stabs her in the back with one of his swords. He continues to drain Blossom's powers. Blossom's pinkish light fades away, and she slumps to the ground. Bane quickly teleports behind Bubbles and Buttercup and stabs them, too, in the back. They don't say a word or make a sound. Instead, they just hover there in midair. Bane drains out their powers as well, and they all slump down to the ground. "Well, what can I say? The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys are destroyed!" Bane says. "If they weren't so sad, maybe they would have actually fought back and actually have defeated me..."

Professor Utonium's soul walks up to Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup who were all lying down on their faces. He turns them over and makes them lie on their backs. Suddenly, he notices something. Blossom's cuts were healing! Professor Utonium holds his chin and ponders a bit. He suddenly thought of something. He quickly turns over Bubbles and Buttercup to look at their backs. The cuts were also healing, too! He turns them back to the front. Professor Utonium walks over to the Rowdyruff Boys in a casual way hoping to not trigger Bane's attention. He looks at the cuts in the Rowdyruff Boys' stomachs. They were also healing! The Professor secretly pokes Mojo on the shoulder. Mojo stops sobbing for a while and looks at the Professor. The Professor points to the healing cuts in the Rowdyruff Boys' stomachs. Mojo notices too that they were also healing! "What does this mean?" Mojo whispers.

"Only one thing, the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys are reviving! They didn't need this Death guy's protection to keep their souls protected!" the Professor explains.

"How do you know that? Death sent them to the underworld before. How is that?" Mojo asks quickly.

"Well, Death can manage souls so I guess he can do whatever he wants with them, but the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys have protections of their own, just not as strong. I'm guessing Bane didn't realize this," the Professor says.

* * *

Bane looks down at Mike and Princess. The two were shivering in fright. Bane hovers down to the two and walks over. "Well? I'll take you two's barriers away and end your misery right now, okay?" Bane asks gently but sarcastically. The two walk off behind the portal of the VOID. Bane slowly follows messing around with them.

* * *

"So as long as they have a little lifeforce left, they'll still live. But then, what about Mike? Why didn't he live? He was stabbed by Bane too and then he became normal again," Mojo says.

"Hm... I guess that's since Mike wasn't originally a Chemical X holder..." the Professor says holding his chin.

"Actually, I made the Rowdyruff Boys with Chemical Y, a chemical substance that is with enhanced Chemical X!" Mojo says holding up his finger.

"You enhanced Chemical X also? Same here... That might explain why our children were able to grow in terms of power," the Professor says. "But about Mike, he probably lost it because he had minimal powers. He probably lost them since Bane drained all of it unlike the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys because there are limitations built in our boys and girls."

"I hope you are right because if you aren't, we're doomed!" Mojo says rashly.

* * *

Bane fires both of his swords at the two remaining kids. Their barriers vanished. Bane quickly turns to Mojo and fires at his barrier, too. Mojo is caught off guard and falls onto his monkey bottom. Mojo glares at Bane a bit who only grins back. Bane redirects his attention at the kids and decides to torture them a bit. He continues to slowly advance on them.

* * *

Suddenly, the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys' bodies began to glow on and off with their respective colors. The Professor and Mojo quickly stop talking and look at the kids. Bane quickly turns around and looks at the kids. "What? That's impossible! I've drained away all of their life force!" he yells. Suddenly, he remembers stabbing Blossom earlier before he died. He was shooting dark beams of light from the sky. Blossom was hit directly, and he took the advantage to stab her. He was positive that she had her life drained out but then, the Rowdyruff Boys attacked and distracted him. Blossom then came back to her normal self but in a short time. Bane snaps out of his flashback to see the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys standing up on their feet. He sees that they are glowing on and off with their respective colors. They all have an aggressive look on their face. Bane quickly turns his attention away from Mike and Princess. The two kids suddenly jump onto Bane and hold onto him tight. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys use all of their energy to grab hold of Bane.

Bane is constricted and cannot move. He feels himself being lifted up into the air by the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys. "Hey! Let go of me!" Bane yells. Mike and Princess suddenly let go and drop to the ground. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys pull Bane upwards and punch him in the face a few times from each member. Bane is sent unconscious for a few seconds and flies backwards. Suddenly, he regains his vision but only to see himself heading towards the VOID. "NNNNOOOO!!!" Bane yells. He quickly motions his hand to close the VOID's portal. Just in the last second, Bane falls through the VOID, which closes up behind him. Inside the VOID, Bane sees his hands and feet slowly disappearing into the darkness. "This CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!" Bane yells. His body vanishes from sight, as so does his soul. Bane... is finally defeated.

Death appears out of nowhere and greets the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys. The Professor was shocked to see such a figure but the Powerpuff Girls calmed him down. Death hovered in the air with his massive scythe over his hooded shoulder. "Well, looks like world peace has finally come," Death echoed. "Everything is back to normal..."

The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys looked at each other. Mike and Princess also looked at each other, too. "I wouldn't say that," Brick says. He crosses his arms. "The world is frickin' destroyed by the idiot. Almost the entire world died from that moron!" Brick continues to talk.

"That shall be taken care of my young friend. After all, I am the guardian of souls," Death says. He raises his scythe, and the Professor's soul suddenly vanishes.

"Professor!" Blossom yells. She quickly turns to Death for answers. Bubbles and Buttercup continue to look at the location where the Professor's soul just was.

"Don't worry, girls, he's back in his former body... at the Utoniums' Residence," Death replies. Blossom is relieved and so are Bubbles and Buttercup.

"But what about the rest of the world?" Bubbles asks. "What's going to happen to them?"

"The people who had their lives taken away from them unfairly have returned. Everybody that was killed by Bane is now back well and alive," Death says to Bubbles. Bubbles nods her head and smiles a warm smile.

"Yeah? Well what about the rest of the world? The whole place can't even support grass!" Buttercup says frowning and crossing her arms.

Death places down his scythe. "Do not fear, Buttercup. Mother Nature will handle this and she will handle this very well. Just light Father Time and Mother Nature do their work, and everything will be back to normal," Death said in a positive voice.

"Well, what's going to happen to us?" Brick asks. "I mean, we're not used to this world yet!"

"Yeah! We don't know what's really going on!" Boomer says.

"Hey, it's not like we can't handle it," Butch turns and says to his brothers.

"Well, I am not the one to guide you," Death says. He points his boned finger at the Powerpuff Girls. "Allow them to guide you..." With that, Death disappears.

"Hey, wait!" Mike says.

"We didn't have our turn to ask questions!" Princess wails.

"Too bad," Mojo says with a frown on his face. "I, Mojo Jojo, lacked the chance to ask questions, too, but I, Mojo Jojo, did not have a question to ask so therefore, I did not ask questions!"

* * *

The nine heroes left the Trepidation Tower by flying down to the ground. The Powerpuff Girls returned to their homes and found the Professor smiling as they entered through the doorway stepping over the "UTONIUMS" matt on the ground. The Professor gives each of them a hug and the girls hug back.

The Rowdyruff Boys and Mojo Jojo spent their weeks in a hotel. Mojo Jojo spent his free time rebuilding his "hide away" as the Rowdyruff Boys just hung around town. They had very little to do and didn't meet again with the Powerpuff Girls for the rest of the week.

Princess returned back to her home. She saw her father standing at the doorway holding his hands out. She jumped into his hands without any thought. As her father handed her a couple wads of money, Princess took it. Princess looked at the money and threw it over her shoulder. She hugged her father a bit longer.

Mike Believe returned back to his home where his mother and father were. He gave each of his parents a warm and loving hug and then shared his thrilling adventure about how he became a Rowdyruff Boy for a day. He also tells them about Tiger, his imaginary friend who came to life when he was a Rowdyruff Boy.

As a week passed, the Mayor and Ms. Bellum called a town meeting. He specifically invited the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys, Mike, Princess, the Professor, and even Mojo! "Today... shall be called Save-the-World Day!" the Mayor yells over to the crowd as Ms. Bellum stands high next to his side. The crowd cheers loudly and happily. "And now... I... uh... Ms. Bellum, what was it I was going to do?" the Mayor turns and asks Ms. Bellum.

"Mayor, you were going to ask our heroes to come up," Ms. Bellum says making a few hand gestures.

"Bwah! Oh yeah!" the Mayor says jumping up. He turns to face the crowd once again. "And now, I ask for the PowerRuff Girls, RowdyPuff Boys, Mike Morebucks, Princess Believe, Professor Jojo, and Mojo Utonium to come up!" The Mayor suddenly catches himself. "Huh?"

Ms. Bellum moves in front of the Mayor and continues the speech for him. "He means the Powerpuff Girls, Rowdyruff Boys, Mike Believe, Princess Morebucks, Professor Utonium, and Mojo Jojo to please come up!" Ms. Bellum thoroughly said.

The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys immediately zing up to the stage as Mike, Princess, Professor Utonium, and Mojo walked up slowly. The crowd cheered every second. As the four finally make it to the stage, the Mayor walks by and shakes every one of their hands. "Thank you for saving Townsville... not to mention the WHOLE WORLD!!!" the Mayor says.

"No problem," Blossom says confidently. "It is our duty to protect the world from harm and such threats such as the one which Bane caused earlier."

The crowd cheers.

"Word! I guess we might be turning over a good leaf... er, good leaves I should say," Brick says.

The crowd cheers.

"Well, what about you, Mike and Princess?" Ms. Bellum asks.

"Well, this super hero stuff ain't cut out for me..." Mike shyly says as he pockets his hands and looks at the audience through the top of his eyes.

"Yeah, same 'ere. It's harder than I thought!" Princess says. "Plus, I've learned that there are things more important than money!"

The crowd cheers again.

"What about you, Professor? Are you going to continue and help save the world?" the Mayor asks.

"Well, I didn't really help save the world. Just help aid it," the Professor says holding his pipe. "And I rather study science. My girls and the Rowdyruff Boys got it all covered for me."

The crowd cheers again.

"And you, Mojo Jojo?" the Mayor asks.

Mojo is silent. He turns his back to the audience. "I, Mojo Jojo, will not help save the world," he says.

The crowd is silenced.

"Uh... why?" the Mayor asks.

Mojo turns around. "Because, what kind of Townsville is there without evil? If there is no evil, then there will be no Townsville! And if there is no evil, there is no Mojo Jojo! So I, Mojo Jojo, have decided to remain evil even though I did help out to save the world," Mojo says.

"Well, I see your point," Buttercup says.

"I guess you want it to the good ol' days," Bubbles adds.

The crowd cheers.

"But Pops, what about us?" Boomer asks. He looks teary.

Mojo walks over and hugs his boys. "I am sorry, boys," Mojo says with heart. "You see, I wouldn't make a good parent to you three... Perhaps, you go find somebody else who knows how to raise you right... If you find somebody who will raise you right, your Pops will be proud!" Mojo turns to face the crowd and holds out his hands. "Will there be anybody here who will adopt my sons?"

The crowd is silent until a feminine voice yells out, "I will!" The crowd turns to look at who it is. It's Ms. Keane! Ms. Keane walks up to the stage. "I'll adopt your sons and raise them well!" she firmly says with a smile. She looks at the boys and give them all a promising smile.

"I think it won't be so bad," Brick says.

"Yeah, Pops knows what's best for us, and I guess I can see it now!" Boomer adds.

"Yup!" Butch shortly says.

"You guys are ever lucky!" Blossom says. The Rowdyruff Boys turn to face the Powerpuff Girls.

"Yeah, she's our teacher! She's the nicest teacher in the whole wide world!" Bubbles says.

"Yeah, not only that, she's really cool!" Buttercup adds.

The Rowdyruff Boys look at each other and smile. They place their hands in the middle and lift them up. "Alright! We're in!" Brick says to Ms. Keane with a smile. Mojo smiles too and gives them all one last hug.

"Well, I guess you can call me 'Mommy' from now on," Ms. Keane says as she giggles a bit.

"Cool! We got a mom!" Butch says. "How much butt does that kick?"

"Totally!" Boomer says punching the air.

"You said it!" Brick says patting his brothers' backs hard. The Rowdyruff Boys start rough housing a bit.

"Now now now," Ms. Keane says, "you boys are going to have to learn how to act orderly. I'll make sure of that."

The Rowdyruff Boys stop and receive looks of embarrassment on their faces. The Powerpuff Girls giggle a bit. Suddenly, the Mayor cuts in and says, "And as an honor to our heroes, we have made a statue for them!" Suddenly, a sheet flies into the air and an incredibly large statue is seen.

The statue looks as if it were made of fine marble. Blossom is seen posing with her fists up and ready to fight. Her feet are in a right stance position. Bubbles is seen to the right of Blossom and she has a fist by her shoulder as if she was going to punch. Buttercup is seen to the left of Blossom and her pose shows she is kicking high. The Rowdyruff Boys are seen next to the Powerpuff Girls. Brick is punching his fists together. Boomer is to the right of Brick and he is holding his fist, which is facing upwards. Butch is seen to the left of Brick and with a palm holding outward. Mike is seen in his Rowdyruff look and has Tiger on top of his shoulder. He is behind the Rowdyruff Boys. Princess is behind the Powerpuff Girls next to Mike in her super suit with her guns and missiles sticking out. Mojo is seen between Mike and Princess crossing his arms, and Professor Utonium stands behind them holding his pipe up.

"Wow! What a statue!" Professor Utonium says.

"You said it! It looks awesome!" Princess says.

"No doubt, man!" Butch says.

"Butt kicking!" Mike says mimicking Butch.

Mojo Jojo smiles a bit as he looks at the statue. He turns to look at the Rowdyruff Boys, then the Powerpuff Girls. He turns to look at Mike and Princess. "Since you two won't be in the group because you don't want to be, I guess all there's left are the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys which will be helping save the city of Townsville," Mojo says. Mojo turns and walks away like a hero as his cape flaps with the wind.

"Well, I guess Pops is right," Boomer says.

"Well, what are you six going to call yourselves? You can't call yourselves the Powerpuff Girls since there are boys now!" Ms. Keane says.

"Good point!" Blossom says. She looks at Brick who shrugs.

"How about the Ruff Puffs?" he suggests. The Powerpuff Girls give them a look that says, "Gimme a break!"

"How about the Powerpuff League?" Mike says. "It's has a nice ring to it!"

"Yeah, it sounds fine!" Princess adds.

"I personally like Rowdyruff League better," Butch says crossing his arms.

"Hey, we might as well give the name to the Powerpuffs since they were the originals," Brick says. He turns and faces the Powerpuff Girls. "Powerpuff League..." Brick holds out his hand. The Powerpuff Girls place their hands on Brick's. Soon, Boomer and Butch follows, too.

"ALRIGHT!!!" the six heroes yell.

The crowd cheers loudly. Ms. Keane smiles warmly as she watches her newly adopted sons being super heroes along with her favorite students of Pokey Oaks.

"This is great! The world is saved and we have a new group of super heroes!" the Mayor says.

The camera man who is recording the meeting displays the scene on the television. Suddenly, the television shifts into a blue screen and the words "STOP" appear over. The VCR above the television ejects a tape that says "POWERPUFF LEAGUE" over it. A Powerpuff hand with a sleeve grabs the tape and places it over to a shelf full of tapes. "Well, girls? That's what was on," Blossom says turning around to her sisters. , Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup all laugh in joy. The Professor is seen leaning over the couch watching his girls laugh happily as the world is saved once and for all.

* * *

And so... for the FIRST TIME EVER... the world... is saved... thanks to... the Powerpuff League! Bane, the most feared villain of the world, is forever perished and nothing more is ever heard of him again...


* * *

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