Title: Captured Star
Chapter Title: A Fiery Beginning 1/15
Author: TrinityTheSheDevil
Rating: PG 13, just to be safe ...
Genre: Angst, Drama, Action, and HIGHLY AU
Main Characters: The usual! Estel, Elrond, Erestor, Legolas, Glorfindel, Elladan, and Elrohir.
Disclaimer: Down own them. Linden is actually kind of borrowed from Joanne Bertin's "Last Dragonlord", but not really. Only in name, LOL.
A/N: This fic was written for Rhonda, the wench. She bugged me for a "snot-slinging-elf-lord-Estel" fic that was majorlly angst. Well ... here it is! sticks tongue out at Rhon
Summary: After an explosive argument with Elrond, Estel runs from home. As usual, he lands in trouble (literally). But this trouble just very well may kill him.
Thanks to Rhonda, who beta read this. :D

/Blah/ Telepathy
'Blah' Thoughts
"Blah" spoken words

Enjoy the fic. That took me 89 pages to write in a notebook. That I spent countless hours on, and it almost killed my poor hand as well as most of my ink pens. mutters The things I do for Rhonda .................................

Chapter One

Estel ran. He ran like he had never run before. Smoke burnt in his lungs, making him cough badly. They were close. Almost upon him. A random party of orcs he had foolishly - and literally - fallen into the middle of. They used fire to try and trap him, but miscalculated exactly how dry the timber was. There had been little to no rain on the side of the mountain. Now the fire spread dangerously, burning everything in its path. Including living beings.

Sensing enemy movement ahead of him, Estel jumped to the tallest tree he could find and began to climb. The heat was stifling, choking him. More than once he almost fell back to the ground, gasping for breath. But he kept on, finally making it to the top. Grasping the branch he sat on firmly with both hands, he looked below and gasped.

'Well,' Estel sighed to himself. 'I suppose the good news is the orcs are running away. The bad news is, they're running from the fire that has reached the tree I'm in!'

And he was, quite helplessly, trapped. The fire prevented him from climbing back down and the jump would kill him. If he were an elf, he could chance jumping from tree to tree, but he was only human.

Cursing to himself and trying to find an escape, he almost missed the subtle rumbling sound and shaking of the trees. Swinging his head around, the sixteen year old man-child gasped. Heading straight toward him was a wall of water and mud.

Heart in his throat, Estel sent a prayer wrapped up in a word, knowing that there was no way it would be answered.

'Help me!'

Then the water hit.


!snerk! Okay, so, I know that one was uhmmm ... evil. !g! And it was errr ... rather short. But the other chapters will be longer than that. Not long long, but longER. shrug And to those of you who are going "sigh you update SO SLOW", don't worry! This fic is already FINISHED. LMAO. So I'll be posting a chapter every few days or so. !g!

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