Chapter Title: Chapter Fifteen - The Ending of an Adventure 15/15
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"Elrond," Glorfindel said sternly.

Elrond winced. Oh, no. There was no way he could get out of this. Blast that stubborn elf ...


"Lie down." Straight and to the point. Somehow, Elrond almost wished for an angry Linden to tend to him at the moment, rather than his now very ticked-off best friend. Well ... almost.

"I'm not leaving Estel. You know that."

"Yes, I do. Which is why ..." Glorfindel shifted out of the way as three elves moved in a small bed, pushing it next to Estel's. "I arranged this."

Elrond tried to glare, he really did. But somehow when your vision if wavering in and out, glaring loses its' effect. He settled for scowling deeply.

The twins and Legolas watched in amusement and Erestor gave a small grin. This was something new for them.

"I am a healer, Glorfindel. I am sure I am capable of tending to myself." Elrond never-the-less sat on the bed.

"But you haven't and therefore I hold myself responsible for your well-being, so I shall be doing the healing."

"Fine." Elrond resisted the urge to sigh loudly and instead, endured the treatment.

Half an hour later, the elf lord was cleaned and bandaged, only the bite mark on his arm having required stitches. A mug was pushed into his hands; Elrond took one look at it and instantly knew what it was.


"Drink. Now." There was definitely no getting out of this. Well ... at least Estel wasn't awake to see it ... the boy would be beside himself with laughter. Not that the twins and Legolas were stifling their chuckles in the slightest though.

Saying nothing else, even as Erestor and another elf dragged furniture into the room (which was steadily getting more crammed), Elrond made himself comfortable as the tea took effect. Glorfindel sat in one of the squishy armchairs, laying back, beginning to doze, while the elves around him did the same.


Hours later, well into the next morning, sunlight filtered into the room, warming it's inhabitants. Legolas lay on an armchair by Estel's side of the two beds, fast asleep. The twins were curled around each other on a couch at the foot of the beds, and Glorfindel sat upon the other side, sprawled on the other armchair. Erestor, already awake, stood at the door, smiling in on them.

Sometime during the night Elrond had carefully wrapped his arms around Estel, so that the boy's head was pillowed on his chest. The scene was one that few elves had ever - and would ever - have the privilege to see. It warmed Erestor's heart.

The scene was quietly interrupted as a knock sounded on the door. Erestor quickly walked out to stop the knocker, hoping nobody had woken. Slowly opening the door and stepping into the hall, closing it again, he saw that the person was Haldir, looking very rough after a hard ride from Lothlorien.

"Ah, I trust everyone is well?" Haldir said quietly.

"Yes, now they are. Welcome to Rivendell, Haldir of Lorien."

"Thank you, Master Erestor. Is Lord Elrond still sleeping, or shall I return later?" Haldir asked.

"I will check and see, he may have woken by now."


The click of the door woke Elrond, bringing him into awareness. The warmth of his son on his side filled him with great joy. He smiled, the pain from his wounds almost completely gone now.

"I hear your heart, ada." Estel said, startling Elrond. He had thought the boy to be asleep. "It beats strongly ... it is soothing."

"As is yours, my son. My heart beats stronger when I know yours does." Elrond's eyes teared up again, but this time it was happy tears. Tears of relief, of joy. He had Estel home.

Estel smiled. His eyes traveled around the room. "I see the rest are still sleeping." The boy had to grin as a bit of drool slipped from Legolas' open mouth. Then he paused, thinking. "I can't believe you all came after me. But I am very glad you did."

"Why do you say that?" Elrond asked.

"Because I left in a hurry ... I was ungrateful, hurtful. For a while there, I thought I might have perished alone."

Elrond immediately squeezed his son - gently - to his chest. "Never would I abandon you, my son, for although you are not sired by me, I am your ada none-the-less. I will ALWAYS be here if and when you need me!"

"Thank you, ada." Estel hugged his father, and all was forgiven.

The door opened and Erestor walked in. He noticed Elrond was now awake.

"Haldir from Lorien is here to bear a message, my lord." Erestor said.

"Well bring him in then."

Erestor nodded, opening the door the rest of the way. Haldir stepped in, careful not to wake anyone. He bowed, greeting Elrond.

"The Lady said I would not be here in time to help, but she wanted to be sure everyone survived the ordeal." The Lorien elf looked greatly relieved to see they had.

Elrond shook his head. "That mirror of hers." He laughed. "I trust you will stay for a while before you return?"

Haldir smiled. "Of course. If you would have me, that is. It is a long ride from Lothlorien."

"Of course! Rivendell would be delighted to have you stay here."

"Woah." Estel spoke up. "It would be the best to visit Grandmother Galadriel in Lothlorien ..." He said, almost to himself.

"Well ..." Elrond thought hard for a moment. "Haldir, could you possibly ... stay for a month, or two, and return with a few visitors?"

"It would be my pleasure, my lord."

"Wonderful then! When Estel heals, we shall travel to Lorien. It has been too many a year since I have walked beneath Her trees."

Estel sighed sadly. "I will miss you then, ada."

Elrond blinked in confusion. "No, my son! You are coming with us. If you wish to, I mean."

The Lord of Rivendell knew he had made the right decision when Estel's eyes lit up. "Really? All the way to Lothlorien?"

"Yes, all the way to Lothlorien! But not until you are healed! I shall not have you injured from the long ride."

"Wow, I can't wait!" Estel's smile was impossibly wide and infectious. Elrond, Haldir, and Erestor found themselves smiling along with the boy.

'Yes,' Elrond thought. 'It would be good for Estel to travel. A vacation would be just the thing to help heal his weary heart.'


I captured a star,
Held it in my palm,
And kept it.
It died,
Withering away bit by bit.
I've learned,
You cannot contain a star,
It is free,
Meant to stay free.
It was a hard lesson.

"Captured Star" the Poem, © Copyright TrinityTheSheDevil.

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