Confessions in A minor


Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, hints at Tatsuha/Ryuichi, Hiro/Shuichi, set of sketches that are unrelated, aside from the topic.

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation. The title is derived from the name of an album by Alicia Keys.

written at 1st July 2004, by Misura, for the 'With friends like these'-challenge at the tempsmort lj-community, to which Kaira-chan formulated this challenge :

"Fandom? Gravi! Pairing? Hiro X Shuichi! Yay! Plot? Hiro is jealous of Yuki, so he gets Shuichi alone, and then it's confession time!"


track 01


He had succeeded. Against all odds, he, Hiroshi Nakano, finally had the subject of his dreams all to himself, away from the prying eyes of such unsavory characters as -

"Do you think Yuki will come home soon?"

Hiro sighed. After having heard that particular question seven times during the last five minutes, he almost wanted to yell at Shuichi to shut up about Yuki, and pay some more attention to other people.

People who wouldn't insult him and call him names. Nice people. People like, well, Hiro himself.

Instead though, Hiro opted to calm his nerves with some pocky. Shuichi was practically addicted to the stuff, which was, Hiro supposed, one explanation for Shuichi's seemingly endless energy.

"He said he'd be back by nine, didn't he?" Hiro replied. "So that means ... two hours and thirty-five minutes from now." Less time than he'd have liked.

"That's so -long-!" Shuichi wailed. "What am I going to -do-?"

Hiro wondered what difference Yuki's presence made to Shuichi having something to do or not. He hardly thought the author was the type of person to play boardgames. From what Shuichi had told him, Yuki kept to himself most of the time, staying in his working-room to type up a new best-seller.

"We could ... talk," Hiro proposed cautiously. On one hand, he didn't want to ruin this one chance he'd get by rushing things. On the other, the clock kept ticking. And who knew if Yuki might not tire of his brother's presence a bit earlier than expected?

Shuichi studied him pensively. "Do you have anything in particular you want to talk about, Hiro-kun?"

It was, Hiro discovered, slightly disconcerting to be stared at so seriously by Shuichi. He swallowed uneasily, turning his head away so that his gaze no longer met Shuichi's.

"Hiro-kun? I'm your friend. You know that, right?" Great. Now Shuichi sounded all worried. Admittedly, it was nice to know Shuichi cared so much, only ... Hiro hadn't exactly hoped to reascertain the fact that he and Shuichi were good -friends- this evening.

He lifted his head. "Yes. And I have something important to tell you. A ... confession."

Shuichi's eyes widened, yet Hiro thought he sensed a glimmer of understanding in them, like Shuichi knew what he was going to say next. It gave him new hope, the courage to go on.

"I ... " All right, so he was still nervous. Who wouldn't be? Shuichi had been living with Yuki for ... well, it felt like years, even if 'months' was probably closer to the truth. There -had- to be some sort of feeling between them.

"It's okay, Hiro-kun. I understand." Shuichi smiled at him brightly. "It's not your fault. I forgive you."

Hiro blinked, his mind a bit slow to comprehend those last words.

"I know how easy it is to take the last piece of pocky without noticing," Shuichi babbled on, blissfully oblivious to Hiro's growing confusion. "Besides, I think I have another box somewhere. I'll go get it!"

Shuichi bounded out of the room.

Hiro sighed, accepting a piece of strawberry pocky as Shuichi returned, doing his best to look cheerful.

For a few moments, the two of them munched on their candy in silence. Then, Shuichi's voice broke the moment, to ask That Question again.

"Do you think Yuki will come home soon?"

And Hiro, deciding that apparently some things were simply not meant to be, answered :

"I'm sure he will."

Shuichi beamed.


track 02


"Soooo, Hiroshi's keeping Shuichi-chan company, eh?" Tatsuha grinned. "You have a lot of trust in your pretty boyfriend, aniki."

Yuki threw Tatsuha a look that was somewhat comparable to the one he might throw at an annoying insect. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Somehow, Yuki managed to turn what would have been a confession of ignorance out of anyone else's mouth into a mix between a threat and a sneer. Tatsuha was too used to it to be influenced by it though.

"Hiro-kun is in love with Shuichi-chan. He thinks you," Tatsuha stabbed his finger into Yuki's direction," are no good to his beloved Shuichi-chan. That you're a bad influence."

"He's right." Yuki shrugged and lit up a cigarette. Tatsuha made a face.

"How can you sit there so calmly, knowing your lover might be rolling over the floor with some other guy?" Tatsuha demanded.

"You're exaggerating. They're just friends," Yuki waved his hand dismissively.

Tatsuha snorted. "That's what they -all- say. But I'd be willing to bet Hiro-kun wants to be more than friends and is using tonight's opportunity to confess."

"Confess?" Yuki raised one eyebrow.

"Oh, you know the drill. Like in one of your books." Tatsuha rose, making wide gestures with his arms to emphasize his next words. " 'Oh, Shuichi-chan, I love you! I have always loved you, and always will love you, so please, let me make love to you right here and now!' "

"You'd make an awful author," Yuki noted.

Tatsuha sat back down again. "I have other talents. Ask Ryuichi-chan."

"I'll take your word for it," Yuki replied. Tatsuha grinned.

"You're such a trusting soul. Who'd have thought? Do you also still believe in Santa?"

"No," Yuki answered curtly.

"They do make kind of a cute couple, you know. And they already sing together ... " Tatsuha studied Yuki's face, searching for the slightest hint of concern, finding none.

"You have too much imagination," Yuki declared.

"Ryuichi-chan doesn't think so," Tatsuha riposted. "He thinks my ideas are really great. Especially - "

"I am not the least bit interested in details about your love-life," Yuki interrupted him. "Besides, it's time we returned to my apartment."

"Ah-ha! So you -are- a bit worried! Admit it, aniki!" Tatsuha crowed.

Yuki managed to resist the temptation to smack him, briskly striding away, knowing Tatsuha would follow him, as surely as Shuichi would never even -consider- cheating on him.

Tatsuha wasn't the only one with a lot of imagination, after all.