Confessions in A minor


Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, hints at Tatsuha/Ryuichi, Hiro/Shuichi, set of sketches that are unrelated, aside from the topic.

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation. The title is derived from the name of an album by Alicia Keys.

written at 1st July 2004, by Misura, for the 'With friends like these'-challenge at the tempsmort lj-community, to which Kaira-chan formulated this challenge :

"Fandom? Gravi! Pairing? Hiro X Shuichi! Yay! Plot? Hiro is jealous of Yuki, so he gets Shuichi alone, and then it's confession time!"

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Yuki honestly wasn't in the habit of listening in on private conversations.

He had had a deadline to meet and, knowing that Shuichi's presence would -not- be good for his concentration in any way, had suggested for his lover to go 'visit a friend or something like that'.

Basically, he'd simply wanted Shuichi to be out of the apartment, so that he could work in peace. Of course, Yuki should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

Instead of going away, Shuichi had invited someone over. More precisely, his best friend Hiroshi Nakano, whom Yuki didn't particularly like or dislike, no matter what Tatsuha said about Hiro having a crush on Shuichi.

If it was true, it just meant Hiro was a fool.

Still, fool or not, Yuki had to admit Hiro was doing a pretty good job at keeping the level of Shuichi-noise relatively low. It wasn't exactly -quiet-, of course.

An apartment with Shuichi in it could never be quiet, unless the pink-haired idiot was sleeping, which he seemed to do only when Yuki did so too. Shuichi also tended to be awake before him, driven by the same energy that kept him going day in, day out.

Currently though, Yuki had to make a conscious effort to hear Shuichi. Which he did, simply because he couldn't help himself. It just felt -wrong- to have only a thin wall between himself and Shuichi and -not- be able to hear him.

"All these years, I have loved you passionately. Tonight, I want to kiss you, because without you by my side, the sun will not rise for me." Hiro's voice. Yuki blinked.

Was that some declaration of love he was making to Shuichi? Did he actually think Shuichi would just -

"Oooh, I like that. Especially that part about the sun." Shuichi's reply, neatly answering Yuki's question in the affirmative. "It's just so very romantic."

Yuki boiled. He might not be as attached to Shuichi as Shuichi was to him (well, seemed to have been until now, at any rate), but this was unacceptable. Shuichi obviously had no taste at all when it came to romance, if he fell for a cheesy line like the one Hiro had used.

Of course, Yuki had always known Shuichi was an idiot. Maybe, just maybe, this once he should have listened to Tatsuha's advise. If only to prevent his brother from saying 'I told you so' when Yuki'd be alone, because Shuichi had run off with Hiro.

Unless ... Shuichi couldn't really run away if Yuki dumped him first now, could he? And it wasn't as if Yuki'd miss him. Shuichi was a total nuisance. Yuki'd be glad to be rid of him.

Having made up his mind, Yuki determinedly strode to the door behind which Hiro was making declarations of love to Shuichi. The slam with which the door hit the wall made him wince, though it did add a nice, dramatic touch. His heroine would slam the door too, when walking out on her unfaithful lover.

"Yuki! We were just writing the lyrics to Bad Luck's new song! Do you want to read them? They're really good!" Shuichi beamed, his eyes sparkling.

" 'I always want to be with you; there's no other place where the sun will rise for me'," Hiro quoted solemnly. Something about the expression on his face bothered Yuki, though he couldn't quite figure out what.

"Sounds exactly like the rubbish you usually write," Yuki retorted with a sneer. He might have felt a moment's hesitation in dealing with an unfaithful lover, but commenting on lyrics by Shuichi was something nicely familiar. "You have no talent at all."

Shuichi's eyes sparkled a little less, and his lower lip trembled. "But - "

"I'm busy. Try to be less noisy; you're hindering my concentration."

Yuki closed the door softly. No need to slam it after all.


track 04


It was a dark and rainy evening, when Hiro opened the door to his apartment for some unknown visitor, only to find himself immediately glomped by a thoroughly wet Shuichi. Whose face, it turned out, wasn't just wet from the rain.

"Yuki doesn't love me at all," Shuichi complained, once the two of them had settled down in Hiro's living-room, with Hiro having made something warm for Shuichi to drink and Shuichi having changed into dry clothing that was only a few sizes too big for him.

"I do. I love you very much," Hiro refrained from saying.

"He's always busy with his books, even if he says they're complete rubbish," Shuichi continued. "All day long, he's ignoring me, or yelling at me to be more quiet."

"Yuki doesn't deserve you," Hiro agreed in silence.

"Well, I've had it with him!" Shuichi growled ferociously. He looked and sounded, Hiro mused, like an angry spitting kitten. "I'm leaving him! Let's see how he likes -that-!"

"I neither know nor care about Yuki, but -I- think that dumping him is a very good decision," Hiro thought.

"Can I get some more hot chocolate? With marshmallows? And can I watch cartoons? Yuki says they're stupid, but I like them." Shuichi stared pleadingly at Hiro, who was already heading for the kitchen.

They watched cartoons together.

They drank hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) together.

"I love you, Hiro," Shuich said, throwing his arms around Hiro. "You're my best friend and I can talk to you about anything. You're not like Yuki at all."

Hiro smiled, shrugged. Noticed Shuichi's gaze wandering to the clock. Nearly got trampled when Shuichi shot up, frantically beginning to gather his still-wet clothes.

"Yuki's going to be sooo mad at me for coming home this late!" Shuichi moaned.

"Yuki should praise the Highest Power on his bare knees that you come home to him at all," Hiro replied in his mind, unheard by Shuichi. Instead, he said: "See you at the studio tomorrow."

Shuichi bobbed his head and beamed at him. "Sure thing! And thanks, Hiro."

"No problem," Hiro lied.

After Shuichi had left, he sat back down, next to the phone. It started to ring only thirty seconds later. Typical.

"Is Shuichi with you?"

Also typical: Yuki not even bothering with a greeting or a simple 'how are you?'.

"Not anymore," Hiro answered, waiting for the click to indicate Yuki had hung up again, having learned what he'd wanted to know.

By the time Hiro went to bed it had stopped raining.

-end of record-

Extra disclaimer : The line "I always want to be with you; there's no other place where the sun will rise for me," is taken from the Gravitation song 'Break Through'.