Hi everyone!

It's been almost 10 years since I started writing these fanfics.

Firstly, I'm really sorry to have left them open-ended – I really can't apologise enough.

Secondly, I'm so happy to re-visit and see how many reviews I have for my stories, especially this one with Sakura & Sasuke. I'm glad you have enjoyed my fanfic so far.

But lastly, I wanted to let you all decide on whether I should continue the story or not. I've long stopped watching Naruto. The last MAIN thing I remember about Naruto is just after Sakura defeated the puppet guy. I saw bits and pieces after that when my partner watched it but the main point is "I"m not up to par with the Naruto story any longer".

I've started re-reading My Choice to touch base with it and have gotten up to chapter 6 and decided I had to write this to let you know and see your decision.

So let me know if you want me to finish the story and I'll do it my best to keep it somehow in line with the current story lines, it probably won't go too much further BUT I won't make it ridiculously out of line either.

So looking forward to replies, if any. But if there's none or no real consensus - I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for reading my fanfics.