I've got nothing else to add to this story YET. But I thought "hey, why not bore people with the music that I used to inspire me waaaaay back in 1998-2000 while I wrote and illustrated this story"... so here's the list.

Some of them actually helped me figure out various plot points when I was stuck. If you recognize a few things in the lyrics, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, I can't put links to anything here because of ff. net's formatting, so you'll have to search YouTube or other music services to listen to them. And I DO recommend them all!

DAMAGED (Sass Jordan) - Hades entire attitude at the start of HSE

(I'M NOT) THE ONLY ONE (Bonnie Raitt) - Hades & Persephone's shared feelings at their first meeting

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE (Sass Jordan) - Persephone's frustration over Demeter & Apollo, and her decision to leave with Hades

ROCKINGHORSE (Alannah Myles) - Hades & Persephone, their ride to the Underworld and instant attraction to each other

DIRTY DAY (U2) - Hades recounting his childhood and feelings about Kronos

SHE GAVE GOOD SUNFLOWER (The Black Crowes) - Hades' life with Leuke

EVERLASTING LOVE (Robin Zander) - Hades' worries and fears over his intense emotions for Persephone

DO WHAT YA WANT (Sass Jordan) - Persephone's decision to stay in the Underworld

POSSESSION (Sarah McLachlan) - Persephone & Hades, after her power takes over the Elysian Fields and their reaction to it

TOUCH YOU (Mindfunk) - Hades's worried view of the first time with Persephone

SANCTIFIED (Nine Inch Nails) - Hades true love for Persephone & everything she means to him

YES I AM (Melissa Etheridge) - Hades & Persephone, the second time (and every time afterward)

ROUND & ROUND (Kim Hill)* - Hades' feelings after being healed by Persephone

FIELDS OF GOLD (Sting) - Hades proposing to Persephone

FROM THE EDGE OF THE DEEP GREEN SEA (The Cure) - Hades & Persephone when they realize she has to leave the Underworld to save the earth

THE ANGELS (Melissa Etheridge) - Persephone's plan to end it all if Olympus prevents her from returning to Hades

LIES & RUMOURS (Alannah Myles) - Persephone defending Hades to the other gods

RESIST (Melissa Etheridge) - New and improved Underworld and all the crazy shit that it contains

(DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER (Blue Oyster Cult) - Hades & Persephone's ride to the Underworld in the finale

Additional songs that I listened to after the fic itself was done, but while I was still doing illustrations...

. . . . .

MAGIC TOUCH (Aerosmith) - Hades, about Persephone

TEN MILLION YEARS (Black Lab) - Hades, about either Persephone or Leuke

WICKED GAME (Chris Isaak) - Hades, about both Persephone and Leuke

HA HA HA (Sass Jordan) - Persephone, about Hades

THE OTHER SIDE (Aerosmith) - Hades & Persephone

BUSHFIRE (The B-52's) - Hades & Persephone, somewhat naughty

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN (Meredith Brooks) - Hades & Persephone, sort of their first kiss but there are lines that really, REALLY don't fit so I didn't include it in the main list

DEVIL WITH THE BLACK DRESS ON (Jack Off Jill) - Hecate, in general

HIGHWAY TO HELL (AC/DC) - The new Underworld and everyone in it

SISTER BLUE (Mindfunk) - This didn't fit a scene, it's just a very good Persephone song. Some parts are what a worshiper might feel, others are what Hades himself feels toward her.

ANYTIME (Cheap Trick) - Mostly my own feelings about Hades, take that however you want.

* Hilarious note: This is actually a Christian Rock song, but it was just too perfect.