RESPONSES TO REVIEWS (Since I can't include my answers to various questions anywhere else, I've added this extra page to do so)


First... I'll get the old "Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who read it and loved it, and appreciate the work that went into the story, the research and the illustrations" thing out of the way. You probably know how I am grateful to you all by now. ‹3 :)

For the illustrations I mention... Just check my ff .net Bio page for a list of links to those illos (and other non-Hades stuff).

And because it's been brought up a couple of times... If you're interested in writing something you think might be similar to my work, just email me and we'll discuss it. I always give honest consideration.

I truly appreciate reviews and constructive criticism. I have gladly made corrections offered by readers when there's a genuine problem, and will always be willing to do so, because I don't think any story is ever so complete that it can't allow addendums, even eleven years down the road. I want my work to be both well-presented and as accurate in details as possible. I am also very comfortable with my story as a whole; I wrote it to please myself, which it absolutely does. I'm glad my readers have enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it, and I believe they understand how very happy it makes me.

Now to the more specialised answers, in no particular order:

►The likelihood of a sequel is getting slimmer and slimmer as the years pass. I apologise, both to you and to myself, because no matter how much I want to do it, I just haven't got a real answer for anyone. If Chronos and the Muses can't help me out, I'm screwed. Even if I do write it, you'd have to realise it very probably won't live up to the quality of the first. (I think I'm a little worried about that too...)

This is already explained in the research portion of the story:
Yes, I do know Cupid is the Roman version of the name, Eros is the Greek. But Disney decided on "Cupid" (and even "Hercules" instead of "Herakles") so I went with their decision on the name. Quite simple.

►The footnotes may still sometimes refer to "See Real Mythos", which was originally a link in my old defunct website, and I failed to edit all of that out of the notes when I posted here to ff .net. As well, the links aren't even valid anymore. I hope I've deleted all of them now, but let me know if I missed one.

►Yeah, Hades does get a little sappy in some parts. In my story he's been hit with a very special and very potent love arrow, and has also found his true love at the same time. That's got to be hard to resist. Also, if anyone's seen the TV episode where Cupid's cherubs hit him with 17 arrows (yes, it takes that many ordinary arrows to affect him at all) he goes completely goofy, pets the cherubs adoringly, and begs for a hug before everyone deserts him. He is not above the sap ;) Deep down, doesn't he just want to be loved?

This is already explained in the footnotes of the story:
The animal pulling Hades chariot is sort of strange. I read in Disney book on the production and design of the movie, that they consider it to be a griffin even though it looks a bit dragon-y. If you look closely, you can see it does have lion-shaped haunches, back legs, and tail, which griffins have. So whatever it REALLY is, I'll just consider it a sort of Underworld-modified griffin-dragon mix. Maybe Hades custom-ordered it from Echidna.

►I really do agree, I left a big hole in the story toward the end in the original version - Persephone never apologised for causing all the chaos. Since then, I've put in a teensy tweak to a paragraph somewhere in the epilogue, which patches that hole - just barely. I can only say this much: I wrote her as a willful teenager who already disliked her mother and Olympus in general, so probably didn't even consider she needed to say she was sorry about it. Makes her a little less than perfect (which is a good thing, in my eyes). However, I should not have left it up to mere assumption that she apologised. Bad me.

►The fact that Hades is relatively powerless in his own kingdom... Blame Disney again. They did that in both movie and TV series. Is it any wonder he freaking hates his job and his life? Good reason for him to lash out and try to overthrow his obnoxiously lucky brother.

This is already explained in the footnotes of the story:
Helios is the original god of the sun. Disney made it become Apollo, which the Romans also did. Not my decision - but the explanation for WHY it happened was mine.

►Nope, the songs were really just poems. I had some vague tunes far, far in the back of my head as Euterpe was feeding me all the rhymes, but I could never put any of this to music.

►The Hundred-Handed Giants are called by the English name for simplicity's sake. Also Disney did it first, in the TV series.

This is already explained in the footnotes of the story:
Thanatos is sometimes said to be a separate god, brother to Hypnos. But Euripides, in his play "Alkestis", declares that Thantatos and Hades are the same person, just as Apollo complains that Death and Hades are the same. So I chose to use Thanatos as a nickname given him by Nyx and Erebos, who treat him as a son.