I am considering doing... a thing.

You know those "ask blogs" you see on Tumblr -and probably other places, I'm not sure- where fictional characters are asked random questions by viewers, anonymous or otherwise, and the blogger draws the responses...? Yeah, that sort of thing.

In this case it would be for "Hope Springs Eternal" characters, like ANY of them, maybe all of them. It would be a way for me to get my groove back for both drawing and writing these characters, in advance of actually completing the sequels to the story. I'd probably do it on deviantART and crosspost to Dreamwidth or Twitter or someplace (probably not Tumblr, because it's currently crashing and burning).

Anyone interested? Don't care if it's just one person, I'll do it, I'm really intrigued by the concept.

UPDATE 12/7/2018

Okay, I'm doing this!

It won't be until after New Years, since I'm currently fighting a stomach flu and a sprained muscle in my back (nearly fell down some stairs last week, oy), plus I have a primary art commitment for Good Omens right now that has to be done before the month is over.

I'll be setting up the ask blog in the meantime. It will be part of my HSE blog, which is Disney-Hades dot Dreamwidth dot org. You don't have to make an account on Dreamwidth, just keep an eye on the blog for future updates.

UPDATE 6/2/2019

Ask Blog is not yet ready, but I have done something new with the site. The address is changed to OMEGA-TAU-PI-VERSE dot DREAMWIDTH dot ORG.

It contains all current HSE fic, with NEWLY REVISED ARTWORK (everything is colorized), plus BONUS SKETCHES and concept art for the story. Eventually it will feature two new ILLUSTRATED SEQUELS, along with the Ask Blog mentioned above.

Because, damn it, this year will be devoted to finishing the OTP verse at along last.