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It was the first day of Christmas break and Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Fred, George, (the twins were staying at Hogwarts during Christmas because Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had an Order assignment) Ginny, Pati, and Angelina were bored. As a killer blizzard was raging, they were forced to stay in the Tower.

"I'm bored," stated Ron for the thousandth time.

"We know," exclaimed an exasperated Hermoine.

"Let's play a game!" suggested Neville.

"Truth or Dare!" chanted Fred and George.

"I don't know..." worried Hermoine.

"Come on Mione! We'll have fun. Don't worry, Ron won't let Fred and George dirty dare you," Harry wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Okay, I'll start," suggested Ginny. "Fred, truth or dare?"

"Dare, of course," Fred answered.

"Okay, I dare you to kiss George," laughed Ginny.

"Ooooh, Ginny! That's a little wrong!" roared Harry.

Fred meekly got up, there was no way he was going to chicken out on a dare!

"Hey! That's worse for me than for him!" George complained.

"Aww, grow up!" Ginny scolded. Fred walked over and softly murmured, "Sorry George," and kissed him on the cheek. He then turned crimson, and quickly walked away.

"Hmmm, not as good as Angelina," George taunted, and winked at Angelina.

"Okay, Harry. Truth or Dare?" asked Fred, who was still a little pink.

"Truth," responded Harry.

"Ooh, chicken! Bauk, bauk, bauk!" (E/n the noise a chicken makes) taunted Ron.

"Who's the best kisser, out of all the people you ever kissed?"

"Uhhh, Ginny?" murmured Harry.

"WHAT?" screamed George.

"Ginny? What the hell is he talking about? When did you two kiss? Did he hurt you? If he did I'll kill him," shouted Ron, conveniently forgetting what kind of person Harry was. All three Weasley brothers pulled out their wands, and were deciding which curse would be the best to use when Ginny screamed,

"You assholes! How could you even think Harry would hurt me? For God's sake it was a kiss!" Ginny turned towards Harry, "Was I really the best person you've ever kissed? I mean, you have been kissed by about half the female population under twenty!"

"Well, yeah," confessed Harry.

"Sorry to break up this little love fest, but Harry, WHEN DID YOU KISS MY BABY SISTER?"

"Ron, Ginny's not a baby anymore! She can take care of herself, but if you must know we kissed for the first time after the ball last year."

"FIRST TIME!" roared Fred.

"Can we get back to the game?" asked Neville. "Yes!" groaned Ginny.

"Hermione, truth or dare?" asked Harry, eager to get away from the subject of him and Ginny kissing.

"Dare," Hermione said bravely.

"Okay, I've got an idea. Hermione, I dare you to make out with Neville for five minutes," laughed Harry who wanted to get back at Ron.

"Bastard," muttered Ron as he watched a thoroughly over-excited Neville make his way over to a rather pale Hermione.

"Harry, please, just because Ron was being an ass hole before, please don't make me do this!" begged Hermione.

"Ready Hermione?" asked Neville, with a huge smile on his face.

"Well," Hermione said uncertainly.

"There are no chickens in this game Hermione, you have to do it!" taunted Ginny gleefully.

Hermione, not wanting to seem like a chicken, marched over to Neville and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"Mmm," moaned Neville. He deepened the kiss, and pried Hermione's mouth open with his tongue.

Ron looked away, not wanting to see his crush make out with someone else. Hermione was his! Why was Harry doing this to him?

Finally the kiss ended, Neville looking flushed and sorry it was over, Hermione looking a little in pain. (Neville had accidentally bit her lip in his excitement) Hermione didn't want to admit it, but she had rather enjoyed kissing Neville, aside from the part where he bit her.

"Ron, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Ron said boldly.

"Alright," responded Hermione, a little smile playing at her lips. "I dare you to strip for us!" Ron looked rather bewildered at the request. Luckily, he had been practicing.

"Eww, I don't want to see ickle-Ronniekins naked!" said Fred voicing the thoughts of about everyone in the room.

Ron, though utterly embarrassed, started with his shirt. As he pulled it over his head, some of his hair got caught in a button.

"Fuck!" Ron cursed as everyone broke into laughter. Hermione ran over to help. She freed him, then forgot about the dare as she kissed him.

"Oh Hermione!" groaned Ron with an amazed look on his face. Neville looking a little jealous, piped up as Hermione removed Ron's beater,

"I thought he was supposed to be doing the stripping, not having someone help him!"

"Ohhhhhhh, Neville's jealous!"

"But really you guys, just finish the game!"

"Hermione, how many guys you gonna make out with tonight? Trying to break my record?" Ginny teased.

That got Ron's attention, he broke away from Hermione, gasping a little. Then he asked,

"Just how many guys have you made out with? You are still a virgin, right?"

"Well, that depends, are you talking about in one night, or all together?"

"Umm, in one night. Hey! Wait a minute! ARE YOU STILL A VIRGIN?"

"Do I count each person once even if I made out with them more than once that night?" Ginny replied, with a wink at Harry. Harry turned magenta.

"Yeah, each person once. Hold on, you never answered the important one, Are you a freaking virgin or not?" screamed Fred.

"Fine, my personal best was four," responded Ginny.

"What? Who? GINNY? Am I not good enough for you or something?" Harry yelled.

"God Harry, freak out. That was way before I kissed you. It was like second year when you were all over Cho," and with that Ginny walked over and sat on Harry's lap. Harry smiled, happy with Ginny's answer.

"Good, because I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"YES!" exclaimed Ginny. She twisted around and started to kiss him. Fred strode over and pulled the two apart.

"Feel free to carry on, but Ginny-ARE YOU A VIRGIN?"

"Dammit Fred, why the fuck do you need to interrupt everything?" Harry screamed, who was quite interested to know himself.



"Okay, fine. The farthest I've ever gone was with Harry. If he wants to share, fine." Everyone's eyes turned to Harry. He opened his mouth to answer and said...

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