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A/N just so you know, in this story we're going to pretty much make them explain all of their answers for all of the questions in the game.

"Okay, who's turn is it to ask a question?" pondered Neville, thinking very hard.

"Uhhh, I think it's yours."

"Okay... Who has ever had an orgasm?" asked Fred.

Fred, George, Ron, Harry, and Hermione all put down a finger, the two latter ones somewhat reluctantly.

"Hermione!" Fred exclaimed.

"Harry!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Ron!" Hermione exclaimed.

"George!" Ron exclaimed.

"Fred!" Neville exclaimed.

Everyone stared at each other, particularly at the ones who had admitted that they were virgins earlier.

"Woah, Hermione! Who... How... Woah." Ron stuttered.

George laughed, "Yeah, holy shit, who!"

"Or was it yourself..." Fred suggested.

"Fred!" Hermione exclaimed, and turned an even deeper shade of red than she already was.

"Yeah, 'Mione, you never told me anything about this..." Ginny prodded.

"Umm, I'm sick of this game; maybe we should play a new one," Hermione suggested.

"No way! You're going to explain this to us right now!" Ginny insisted.

"I think that a new game sounds great!" Harry agreed.

"Maybe you should tell us how you got an orgasm first, Harry," Ginny suggested.

"Uhhh, no, how 'bout Ron goes first."

"Umm, okay... Well, if you really must know; there isn't really much to it..." Ron hesitated, "Iwasaloneandijustdid."

"Woah, what was that Ron?" Fred asked mischieviously.

"You heard me. Hermione, I thought you were going to tell us," Ron reminded desperate to get the topic off of himself.

"Hmm, George, my little bro is so desperate that he has to do it himself... what do we have to say about that?"

"Hermione... I guess you aren't giving him enough action!" Neville commented amidst the snickering.

"Speaking of Hermione, I think it's your turn to exlpain to us what happened," Ginny said.

"Fine, god, you guys are so frickin' annoying! I got a hand job, okay? Now will you leave me alone?" Hermione confessed.

"Ooh ooh ooh, H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E!"

"Who's the lucky man?" they taunted.

"Listen, that's irrevelant, lets start a new game, or go down to lunch or something, okay?" Hermione tried halfhearedly.

"Nah, we need the explanation. Either tell us who it is, or we're going to test one of our new products on you. Ooh, you'd like it. It makes you turn into various stuffed animals throughout the day," Fred threatened.

"Alright, whatever. It's no big deal, it was last summer at my house for god's sake! It was Harry, okay? He came over to stay for awhile when the Dursleys went to Majorca," Hermione gave in.

Now it was Ginny's turn to stare at Harry (not to mention Hermione) in disbelief.

"Wow Harry, you really have gotten around!" George complimented.

"Excuse me? She's my girlfriend, you asshole!" Ron protested.

"Well, she wasn't last summer, so let it drop. And again, it was no big deal. It's not like we slept together or anything."

"You better not have!" Ginny muttered.

"We didn't," Harry and Hermione said in unison.

"Still, Harry. And Hermione, you knew I liked him! Ew, that's gross!"

"Ginny, get over it! It was a long time ago, okay?" Harry commanded her.

"Fine, but then I guess it's your turn to explain, Harry," Ginny cooly replied.

"I kinda think that you wouldn't want to know," Harry replied uncertainly.

"Why not..." Giny asked confusedly.

"Well, see, that's not the only thing that Hermione and I did together that summer..."

Ginny's jaw dropped, and Hermione's face turned an even deeper shade of red... if that was even possible.

"I kind of got a blow job from her..." Harry admitted.

"WHAT!" Ginny exclaimed. "I thought you said that the most you've ever done was with me!"

"Ginny, what me and Harry did that summer... it wasn't real. It was just... I don't know. It doesn't matter anymore, just forget it."

Everyone was still starring at Hermione with a look of utter disbelief on their faces.

"Ahhh!" Hermione sighed, esperated. "I knew playing this game was a bad idea! It ruinded everything!"

Hermione got up, "I'm going to lunch. If anyone cares to join me I will be in the Great Hall," Hermione announced.

As Hermione headed to the Great Hall, she was flooded with several different emotions. Guilt, for what she didto Ginny. Embarassment, for having to tell everyone her most intimate secrets that only her and Harry knew. But most of all, overwhelming lust for Harry, they's vowed that what had happed that summer would never happen again, but Hermione still had herfantasies about Harry from time to time. Boy, had that felt good. She could only hope that Harry still felt the same way about her.

Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Ginny just starred at the door after Hermione. Since when did discussing things affect her so much? She usually kept her cool in every situation possible.

"Maybe I should go see if she's okay..." Harry mentioned uncertainly. He wanted to go check on her, but didn't want to make it to obvious in case Ginny got jealous.

"Good idea, mate. I've never seen her like this," Ron agreed, totally oblivious to the daggers that Ginny was shooting towards him.

"Mione, you alright?" Harry asked.

"Yeah... I don't know, I guess just talking about that kind of brought back old feelings, ya know? We never really did get to talk much about what happened that summer," Hermione admitted.

"What's there to talk about? What happened, happened. There's nothing we can do about that now."

Okay, it was now or never. She had to tell him how she felt then, and how she felt now.

That summer Hermione had finally become bored of her muggle friends. She was in that horrible transition age when girls are struggling to become what they will and all of that crap. But being a witch at the same time and having to adapt to being half muggle for part of the year made everything so much harder, so when Harry asked if he could come stay at her house fora while, she was overjoyed. Finally, Hermione would have someone of her own "type" to keep her company.

When Harry arrived Hermione was surprised by the sight of him. His normally scrawny body had become well muscled and he was just a sightto see.

Hermionehad become nothin short of beautiful herself;the "upper part" of her bodyhad finally filled out, making her desirableto every guy, and she knew it. She'd also learned a few beauty tips from her fashion consious sister and was now able to keep her hair under control.

When Harry first arrived; Hermione was so over joyed to see him she ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek, something that would normally have been no big deal, but that day, Harry had a bit of a different reaction. To put it plainly Harry had gotten one hell of a boner.

And for Hermione to see Harry like that was quite arousing to say the least.

The next couple of days went on much the same, whenever Hermione would do something as simple as bend over or sit next to him Harry would get pretty much the same reaction as he did the first day.

But it just kept getting worse until one night when Hermione's parent went out to dinner, Hermione headed into her bedroom, looking forHarry she foundhim lying on her bed,unconsciouslyrubbing his erection through her pants, while looking at her picture.

Most people would have been notoriously disturbed, but for some odd reasonHermione, once again,found it quite arousing.

For amoment Harry just starred at Hermione, horrified that she had caught him, but half hoping that she felt the same way that she did.

"Hermione," Harry started hesitantly.

ButHermione walked over to him, and in a very un-Hermioneish act, sat on top of him, putting a finger to his lips. She then unbuckled his belt andyanked off of his boxers.

Several minutes later, Harry climaxed, thankful to Hermione for the help. He had never really opened up to the idea of masturbation, having a woman do it felt so much better.

After this, Hermione sat there, looking expextantly at Harry.

"What?" he asked peacefully.

"My turn, now," Hermione commanded. Harry just raised his eyebrow; this was so not Hermione!

Harry gently pushed Hermione off of him, and pulled off her trousers as well.

The next morning Harry and Hermione awoke in each other's arms, still in Hermione's bed. After a long awkward silence after realizing that they were both still half naked, they decided to just forget about the whole thing.

The next few days after that were fairly awkward, after all, it's not every day that you see your best friend naked.

That evening had never really been mentioned again before the little game of truth or dare this morning, and I don't think that either of us were really sure how we felt about that.

"Hermione, are you alright?" Harry asked once again.

"Harry, do you ever think about that night, and what we did? I mean, I know that this might sound kind of stupid and all, but..." Hermione rambled on.

"Sometimes, at night I dream about you... and not in the way that I should," Harry admitted.

Hermione blushed and looked down. Well, she thought to herself, she had gotten in this far. She might as well finish what she had started. "I think about it a lot, too. I mean, Ron's great and all, but..."

Harry nodded. After all, Hermione was not the only one who had kissed Ron in the past.

"So what now?" Harry asked softly.

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