Summary: Everything has a consequence now Sam has to learn to live with hers. All Danny can do is hope it doesn't kill her.

Rating: PG-13 for mature themes and language.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. I do not own Imaginary, Evanescence does.


And watch my purple sky fly over me.

Danny sat with Sam on the front steps of his house. He couldn't think or feel what was going on around him everything was numb. They had lost. He was losing his best friend and there was nothing he could do about it. Now they sat here waiting for His parents to pull the car around and drive them down to the station to put Sam on a train.

Three hours away suddenly seemed like an unreachable distance. Everyone told him, "Don't worry. Sam turns sixteen in January and she'll get her license." Danny didn't care. He shouldn't need a car and a whole day to see his best friend. He should just be able to walk to her house and stay for a few hours. He looked over at Sam who was staring blankly across the road.


She didn't look up. "Remember when I told you I was scared when I found out I was pregnant?"

Danny looked over at her compassionately. "Yeah, I remember."

"Well now I'm terrified." She finally looked over at him, purple eyes suddenly looking much deeper than usual. Danny found all he could do was stare at her. He looked at her tear-clumped lashes, puffy bloodshot eyes, and was sure he didn't look any better. There had been a lot of crying for the past week. "You were right. I hadn't had to face anything alone yet. Now, I'm going to have to."

He wanted to promise that he would be there for her. But they both knew that at this point that was a physical impossibility. Too young to drive, too far to walk, things were not going to be easy on either of them. "Still promise to call me whenever anything is wrong?"

She nodded, staring at her boots. "I'll try."

Danny opened his mouth to make her promise, then realized that he couldn't. Three hours was an eternity away and all he could do was talk to her. If she hung up, he was helpless knowing she could be in trouble and he couldn't be there for her. He nodded meekly at her.

"I guess that's all we can do," he murmered. He looked over at Sam her lip beginning to quiver. She bit down on it quickly, as if not wanting him to see her cry, despite how many times he had. He slipped an arm around her shoulder and something snapped in Sam. She dropped her head onto his shoulder and the tears came.

"What's going to happen to me," she choked out. And for yet another time since this nightmare had began, Danny didn't know what to tell her. He just held her tighter and Sam clung to him. "What if this is goodbye?" She stopped taking a deep, shaky breath so that she could get the rest out. "What if this is the last time we see each other?"

"It won't be," Danny said firmly. "Even if I have to walk, I'll see you again. You believe me, right?" Sam gave sort of strangled sob but didn't move. "I'm not going to lose you, Sam. I promise." She nodded weakly against his shoulder. Danny turned at the sound of a car. "Sam, we need to go."

They both stood and grabbed one of her bags. She pulled Danny into a hug. He didn't ever want to let go, cause if he did she would be gone and the world as he knew it would be over. She pulled back reluctantly. "I don't know what I'm going to do without you," she whispered.

"We'll get through this." He hoped he that he sounded more sure of himself then he felt.

She looked down and then back up at his face. "Just this time, not together."

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