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Ron and Hermione-A Competition Love Story

 The Hogwarts Express jumped and rattled as it ran along the track towards Hogwarts. Harry and Ron found an empty compartment near the end of the train.

               " Have a good summer, you two?" Hermione said, walking into the compartment, and sat a cross from Ron. Ron looked up and smiled. Hermione almost died in his smile. She really liked Ron, especially his smile. She knew Ron liked her, too. She smiled back, and they continued to look at each other.

                " You two having a staring contest?" Harry joked. Hermione and Ron looked away, each blushing.

               " Any thing off the trolley, dears?" the lady stopped outside the door. Harry bought enough Pumpkin Pasties and Cauldron Cakes to last the train ride.

                After ten minutes of repeated glances between Hermione and Ron, the door slowly slid open, and a girl about Hermione's age stood in the doorway.

                 " Er, can I come in? No one else will let me in." Hermione saw Harry and Ron exchange looks.

                  " Er, okay." Harry said. The girl sighed heavily.

                   " Thank-you! I've been walking around for ages." She walked in, looked around, and sat by Ron.

                   " I don't mean to be rude, but I've never seen you before. Who are you?" Harry asked.

                 " I just came here from the states. My name is Erica Johnson." She got up and rummaged through her bag, and got out a piece of parchment. She sat back down closer to Ron than before.

                " Dumbledor sorted me into Gryffindor a couple days ago. What are you guys in?"

                " We are in Gryffindor also." Hermione answered. She was eyeing how close Erica was to Ron.

                " What are your names?" Erica asked.

                " This is Ron Weasley, that is Hermione Granger, and I'm Harry Potter."

Hermione saw Erica's eyes flicker up to Harry's forehead before returning to Ron.

                " Er, I'll be back. I'm going to visit Ginny." Hermione left the compartment. Instead of finding Ginny, she went to the window, and watched the countryside fly by. She heard the door open behind her. Hermione turned around to see Ron coming out.

                " Something wrong?" he asked her.

                " Uh, no. I'm alright."

                " Mmm, anything wrong with Erica?"

                " No! I mean she's okay."

                " If you're sure." He gave her a small smile, and then walked back into the compartment.  But Hermione say Erica give her a glare through the window, before Ron turned around.  After he went inside, Hermione looked in the window and saw Erica obviously flirting with Ron.  She saw him smile and laugh at something she said.  After that, she couldn't make out Ron's expression.  She opened the door and walked inside.  Ron and Harry looked up. 

                   " We're almost there." she told them.  They spent the rest of the time listening to Erica tell stories about her old school. 

                   The four walked into the great hall and sat down.  Harry sat across from Erica, Ron, and Hermione.  They watched as the first years were sorted.  Hermione went up to the dormitory before anyone else and was followed by Erica.  Hermione didn't notice her until she got to the girl's dormitory.  " So, " Erica said when she got there.  "Stay away from him."

                   " Who?"  Hermione said, a bit frightened by her tone.  " Duh, Ron, he's mine".

                   " Whatever."  Hermione said, under her breath, but Erica heard. 

                   " If you don't stay away, you will regret it.  He likes me more than you, anyway," she said.  Hermione turned and ran to the common room, tears in her eyes.  Erica followed and sat on a couch, near the fire.  When she was half way to the portrait hole, Ron came in.  He saw Hermione crying and she walked by him towards the exit.  Ron heard Erica say "Ron, please help me with this letter to my mom."  She said this in a sweet tone.  Ron noticed that Hermione had paused as Erica said this, and when she finished, Hermione looked back towards them.  For a moment, her tear stained eyes looked into Ron's, but she slowly turned and left the common room. As she left, Harry walked in, just long enough to see Hermione leave.

                         He looked at Ron and asked,    " What was that all about?" Ron just looked helplessly toward the door, wondering that same question himself.

                          The next morning, Hermione tried to wake up before anyone else. She quickly got changed and went down to the common room, but to her dismay, she found Harry there. When Harry heard her come in, he looked up.

                           " What happened last night?" He asked her. Hermione decided that maybe telling someone might help.

                            " If I tell you, do you promise not to tell anyone, especially Ron?"

                           " Ron?"

                           " Yeah."

                           " I promise." Hermione took a deep breath, then told Harry about Erica, and even told him that she liked Ron.

                           " Wow. I think you should tell Ron about Erica."       

                           " But if I do, Erica might do something." Just then, Ron walked down from the boy's dormitory, and Eric from the girl's. Ron saw Hermione and gave her a curious sort of smile. Together, the four walked to toward the Great Hall. Erica walked by Ron, and tried to grab his hand, but Ron conveniently shifted his hands. Instead his hands brushed Hermione's, and Hermione felt a tingling sensation throughout her body. That lightened her mood on the way to Breakfast. 

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