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The event that had happened, concerning the hospital wing, did not settle well with Erica. After breakfast, Hermione and Erica went up to the common room, and were alone.

            "Hermione!" Erica said. Hermione turned to face the wall.

            "What? I don't care to hear what you have to say." Erica walked to Hermione, turned her around, and shoved her with her own shoulder against the wall.

            "Ouch!" Hermione rubbed her shoulder.

            "If you don't let me have him, I swear I'll hurt you." She stepped away and walked confidently down to the common room. Hermione rubbed her shoulder again, and slowly walked down. She passed Erica sitting on the couch and headed to the portrait hole. When she stepped out, she nearly collided into Ron, who was trying to come in.

            "Oh, sorry!" Hermione said.

            "It's alright. Hey," he nervously looked at the ground, "do you want to go for a walk?"

            Hermione smiled, "Sure! Maybe this time I can send my letter without killing my self." They both laughed.

            " Oh! Hold on!" Hermione stopped in her tracks and rummaged through her bag. "No," She looked up, "I left the letter in the dormitory!'

            'Come on, let's get it." They turned around and went back to the common room. As the stepped inside, they were almost pushed out again. Nearly all the Gryffindors were in the room, each trying to look at a notice recently posted. Ron started pushing his way toward the notice board, Hermione right behind him. When Ron got close enough to the board to read the notice out loud to Hermione:

                                                     "End of the year Ball!

                                                     On the second to last day of

                                                     school, there will be an end

                                                    of the year ball. The ball will

                                                    be open to 5th years and above.

                                                    1st through 4th years may be

                                                    asked by older students. That

                                                    is the only way they may attend."

Ron frowned after reading this.

            "I wonder why there is a ball. We've never had an end of the year ball before, except for the tournament."

            Hermione shrugged, "Who knows? Hey I'll be back, I'll get my letter." Their trip to the owlery pushed their thoughts about the ball to the back of their minds.

            The months passed without anyone noticing. Hermione had not done what Erica had told her about staying away from Ron. And to her relief, Erica hadn't done anything about it. With only two weeks until the ball, everyone was trying to get partners. Harry had asked Ginny to the Ball, and she had accepted. Hermione really wanted to go with Ron, but he hadn't asked yet. Hermione started to worry when there was only a week before the ball. Then 4 days left till the ball. With the ball the next day, Hermione started thinking that he had asked someone else.

On the morning of the ball, Hermione suddenly jerked awake. She looked around to see what had woken her up. A tiny gray owl hooted and flew around her bed wildly.

"Pig! What are you doing here?" Then she noticed the letter attached to his leg. She pulled it off and unrolled it.


     Uh, will you go to the ball with me?


Her heart seemed to fly away. She got out of bed and rushed to her trunk. She searched for a piece of parchment. Frowning, she looked and looked again, but was unable to find one.

"I guess I'll just tell him." She thought.

(A/n I'm sorry about what happens next, but I had to do it. In case you get confused, the next couple of paragraphs are in Erica's POV. You'll know when it goes back to Hermione's, or someone else's, when you see their name like this:


                 Story story story story story story story

Got it? Good)


Erica heard someone moving outside her bed. She peeked out through her curtains. She saw Hermione looking through her trunk. She noticed a piece of rolled parchment near her bed. Carefully, without getting Hermione's attention, Erica reached out her hand and picked it up and disappeared behind her curtains. She unrolled the parchment and read what it said:


    Uh, will you go to the ball with me?


Erica glared at the letter, and then ripped it up. Then she thought of a brilliant plan. She smiled evilly.

            When she was sure Hermione had gone back to bed, Erica got out of bed and put on her school robes. She left the dormitory and stopped at the top of the stairs. She looked out into the common room and saw Ron sitting by himself on the chairs by the now fireless fireplace.  She smiled to herself again and walked down the stairs. Ron looked toward her. He looked hopeful for a second, but then frowned.

            "Oh, hi Erica."  Erica put on the saddest face that she could. 

            "Oh Ron! I'm so sorry." 

            "Huh?"  Ron had no clue as to what she was talking about. 

            "It's Hermione!  She got your letter.  She wrote her answer, and she showed it to me"

            "What was her answer?"  Ron's ears were turning red. 

            "It was, it was, well, this is what she said, or something like this. 'Why would I want to go with you?  Why do you think I'd want to?  I don't like you.'"  Ron stood still, looking at the ground, an angry frown on his face.

            "I'm sorry Ron."  Erica said, fighting not to smile.  "Here is the note you gave her.  I saw her rip it up." 

            "It's alright."  He said quietly, taking the pieces.

            "But if you want to, I can go with you to the Ball." 

            "Okay."  He walked to the portrait hole and left.  Erica laughed gleefully.


            Hermione went back to bed when she couldn't find the parchment.  Shortly after lying down, she heard someone walk out of the room.  She looked out and saw Erica leave.  She didn't think anything of it, and fell asleep. 

            Hermione woke up several hours later.  It was too late for breakfast, so Hermione got up and decided to find Ron and tell him her answer.  She went into the Common room and looked around.  She spotted Harry in a chair near the window, but she didn't see Ron. 

            "Hey Harry!"  Hermione walked over to him.  "Have you seen Ron?"  Harry looked up at her.

            "No, he left the dormitory before I got up." 

            "That's alright.  See you later Harry." 

            "See ya!"

            But Hermione didn't find Ron in the corridors.  In fact, she didn't see him all day.  When it came time for the Ball, Hermione hadn't found Ron and told him she would go with him.  She asked Ginny for some parchment.  Hermione had decided to write a note to Ron, and she would give it to him at the Ball.  She thought for a long time about what she should write, then wrote a couple of lines on the parchment.  She rolled it up, and put it in her hand. 

            After she got ready for the Ball, Hermione, with the note in hand, headed downstairs to the Common room.  She saw Harry and Ginny waiting by the door.  She also saw that Erica was standing by the door.  She, once again, didn't see Ron anywhere. 

            "Hey Hermione."  Harry called out.  She walked over.  "So, who are you going with?" he asked quietly.

            "Well," Hermione lowered her voice so only Harry could hear her, "Ron wrote to me and asked me, but I haven't seen him all day, to tell him yes."  She frowned, realizing that she had no idea where he was now. 

            "Well, right now he is up in the dormitory," He seemed to have read her mind, "but you can come down with us, and wait in the hall for him." 

            "Yea, Okay."  The three of them went down into the Great Hall.  Harry and Ginny walked off and Hermione sat down in a chair.  While waiting, she watched Harry and Ginny talking across the room.  She looked back over to the entrance and saw Ron coming in.  She got up and started over to him.  "Ron!"  She called, when he could hear her.  "Ron, I," just then, when she was six feet away from him, she saw Erica standing next to Ron.  She stopped, and stared at Erica, who saw her and smiled. 

            "Ron, thank you so much for coming to the Ball with me."  Erica said, loud enough for Hermione to hear her.  Ron turned and saw Hermione.  He glared at her.  Hermione took a step back when she saw his face.  She didn't know what to do.  She turned around and started running, to where, she didn't know.  She found herself outside in a courtyard.  She sat down on a bench and began to cry.


(A/N: Later in the chapter, there will be different point of views, just switched around.)

            Harry turned around long enough to see Hermione rush by him and out the door towards a courtyard. He saw a paper fly out of her hand. He went and picked it up and slipped it into his pocket. He then looked over to see where she was running from.  Amazed, he saw Ron and Erica standing side-by-side. 

            "Ginny, can you excuse me for a moment?" 

            "Sure."  She walked away to talk to Luna Lovegood.  Harry walked towards Ron. 

            "Can you excuse us?" Harry asked Erica.  Without waiting for an answer, he took Ron and dragged him to the middle of the room.  "What's going on Ron, why is Erica here?" 

            "She's my date."  Ron said dully. 

            "But, I thought you were going with Hermione?" 

            "Well, she turned me down, actually."

            Harry frowned.  "No she didn't," Harry said.

            "Yes, she did. Erica told me what she had written in her reply to my letter."

            Harry looked at him with an odd look on his face. "Come with me." Harry led Ron to the courtyard where he had seen Hermione run to. They hid behind a low hedge, where they could see Hermione sitting on a bench. Ron looked closer at her. His eyes widened. Hermione wasn't crying. She was sobbing with her arms on her knees and her head in her arms. He hadn't ever seen her look this bad.

            Suddenly, Erica walked into the courtyard through a different entrance. She kept walking until she was standing next to Hermione, who then looked up. Ron slowly crawled closer (A/N I notice I've been using a lot of Alliterations in this story.) to the two of them. (Look, another alliteration!) Harry stayed back. Ron felt he had to hear what they were saying.

            "Hey, I warned you," Erica said. "I told you to stay away from Ron, but you didn't listen to me, so I had to hurt you." Ron's jaw dropped. She had threatened Hermione!

            "What did you do?" Hermione said almost inaudibly.

            "Heh, I told him this funny story that you had turned down his offer to go to the ball with him. And if you didn't notice, he's here at the ball with ME. I won. "

            "So that's why I haven't seen him all day," Hermione said quietly. Ron felt ashamed. Erica had lied to him! He had been so saddened by what she had told him, that he didn't realize that Hermione would never do that to him!

            "Yo, Ron," Harry whispered from behind. Ron looked back.


            "I forgot, Hermione dropped this as she was running here." Harry handed Ron the parchment. Ron slowly unrolled it and read it to himself:


                                       I haven't seen you to tell you this. I would love to go with you!

                       I have not ever told you this, but… I love you.


            Ron read the letter again. He could swear that his heart had stopped. "Wow," he thought. He looked around in his pocket and, amazingly, found a quill and ink. He turned her note over and wrote four words, signed it, and stuffed it back into his pocket. He turned around and started listening to the girls again.

            " You know what? I don't think I've quite gotten to you yet, so," Erica pulled out her wand and pointed it at Hermione, who's wand was lying six feet away. Her eyes widened in fear. Ron realized that Erica was going to try to hurt Hermione, so he jumped up, his wand pointing at Erica.

            The scene seemed momentarily stopped. Hermione and Erica looked over at Ron, who glared at Erica. Harry then stood up, causing the scene to move.

            "Crucio!" Erica yelled at Hermione. She screamed in pain. Erica opened her mouth to yell it again, but Ron yelled "Expelliarmus!" and she was thrown back, landed with a thud, and was knocked unconscious. 

            "I'll take Erica inside, you help Hermione," Harry yelled, running to Erica and dragging her inside carelessly. Ron ran to Hermione, who was on the ground.

            "Hermione!" Ron said. She sat up, trying to forget the pain.

            "I can't believe she did that," She said. Then she remembered what had happened. She threw her arms around Ron and hugged him. " You stopped her from doing that again!'

            Ron pulled away, a sad look on his face. "Hermione, I'm sorry I did that to you, with ignoring you and all. I thought…well, I should have asked you about it instead of just believing her." He slid into a sitting position next to her.

            Hermione put her hand on his shoulder. "It's alright. We'll get over it."

            Ron looked over at her. "Hey, do you want to go for a walk?"

            "Sure," Hermione answered. She wondered why he wanted to, but pushed the thought away as he reached for her hand to help her up. And to her amazement, he didn't let go when she was up. Her heart was singing.     

            After walking for a while in the courtyards, Hermione remembered something.

            "Wait a minute," She let go of Ron's hand to search through her pockets. "Where is it?" she mumbled to herself. Ron realized what she was looking for. He reached into his pockets and took out her note.

            "Is this what you're looking for?" She glanced up, then stood straight.

            "How did you…" her sentence was left hanging. Ron grinned.

            "You dropped it." She looked up at him with a questioning look. Ron turned the letter over to his note, and handed it to her.

            "Here's my answer." Anxiously, she looked down and read his short reply.


                                    I love you too.


            Hermione looked up at Ron, tears in her eyes. She dropped the note and once again threw her arms around him in a hug. But Ron once again pulled away, with one of his hands interlocked with one of Hermione's. His other hand reached up and softly caressed her cheek, then touched her hair. Hermione was just staring at him, and for the longest time, they just stared at each other. Then Hermione felt herself leaning in towards Ron, who was also leaning in. They both closed their eyes as their lips met, and they kissed.

            When Hermione finally pulled away, she said "I, I think we should head inside. Ron nodded, a smile playing on his lips. Hand-in-hand, they got up and started out of the area. Before they exited, Hermione glanced behind her. She smiled when she saw Erica leaning against the other door, her arms crossed and glaring at her. Hermione grinned as she mouthed to Erica "YOU LOST."

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