Title: Little Sisters are such...
Rating: G
Summary: Little sisters are such an aggravation. Set in season 2 BTVS before S/I AN: written for the 15 min ficlets on LJ. Word was aggravation.

"Dawn! Where is my blue sweater?" I shout from my room. I'm standing in front of my closet and I swear the little thief has to have been pilfering for weeks. My closet is noticeably pared down.

"Ewww I so did not take your blue sweater. It had like blood or something on it" Dawn shouts back.

I wince. She's right. It did have blood on it. I think it was ripped too because I wore it out during a Buffy and Angel slay date. There was a vamp with a knife. They really shouldn't be allowed to bring weapons, totally not fair, besides obviously very damaging to the Slayer's wardrobe.

Dawn wanders into my room, her hands shoved into her back pockets. One of these days she's going to be taller then me. She's getting close to my height and she's only twelve.

"Wait a minute, if you haven't been going through my clothes how did you know the blue sweater had blood on it?" I accuse.

"Uhm, I saw it in the laundry" Dawn says.

I arch a brow at her. "You are totally not getting out of this. I stuffed the blue sweater in the back of my closet hoping Mom wouldn't see it until I had a chance to get it dry cleaned."

"You shouldn't let blood set. It makes it harder for anyone to get it out. Oooo can I borrow your green top?" She says changing the subject and reaching for the filmy green blouse in my closet.

I slap her hands away. "No, you can't borrow my anything. You always manage to get stuff on it like chili or chocolate."

"Least it's not blood," she smarts back.

I roll my eyes at her. "Get out and let me get ready."

"Why do you have date with Aaaangeeel?" She teases and giggles, hopping out of the way before I can smack her on the back of the head.

"If you tell Mom..."I warn.

"Oh please, I can totally keep a secret. I mean I've known you were the slayer almost since we came to Sunnydale and I haven't told her that," Dawn says.

"I'm the what?" I say, occasionally playing dumb is the best option.

"When I'm sitting on my bed and your sitting on yours, I can hear most of your phone conversations" Dawn says.

I cheat. I take advantage of my slayer speed and dart over to smack her on the head. "You little sneak!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"ARE TOO!" I yell.

"Mooooom! She hit me!" Dawn flees from the room making up fake tears as she goes.

I sigh and plod downstairs to answer to Mom and the accusations, albeit true, that I hit my sister. Little sisters are such an aggravation.