Author's note: This is most probably going to be a one-shot fic. I was replaying Pokemon Silver when this idea came to me. I don't know why I chose a Ponyta but probably because in the series people kept on saying how hard it was to train them. And this idea has probably been done to death but I haven't really looked into the pokemon section so I wouldn't know. Hopefully I got all the lyrics right.

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this fic…unless you count the trainer, even though he doesn't have a name.

In this fic there is going to be some parts which have to be translated, just so that you know, the sign for that is going to be,


I also won't do what the trainer is hearing, as this is what the Ponyta hears and understands.

I had to take out the lyrics because of the rules. (shrugs) Oh well, just listen to the song while readin then. ;)

Brother my Brother

By Dark Ice Dragon

Brother my Brother

"Golduck! Disable!"

My body suddenly froze when the attack came into play. I tried to call out to my brother, to warn him to stay away. I couldn't do it though; my body wouldn't do what I wanted it to. No matter how much I wanted to, my body stayed still. Frozen. I think he ran off as soon as the trainer appeared. I hoped so anyway. I hoped that he would live up to his name.

"Golduck! Use your Fury Swipes!" the trainer ordered.

As soon as it had been said the blue duck raced towards me, his webbed claws reaching to hurt me. I, on the other hand, was still shaking off the stiffness and so I couldn't dodge. I cried out in pain as the claws slashed over my body, once, twice, three times. Not wanting to give up without a fight, I retaliated with an Ember attack. After the flames died down, the Golduck didn't even look like it had been attacked in the first place. How could he? How could he follow the human's orders and attack another pokémon without question? Without hesitation? my mind raged.

I knew that I was about to be caught, so I did what Ponytas and Rapidashs are known best for: I ran. Or at least, I tried to. As soon as the trainer saw what I was about to do, it shouted out, "Golduck! Use your Confusion attack! Make sure it doesn't get away!"

The other pokemon's eyes glowed blue once more as he prepared his attack. I tried to get away as fast as I could, but I guess I wasn't fast enough. When the attack hit I stumbled from being both exausted and the sudden dizziness that I found myself having. I didn't even have sufficient energy to be able to get up again. I was only able to look on as the trainer aproached where I was lying down with a pokéball in its hand. Was the trainer trying to drag this out as much as possible because it liked seeing me in pain? I neighed weakly, trying to tell it to back off. I barely had enough energy to do that.

To this, the trainer smirked. "So, you still have a bit of fight in you? I've heard how hard it is to train a Ponyta, but then again, people have also said how it was equally hard to get a Psyduck to evolve into a Golduck and I did it didn't I?" it said smugly. If I had the energy (and human eyes) I would have rolled my eyes at the human's arrogance.

As it came nearer, I made the flames on me lash out and burn it. It yelled and jumped back. "You definitely still have a bit in fire in you," it repeated. But it still came closer, even if it was a little bit more wary.

It didn't have to be. Unfortunately, I had used up the last of my energy when I had hit out at the trainer. As my vision became hazy and started to darken, the last thing I saw was a flash of red light streaking towards me.



That was what I could see. Or couldn't I guess. As soon as I had opened my eyes all I could see was a black void that surrounded me. Whatever way I looked, it was all that I could see.

I couldn't hear anything either. To a pokémon that relied on its hearing and seeing ability, it was at the very least strange. To a pokémon that used those two senses to avoid danger, to suddenly find themselves blind and deaf meant only one thing. A pokémon that couldn't detect danger was a dead pokémon. So, obviously, I was a little scared.

And for some reason I couldn't really move. Try as I might I just could not move my legs. The only thing that was able to shift was my neck. The rest of my body felt like they had been caught in a grass pokémon's vine whip. My body was also such a position I had never been in before. It didn't hurt, not in a painful way anyway; it was just unusual to find myself in such a way that if I been like this normally I would have…Well, I would have never been able to curl around like this unless I broke my back while jumping but the angle that my legs were at…

So what I could see was a black endless void of space, execpt I couldn't move around in it. An endless expanse where I could probably run through for days on end and never reach the end and I'm tied by invisible vines. Ironic isn't it?

I then remembered some of the stories that the Elders had told us. When they were younger (which was a long time ago), some had been caught unawares and because of this, had trainers before they escaped.

Was I in a pokéball? Was I…captured? Never able to run to my hearts content? Not able to do whatever I wanted…ever again?

I was thinking of all the things that I wouldn't be allowed to do now that I had a trainer. How I hated that word. To me, it meant a lack of freedom, being ordered about, being made to do things that I wouldn't normally do. There were other things of course, but those three were the main ideas of what it meant. And these were one of the worst things that you could do to a wild pokémon.

Suddenly my world shook and I heard the muffled shout, "Ponyta! Come out now!" come from somewhere.

Then, instead of seeing black all around, I now saw a familiar red surround me. When the flash cleared itself up, I saw something more familiar standing in front of me.


-'Sis?'- the other Ponyta asked.

I couldn't believe it. Was the trainer letting me go? Had it changed its mind and decided that it didn't want to impose its will on another pokémon?

"Ponyta! Attack it with your Stomp attack!"

What? This…this trainer wanted me to hurt my brother? My kin? The one who I've watched grow up by my side? The one who I've spent my entire life protecting? Who I've shared my secrets with, my stories, my pasture places and water? I couldn't tell if my heartbeat had stopped or was going as fast as I could run.

-'Sis? Is he…is he your trainer?'- Racer asked quietly. I looked at his body language; his tail was lower than normal, twitching only a little bit; his ears were flattened against his skull; and his head was a shade lower than where it usually was. To someone who didn't know him well, they would think he was scared or being submissive. To someone who had helped to bring him up, he was also sad.

-'He may be my trainer but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to him!'-

I reared up, but instead of charging forward like a good little pokémon I swiveled on my hind feet and tried to do a Stomp attack on my trainer.

Just as my hooves were about to impact on the trainer's head, there was a flash of red light and that Golduck was standing in between the trainer and me. It took the blows for its Master.

-'Racer! Run!'- I yelled over my shoulder.

-'But-'- I knew that he was going to hesitate because I would have done the same in his position. I would want to help, but instinct would want me to stay away.

-'I don't want you to be caught as well! Just go.'- I was screaming inside as well. As much as I wanted him to stay near me, I knew that he would hate to be confined to a small place.

I focused on the Golduck in front of me as I heard hoofbeats fading away. I didn't know whether to be happy that he did what I asked, or to be sad that he did.

-'Why did you attack him?'- he asked me.

-'Your Master?'-

He shook his head. -'No, not my Master -our Master.'- He stressed the our.

I snorted and rolled my head. -'It is not my Master. I am not going to bend to its will and I'm not going to listen to it either.'-

I watched as the trainer started to stand up. It had tripped over in its haste to try and get away from me.

"Ponyta, why didn't you do as I said?" it shouted. "I have the right badges, so you're supposed to listen to me!" It seemed to have grown in confidence since there was something there that would get hurt instead of him if he said the wrong thing. Coward.

-'Well? What's your answer?'-

-'What's the point? Its not like it can understand us or anything.'-

-'Why are you being like this? He hasn't done anything wrong'-

-'Oh, he hasn't has he? Let me thing about what he did wrong. He scares me and my family into bolting when he runs into the clearing which we were in-'-

-'Yes but-'- he tried to interupt.

-'I haven't finished,'- I cut in. -'Then he makes my brother and me stray from the heard, at which he then orders a fellow pokemon to attack us! And after that he takes away what is most valued to a Ponyta or a Rapidash: their freedom! How would you feel if what you had did for most of your life, you weren't allowed to do anymore, without your Master's permission first'-

The Golduck sighed. -'I can still swim as much as I want to, if that's what you mean.'-

-'Are you sure? I mean, really sure.'-

-'Yes'- he said, irratated.

-'Oh, so you can just leave your pokéball whenever you want to go and find a stream to swim in then?'-

-'What? No, of course not.'-

I waited for him to realise what he had just said.

-'Look, I don't think you would understand. Just try and listen to him alright?'-

I shook my head. -'I don't want to understand! Do you have any idea what he was trying to get me to do just now?'-

The Golduck nodded his head. -'Yes, he wanted to you to attack that other Ponyta. He's your own kind so you obviously wouldn't want to do it. But he is your trainer now, you should-'-

-'NO! I don't care that he's captured me! That other Ponyta wasn't just from my own herd, he was my brother.'- Couldn't he understand what I was going through?

While Golduck and me were arguing, the trainer was still shouting. ""Why didn't you listen to me? I wanted to catch that Ponyta!"

The flames on my body roared and grew in size when I heard this. I would not stand idle as he said that he would basically try and take the freedom from my brother like he did mine.

"Woah! What did I say?" What an idiot.

I could tell that the trainer was getting frustrated. "Look, I was doing this for your sake." I snorted. "I just wanted you to weaken it, and when I caught it you would have a new friend. Maybe then it would calm you down. Or at least a bit happy."

I looked at the human front of me. He wanted me to be happy? If he wanted me to be truly happy, he would let me go! I think he could see what I was thinking because he shook his head.

"Sorry, but I'm not going to release you. You're just too good a catch."

I reared again. Once again, I was running. Running away from the trainer. Hoping against hope that I would be able to get away.

"Ponyta! Return!" I heard the trainer shout.

By instinct, I dodged to the left as the streak of red lightning flash by me.

"Ponyta! I said return!"

This time, I didn't see as the shadow raced along my back, before I knew it, the red beam was on me and I was surrounded by the cramped darkness once more.

Sorry about the ending. I couldn think of any other way to end it. Well, there was thw whole 'release Ponyta because he felt sorry for her and let her run into the sunset with her herd' but considering what the trainer was like at the start, it didn't fit. But I hope you guys liked it anyway. And for another note, if you're about to ask about the Ponyta calling the trainer It, I did that intentionally. Mainly to show how Ponyta felt about the trainer.

And yeah, I know, that names are kinda lame.

Huh, by this ending, I could actually continue on with this but I'm not quite sure if I should. Do you people want me to?

So now that you've read this, tell me what you think! Was good, bad, okay?

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